Wednesday, November 5, 2008

tuesday at Nana's house

Jose didn't have school on Tuesday because the teachers had an in-service day. Coincidentally my dad was out of town so mom had the house to herself. Me and the boys decided this was a good opportunity for us to spend some quality time at Nana's house with just Nana. It is always fun at Nana's! We made the decision to sleep over Monday and then spend Tuesday afternoon hanging around Nana's house to do whatever our heart's desire. The boys had fun eating yummy treats and playing outside among the warm fall season. Here are snapshots of our time at Nana's.

{7-layer brownie prep work}

{prep work complete and ready for baking}

{Ding! Fresh from the oven}

I think they've watched a little too much 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and a wee bit much of rum. Yo-ho-Yo-ho a pirates life for me... grrrrr mateys!

{Captain Cameron}

{Nana's had a little bit too much rum or maybe a little too much "us"}

We then ventured outside where the sights and sounds of fall were evident no matter where you turned. My parents live in a very small town called Kingston Springs which is about 20 miles west of Nashville. There isn't a lot to be had in K.S., but one thing is for's absolutely beautiful out there. It is completely away from all the grit and grime of downtown life. There are no planes to be heard. No buses or heavy traffic to be had. It is so peaceful and quiet. There are 3 sections of Tennessee: East Tennessee, West Tennessee and Middle Tennessee. Each has its own special identity that makes it unique to Tennessee. We live in Middle Tennessee. The nickname here is "the hills of Tennessee" and the scenery truly speaks for itself. My mom has a slice of heaven and she just doesn't know it.

{Mom's street from both ways (above)}

{gravel drive leaving home}

{gravel drive leading down to house}

{a trail (as Jose calls it) leading to the home}

{again, the trail leading to Nana's house - you can barely see the roof}

{tall oak trees engulf the property}

{another view of the oak trees scattered on the property}

{Cameron truly enjoying the leaves}

{Cameron loves playing outside, especially at Nana's}

{Cameron is amazed by the tall oak trees and the busy sounds of birds and wild animals}

{look what Jose found ~ those oak trees lend gifts}

The acorns that fall from the oak trees are, to us, a necessary evil. In my opinion, acorns have this unspoken beauty about them but they can be harmful if struck by one (this can be a serious matter). The trees are beautiful and the acorns that are sent by them are sometimes huge and at times itty-bitty; some have survived the giant fall and retain their tops. Others lose the fight. When inside the house you can hear the roof being shot by acorns. It isn't just often or even is all the time. It can get quite loud and sometimes it makes a person ask "What was that?" ~ they can strike the roof with pretty fierce impact, especially coming from a lil' ole' acorn. Nonetheless, the yard is covered with acorns, berries and anything "wild" you can think of. Even a neighborly dog will come to visit and wait for a treat at the front door.

There are various displays of "wilderness" adorning the landscape. An old wooden birdhouse sits to the side of the property. A make shift wood storage container lay on the property. A small place to build a fire is there if you feel the need. Mom's old wooden gardening stand sits among the trees. These things just look like they've always been there. Some of it was there when Mom and Dad moved in. Here are some of those photos.

{side of house}

{from front porch into yard}

{birdhouse that has always been}

For as many reasons there are to want to be at Nana's and Papa's the outside is always one of the best places to pick up your feet and enjoy the scenery. These next couple photos are of the half wrap around 2-level porch. Just imagine the possibilities. They have even brought modern to a wilderness setting by putting in a spa on the upper portion of the porch. (I helped my dad stain this porch.)

{lower level of porch, which goes to ground level in rear of house}
{another view of the lower level and the stairs leading up to the upper level}

{side view of home from lower level deck ~ see the spa}

Nana and Papa's (Mom and Dad's) home is just a great place to get away to when the city bogs you down. At Nana and Papa's there is always good food, plenty of laughs, open arms at the door and love when you walk in. And when you leave, you can't wait to come back. It's a home away from home.
This is the lasting impression when I leave Mom and Dad's. This is the last visual you have when leaving their home on Wildlife Trail. (and that's really the name of the street)

{The Golden Tree}

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Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

My mom is the Nana too! Someday i will be the Nana!!! What a wonderful place to live too. Thanks for sharing the fun photos of your time together.