Monday, March 23, 2009

blog award

I received this award the other day from Melissa. You are so so sweet, Melissa, really! I appreciate your taking time to visit my blog and feel it worth mentioning. Again, thanks!

I recall that when receiving an award it is nice to pass that award onto others. Of course, everyone I know deserves an award, but because there are so many I cannot possibly list ALL of you. That would take me a century ~ I have so many blog-buddies!

I am going to do what Melissa has done and nominate 8 fellow stitchers and quilters that I don't know very well and reach out to them by nominating their blogspots. Here goes...

The Instructions are to:

A. Copy the Blog Award logo onto your own blog
B. Make a link to the one who awarded you
C. Nominate 8 blogs
D. Add their links to your own blog
E. Leave an FYI on each nominee's blog so they are aware they have been "chosen"

Melissa, thank you again for this award! For my 8 nominees, I hope to open many Internet windows getting to know you. :D


dany said...

and thank you for any heart!
I love you

:: wee bird :: said...

well thank you for the award!! what a nice surprise :D

Loreta said...

Congratulations on the award and thank you for passing it to me!

gazette94 said...

Hello Julie,

Thank you so much , it such a good surprise for me ! You totally deserve your award and it is nice to share it with me ! I m glad that you enjoy my blog as I do with yours !