Monday, March 30, 2009

cameron + monkey = mama going bonkers

Today I heard clicking coming from the back bedrooms (aka: Jose and Cameron's rooms) and looked into the living room to see if Cameron was with Jose. No, he wasn't, so I instantly assumed that Cameron had crept into Jose's room and was playing in what Cameron believes to be heaven. I told Jose to check his room because Cameron was in there playing. Jose looked and I looked and noticed that Jose's door was closed so Cameron couldn't be in there. This meant I had to go and see what all the clicking was about. I went down the hall and before I could enter into Cameron's bedroom there was Cameron up on his changing table flipping the light switch off and on. He had the biggest grin. What an accomplishment this was!

I told Daddy about Cameron's new venture so we decided to catch it on film, just this once (we don't want to go an encourage monkey business!). Click on the video below. Sorry it's a tad bit dark, but you'll see 'the light'.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

tag update

I finally assembled MY "E" is for Edward floss tag. You can pick one up at Paulette's blog ~ it's a freebie.

And I'm finally successful in getting the front side of my January floss tag to lay vertically. Before the photo was horizontal and I could only show off the back side of the tag. I'm happy now!

I'm off to get some stitches in while Cameron naps. Have a graceful Sunday! Talk soon!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

never do today what can be done tomorrow

That’s my newly adopted motto and for good reason. Today, March 28, marks my DH’s one whole year being smoke free. I am so very proud of him! He has gone through more in the last 4 years than most people do in half a lifetime and to quit smoking only gave him more of a challenge, but he kicked that ugly and thieving habit. Way to go my DH!!!

I was supposed to do filing today but me and DH went target shooting and then had a late lunch with my parents at our neighborhood Mexican restaurant. Then we were shaken a bit by tornado sirens. Those things went off at least ten times and funnel clouds were spotted in areas around Nashville. I hate tornado season and it is underway.

I’ve rearranged projects from the rotation. Long Dog’s Ages of Man has moved from Saturday to Sunday because I am eager to start the Traveling Stitcher by LHN, which I got together today and hope to start stitching after this post. I moved my “secret” project from Sunday to Monday and I still haven’t decided on Wednesday yet.

My parents bought me the Twilight soundtrack today. I can't wait to put this in and play it loud! They and Jose surprised me with the James Bond Quatum of Solace DVD. I'm the biggest 007 fan! I've seen the movie, but I have to own it like I do all the others. :D

G’night and talk soon!

Friday, March 27, 2009

finishing fridays

I haven’t put one stitch in today except for beginning a finishing project which consists of back stitching a border to ready it for floss tagging.

This is the backside of the tag and for some stupid, stupid reason the front side image kept rotating during download. Why does Blogger do that? UGH!!!! This is the only photo I took of the front so I’ll need to take more and re-download tomorrow – sorry. Anyway, I did assemble the January Primitive Floss Tag from The Needle’s Content today. I have February and will soon get March and will continue to get the remaining months.

[Not the best photo in the world. My camera sucks at taking close-ups.] I’m still not ready to show my fully assembled kitty, but here is yet another sneak peak of the backing fabric. I’m going to be honest. The kitty is for my Aunt. I mentioned to my Aunt awhile back that I was stitching a kitty for her but she hasn’t seen it; and I know you’re reading this Aunt Pam. :D This was a fun stitch and easier to assemble than I first thought.

Call me crazy! “I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Edward Cullen.” I know what I said about the movie not being as good as I thought it should have been even though the book was an amazing read. I enjoyed the movie, don’t get me wrong, and since owning Twilight I’ve watched it three times. I know, call me crazy! I’m so in love with the vampire that I cannot help myself from learning about Robert Pattinson who played him. He is smoken! Then add in his British accent ~ OMG! Double smoken! He is soooooo young though, but even still he needs his cradle rocked. LOL STOP!!!

I am stitching a border around the design and I believe I’ll make it into a floss tag; therefore, it’ll get used just about every day (hee hee). This was a freebie from Paulette and it’s still available if you want one. I stitched it on black Belfast, 2 over 2. I was able to stitch it in one night; last night, but started the assembly today. I’m using a red fabric for the back to compliment the red apple.

I made a decision for Friday’s position. I took The Heart’s Content Seahorse Fob & Scissors out of the WIP’s basket and transferred to the current rotation. I started this last fall during ‘Celebration’ in Louisville, KY and shortly thereafter stopped. It’s so cute and vibrant and done 1 over 1. Maureen Appleton’s over 1 techniques really prove themselves and I enjoyed the outcome thus far, so I’m looking forward to getting this done. Besides, it comes with seahorse scissors which are really neat. You can never have too many pairs of scissors, right!?!?

I haven’t made a decision about my other opened days yet. I’m thinking I may start the Little House Needleworks The Traveler. My mom ordered the finishing companions from Mary Kathryn and they arrived so quickly ~ thank you Mary Kathryn! Ours are the spring collection and are green instead of the pink that sold out and they are truly lovely.

I’m getting really excited about April. Country Sampler just announced that Stacy Nash club members will be receiving the second cross stitch kit for the year. We have no idea what it’s going to be, or at least I don’t think anyone does, but it should be here as soon as April arrives. Woo-Hoo!!!

That’s it for now. Talk soon!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


It’s been a rough few days, but I do have something to show for. I have another finish. I finished primitivebetty’s My Favorite Kitten last night. I’m not showing it in its entirety because it isn’t “assembled,” but I will at some point soon. Now I have Monday, Wednesday and Friday opened for new or WIP projects. This is quite exciting! I haven’t looked through any charts or WIPS yet to see what’ll take those places, but by next week I’ll have another day freed up. WOW! I’m currently rotating and that’s the point. I actually got half the laundry done today and that was the plan too…so far so good!

Talk soon!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

progress underway

My needles must have flames behind them because I have finished another project and I’m half way done with my carrot. I don’t know where this fire is coming from because lately I haven’t been feeling well. I’m not ill; just not well. I’ve had my migraines and headaches for days now so I’m heavily medicated and regularly. I’m not having such a good time either. I am faint-like, light headed, run down, a bit slow even, and a tad on the confused side. All I can do is lay around and luckily I’ve been able to stitch once the pounding subsides and then it’s time to take more meds to keep myself functioning for Cameron’s sake. I keep crossing my fingers hoping each new day will be a brighter one. Onto stitching though…

I finished the January Primitive Floss Tag by The Needle’s Content. I hand-dyed 32 ct natural linen with walnut crystals and sprayed distressing solution on it, then baked it. I did this before stitching because I used Gentle Art Sampler Threads and as we all know are not colorfast. I’ll assemble this little cutie in the next couple days. I’ve already purchased February and March floss tags and they are really cute. Annemiek is designing floss tags for all 12 months ~ so cool!

This is my progress on the carrot. I used two DMC colors (green and rusty orange), but I’m using WDW Carrot for the body. The pattern came from a punchneedle book of mine. I traced the pattern using an iron-on pencil and then transferred it onto plain weaver’s cloth. I should have given more thought to this little project. From the beginning I planned to stuff this carrot and lay in a basket for Easter or something like that (who knows!), but what I should have contemplated was the color of weaver’s cloth. I should have used a spring color like pink, yellow or purple. I mean, I have those colors. I just didn’t think all this through. Oh well, you live and learn!

This morning I was resting on the couch and Cameron nestled up on my side. He must have been really comfy (although it doesn’t look that way) because he fell asleep before his actual nap. He looks like a little monkey all rolled up.

I'm excited that I have another finish in one week. This means I have two days open now for something new or something old. Decisions. Decisions. That's it for now. Talk soon!

Monday, March 23, 2009

blog award

I received this award the other day from Melissa. You are so so sweet, Melissa, really! I appreciate your taking time to visit my blog and feel it worth mentioning. Again, thanks!

I recall that when receiving an award it is nice to pass that award onto others. Of course, everyone I know deserves an award, but because there are so many I cannot possibly list ALL of you. That would take me a century ~ I have so many blog-buddies!

I am going to do what Melissa has done and nominate 8 fellow stitchers and quilters that I don't know very well and reach out to them by nominating their blogspots. Here goes...

The Instructions are to:

A. Copy the Blog Award logo onto your own blog
B. Make a link to the one who awarded you
C. Nominate 8 blogs
D. Add their links to your own blog
E. Leave an FYI on each nominee's blog so they are aware they have been "chosen"

Melissa, thank you again for this award! For my 8 nominees, I hope to open many Internet windows getting to know you. :D

so many things…so little time

I have many things to talk about and it's been awhile, so first things first...

Twilight reviewI read the book and have finally witnessed the movie. First, I did enjoy the movie. Let’s not forget that; however, I was disappointed a little. It was missing something. Maybe it was the director. I felt the movie missed so many topics that the book hit on that I felt were important to the story line. I felt the movie to be choppy and too “piecey”. It jumped from one scene to the next without the fade of that particular scene having a conclusion. For example, the girls are at school discussing prom and driving into Port Angeles to buy prom dresses. Bella wants to go and all of a sudden they are there trying on dresses. Less than 2 minutes later we see a book being handed to her and now she’s being barraged by strange men; Edward appears. It just happened all too quickly for me. I felt like the movie was sped through.

I understand that “Hollywood” has to take a hundreds plus page book and mash it down to 90 minutes and maintain substance, but other movies have fared better with WAY more complexity in the story, such as The Pelican Brief, The Firm, The Da Vinci Code (just to name a few) that had a tremendous amount of conspiracy and twists and turns, and those directors managed to keep the content. I feel Twilight lost this. Twilight was such a success with words that it didn’t stand a chance at losing its audience on the silver screen. People were going to almost automatically like it no matter how bad or good it was. There was a bias.

The only thing from this movie that remained faithful to the book was Bella and Edward. I think the two actors playing Edward and Bella were perfect for the part. What I wouldn’t kill to be Bella, really! The amount of intensity and passion these two share. The anticipation of “taking” each other, but having to endure such restraint, especially when Edward softly commands her to be still, don’t move…OMG!!! He had me there. A line like that floors me. What a turn on that scene was. I would have made him take a bite. Heehee

I hear that New Moon is also being made into a movie and that it’s getting a different director. I’m glad if that’s true. Maybe the next movie will be right on topic. I am glad I saw the movie. I own it and plan on watching it over and over and over again to get my Edward fix. There is enough of him to go around ladies. :o)

"My heart belongs to my husband, but neck belongs to Edward." Anonymous

SaturdayI went to moonlight stitching with mom at our LNS and it was really fun. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously. My mom saw an old friend, Katie, from the original sit ‘n stitch evenings from years ago so that was a treat for mom. Melissa joined the party as well and brought along her two table runners. Go to her blog and check them out ~ so beautiful!

Crafting areaI am making great progress in my creative-domain! This is where I do everything - rotary cutting, piecing, sewing, ironing, sorting, organizing, and looking for projects, etc. You name it; I do it there, except for stitch. I either stitch in the living room with my Ott-Lite or in bed.

I finally alphabetized my single charts into magazine holders and they have been relocated on the new lower shelf. I like this a lot better. This isn’t all the charts I own though. I have scissor fob kits and singles, smalls, etc. These are just in other places in my area. Since I’m still not done repositioning everything I can’t show photos just yet, but I will in do time. I am happy with how things are turning out.

GroupiesI recently joined another Yahoo! group. (The photo is clickable.)

I started contributing to the Blackbird Designs blogspot so go and check out that little place. I’ve always been familiar and an admirer to BBD, but just until recently have I become addicted (hence BBD addict sidebar photo) to the designs. In my very humble opinion I feel the designs have changed over the years and I really like the new look. I don’t know if it was intentional or even noticeable on their part, but I really am enjoying the new look of all their designs. I see a new design and have this aching feeling that I have to have it. What about you?!

FinishingsFor the last few days I’ve been busy finishing up a couple projects. I have cleared another current rotation project – Stacy Nash’s Hallows Eve Sampler Pillow.

Design: Hallows Eve Sampler Pillow
Designer: Stacy Nash Primitives
28 ct Autumn Fields (front/back)
DMC 301, 310, 612, 730, 838

This took way too long! Granted, every Friday wasn’t a good stitching day; therefore, no stitching was to be had, but it is done…finally! I loosely stuffed it with Poly-fil. I didn’t want it to be stiffly stuffed with fluff (I’m a poet and didn’t know it). I added my own touches by attaching a black key to the front and added my initials in a ‘hallows eve’ kinda way, along with stitching one of the keys 1 over 1. I didn’t coffee stain or use walnut crystals because the Autumn Fields is over-dyed. I didn’t free hand cross stitches either. I like how it all turned out.

I’ve mentioned a couple times about making a punchneedle case for my new Cameo needles. I already have a needle case for my Russian punchneedles with a needle punch design atop the clear plastic container. It’s an Erica Michaels design I received when I took her punchneedle class years ago. The container houses my Russian needles perfectly; threaders and all.

The dilemma was I didn’t want any ole’ plastic container case for my Cameo. I wanted something a wee bit nicer. Besides, the threading needles are much longer than the Russian threaders, so I was going to need something more substantial in width ~ at least 7” wide. Since most of the designs I punch are folk art and/or primitive, I thought it only appropriate to use my Civil War fabrics. I am extremely fulfilled with this accomplishment! No pattern. No design. I just went with the flow and my result was perfect for me.

Design: Pig and Chicken
Designer: Hooked On Rugs
Thread: WDW
Fabric: beige weaver’s cloth

I added several little touches after my brainstorming of the needle case. I free hand stitched my initials on the wool inside. I added two buttons; one for decoration and one to hold the case closed. I used walnut crystals to stain a piece of hem binding that came from my grandmother’s stash of lace and hemming pieces. I used the blanket stitch to attach the wool. I used interfacing and a 1/2” thick piece of batting between the main fabrics; both to give stability, and it worked! I used Mod Podge to affix the pig and chicken to the top/front of the case. I’m really happy! In fact, I did a little dance last night!

OldiesI wanted to share the very first needle case I ever stitched and finished by myself.

The design is from Olde Colonial I picked up from CATS back in 2004-2005. Since I was a ‘virgin’ at this kind of thing I didn’t notice until after I assembled it that I’m off by one stitch on the “5” of 2005 ~ I went too far. I was really upset at the time, but now it doesn’t bother me so much. It’s funny to look at it, but it’s also a reminder at how far I’ve come and where I started. I love my little scissor and needle case. I wouldn’t change a thing. :o)

Cameron speaksFINALLY!!! Cameron is saying ONE word. He is saying “Mama” with intention. And when I answer him, ‘yes,’ he has the most excited grin. He knows he’s speaking and I’m so proud of him. It sounds so sweet to finally hear. I’ve been waiting a long time to hear his little voice utter sweet little words like ‘mama.’ It’s music to my ears.

On a very different note, Cameron is throwing things…ALL things. It’s a difficult phase to address. I’ve sought out some mommy advice from Tanya and she’s been very helpful. Jose went through this very same thing, but not to this extent. Cameron throws the tray from the highchair which can really hurt someone. It also makes for a very loud crash. Even though this phase isn’t funny, the other night we were eating dinner and had smoked salmon dip as an appetizer. We’re happily enjoying our meal, and as if God wanted to throw something down from heaven, a pacifier came and landed in the dip. SPLAT!!! It made quite the interesting indentation in the dip. We had a very difficult time controlling our laughter. It was surprising to say the least.

Cameron has been enjoying the outside. He cries if we don’t let him out and I believe he thinks he’s Pink Panther, or either Mr. Bean, but he’s making attempts to find a way outside without assistance. We have to be very conscientious about locking doors around here. We were at my FIL’s a few weeks ago and he has a doggy door. I know I don’t need to tell the story, but guess where we found Cameron? Yep! Heading out the dog door. We locked that up real quick bc my FIL has a 2-3 foot deep pond. Very scary place!

OtherNot that anyone cares, but it is part of my ‘makeup’, I am waiting to receive my gun carry permit in the mail. I completed the application process, had my photo taken, background check done, and was fingerprinted. We’ve purchased the gun I’ll carry, which is compact called a Glock 19. I’m not excited per se, just waiting around for yet another HUGE responsibility to maintain.

JoseJose returned to school today from spring break. I’m a little relieved bc Cameron can get back into his normal routine. Not that I had him off of it with Jose around, but it gave me a challenge that’s for sure. I’m not relieved bc I’ll have to leave here around 2:30 everyday to pick him up. Not that I don’t mind picking up my son, it’s just that I don’t feel well today and going out in this sunlight makes me feel ill. I was going to take Cameron to the park today, but I feel too bad so it’ll have to be another day. It’s in the 70’s today so that’s a bummer.

DHI’m going to end this post on a silly note. I’m sure most of us can agree that men are much different than women – much different doesn’t even begin to explain the difference, does it?! The other day I walked into the kitchen and this is what waited for me.

Why do men do this kind of thing? My DH can take apart cars and put them back together. He can do plumbing and electrical work. He works on computers and can fix any mechanical toy or machine (he’s educated for this). He’s a sharp-shooter. And can solve just about any problem even though he has no training in most fields. He can just do these things. HOWEVER, he cannot load a dishwasher to exhaust all usable space and he cannot open a waffle box. What is up with this???!!! I’m going to quote Anne Hesch in the movie Seven Days, Six Nights when she speaks to Harrison Ford and asks after they’ve crashed onto a deserted island:

Anne: Aren’t you one of those guys???
Harrison: What guys?
Anne: You know…one of those guys you give a tooth pick and a shovel to and they build you a shopping mall???!!!

That is my DH, but not with a waffle box. Ugh!!! And as if that wasn’t enough, what’s wrong with this picture?

I must have wakened in another house. Who keeps motor oil on the counter around food??? Please! If anyone knows, I’d like to hear about it. I’d like to know I’m not alone here. Have a wonderful Monday and a fantastic week!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

march 21

Does anyone know what today represents??? This comes to DVD today, March 21st, and I'm sooooooooo gettin' it!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today was a warm and sunny day. Not a cloud to be had and the high was 78 F. What better way to spend the day than heading to the Nashville Zoo. We live 8 minutes from it and we're members now (thanks to Nana & Papa!). There aren't any photos of any animals on this trip except the gibbons. No, this visit was reserved for horseplay and some outdoor fun. We did see some animals, but this was about me and my boys spending quality time together having fun and being boys, ahem, and a girl. I am exhausted now though. We were there for 5 hours ~!

When we entered the play foam area Cameron just stood there and surveyed things. He checked out all the kids running around, some screaming, some jumping, some twirling, and he stood there like a bobble-head. Slowly, but surely little shy grins escaped the corners of his mouth and finally he went to be a kid or rather a jumping sumo wrestler if there ever was one. He started doing those butt flops again (see my 'two monkeys jumpin' on the bed post'). Parents kept calling Cameron Elmo; some kids too. I think that confused Cameron bc it only made him look around and wonder where was that Elmo.

Taking a break and watching the kids play. This is the only time you'll ever see this child sit still and "look" normal. It was my first time.

Scoping out the place to find Jose. Gritting those teeth with intensity. Where? Where? Where could he be???

A-HA! Jose, I see you! (He spotted Jose across the play yard.)

Cameron and Jose were making their way to a bigger slide than this one and ran into a little girl that told Jose 'she liked his baby'. LOL

Jose can be the kindest, most loving of brothers. But he can be a booger too.

We have a runaway Cameron. He thinks he can go anywhere Jose goes, but he so can-not!!!

These are some of the gibbons and they are active and loud. In fact, a little animal fact here is that when these things start singing they can be heard 2 miles away. They make this really intense guuuuuuuuuuuuuulp noise, but they do it over and over and over and over and get my drift. They are so cute, at least to us they are, and they are the big attraction at the zoo. We came by in the evening to say goodbye to them and there they were sitting on the ground seeing us out the door. Bye-bye loud ones.

show and tell

First things first! Check out Tanya’s new “do.” The Sampler Girl has a brand new website and she did it ALL by herself. Go check it out.

I have been slacking, majorly! I don’t know what has gotten into me. I have been up to a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but as my “how I’m feeling” face displays, I am beside myself – don’t know what’s wrong. I hope after this post I’ll get back on track. Maybe I have spring fever or something. It is warm right now.

Several little goodies have come in the mail lately and that has cheered me up. I bought one of Tanya’s motif magnets from her Etsy shop a couple of weeks ago and it came last week, along with this cute little tote bag. I love it on my fridge.

Me and my mom stumbled onto these sweet little necklace charms. She got one and I got two. They are so very sweet. We found them here. One has a youthful woman sewing. Her verse reads “I feed my soul with the stitches I sew” and we both have that one. It also has a catching verse from Nathanial Hawthorne on the back. I just loved the little girl sewing next to her needfuls and had to have it. Behind the charm it reads "Take your needle child, and work at your pattern; it will come out a rose by and by. Life is like that - one stitch at a time taken patiently and the pattern come out all right like the embroidery." Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Last Saturday me and my mom went to the fabric store and had a very confusing, yet fun and exhausting time trying to sort through the thousands of bolts of fabric just trying effortlessly to search for complimentary colors and prints. I am merely a blooming quilter and mom isn’t one. We wished my Aunt Pam was there because we would have had everything we needed in no time. My aunt has such a keen high for this stuff.

Anyway, I receive the Fons & Porter Love of Quilting Magazine (thanks to Aunt Pam!) and I saw a pattern for a table runner in the January/February issue I want to tackle. We thought this process was going to be easy, but boy were we wrong. I can admit failure, but I cannot accept defeat. I picked a print fabric for my focus but me and mom could not for the life of us find matching or bouncing fabrics. After over an hour of searching for what seemed like an eternity, not to mention I think we were searching for a needle, we gave up on that color palette and quoting words from an anonymous woman, “I started from scratch.” Back to the ole’ drawing board we went.

The left side is the pattern done in Valentine theme from my magazine. On the right, I chose colors to match my decor and interest. I think we did pretty well considering what we picked out in the beginning. Gorgeous but trivial.
Finally, we picked our jump-off fabric and all of a sudden as if the heavens opened and angels sang we had our matching fabrics. Everything just came together and we were more than thrilled, excited, happy we were about to get the h*** out of there. We love the fabric store, but we were in there too long. My dad took Jose to the movie and they made it back to our house before me and my mom, and they dropped her off with me prior to their movie. Now that is just way too long people…admit it! LOL

Not only did I purchase fabric for my new project, I also picked out an extra Civil War Reproduction piece (1/2 yard) and two full yards of each of the 1930’s reproduction fabric. I plan on making a reversible sewing machine cover that ties on the sides with these 2 pieces. I can’t wait! The cover that comes with the Viking is a hard plastic and it takes over the room (too BIG) so I need something more me and more attractive. :D

A not too far distant past I said I had ripped my craft area apart in order to get it organized and get my things within hands’ reach. I’m almost there and I will post photos, but not now ~ sorry! However, my fabric stash is organized and here’s what that looks like.

I think for having this stash of fabrics for about 5 years and not being a queen quilter, I think this is a nice little beginner stash, don’t you think? I do more crafting and stitching and I love using fabrics to “finish” pieces up. It fascinates me and it’s personal. I also have some of my grandma’s fabrics from years ago. I’ve labeled those Grandma’s Textiles. I know…I’m a complete dork. ;o) I also have her laces, crochet accessories, and lots of little of this and that going on. I’m honored to have it and will find some use.

I started early on a Christmas ornament this year bc I started way too late last year. I haven’t done a lot of stitching lately bc of all my other things, but this is the progress on SamSarah's Winter Love from the JCS 2007 issue. I enjoy stitching with Belle Soie and I love the over-dyed fabric. I should have my floss tag done, but I don’t. As soon as I get one of these little stitchings complete I’ll start on my table runner or sewing machine cover. There is just so much to do and not enough seconds, minutes, hours, in a day or rather my lifetime to get all that I want done.

My Just Cross Stitch magazine came today and I am not too thrilled with it. Nothing appeals to me this issue. The blackwork bookmarks design is the model my mother stitched so I’m proud to say that, but other than this nothing yells at me. Maybe better luck next time.

Me and the boys went to mom’s today and Cameron got a haircut. He looks like such a big boy, but still so sweet. His hair was getting really long and needed a good trim. While at mom’s a book and DVD came for me. My mom is so wonderful! She does a lot for me and I hope she realizes how appreciative I am towards her affection, love, attention and generosity (I hope you do mom.). I know it’s because she loves me so so much. I recently told her that I had an idea of stitching a selection of Ohio reproduction samplers and giving them a home on their own wall of sampler fame. She is the best mom ever! She bought me a book called Ohio Is My Dwelling Place. I can't begin to explain the price, but she got a fantastic deal with her wise shopping ways. Now, I haven’t gone through the whole thing because I plan on reading it thoroughly, but it has the entire history of Ohio samplers and the regions and counties. I am in awe over this gift. The photos that I have seen are stunning! I’ll post more about it later.

The other item that came from mom was a DVD called Judith Baker Montano Teaches You Crazy Quilting, which I’ve been interested in exploring for a year or so. I watched a little bit of it this afternoon while I put Cameron down for a nap. Let’s just say, I got far enough into the lessons to realize what we did wrong with color in the fabric store on Saturday. LOL

You live and learn…and laughing along the way always helps. :o) Talk soon because I still have more show and tell to offer.