Monday, March 23, 2009

so many things…so little time

I have many things to talk about and it's been awhile, so first things first...

Twilight reviewI read the book and have finally witnessed the movie. First, I did enjoy the movie. Let’s not forget that; however, I was disappointed a little. It was missing something. Maybe it was the director. I felt the movie missed so many topics that the book hit on that I felt were important to the story line. I felt the movie to be choppy and too “piecey”. It jumped from one scene to the next without the fade of that particular scene having a conclusion. For example, the girls are at school discussing prom and driving into Port Angeles to buy prom dresses. Bella wants to go and all of a sudden they are there trying on dresses. Less than 2 minutes later we see a book being handed to her and now she’s being barraged by strange men; Edward appears. It just happened all too quickly for me. I felt like the movie was sped through.

I understand that “Hollywood” has to take a hundreds plus page book and mash it down to 90 minutes and maintain substance, but other movies have fared better with WAY more complexity in the story, such as The Pelican Brief, The Firm, The Da Vinci Code (just to name a few) that had a tremendous amount of conspiracy and twists and turns, and those directors managed to keep the content. I feel Twilight lost this. Twilight was such a success with words that it didn’t stand a chance at losing its audience on the silver screen. People were going to almost automatically like it no matter how bad or good it was. There was a bias.

The only thing from this movie that remained faithful to the book was Bella and Edward. I think the two actors playing Edward and Bella were perfect for the part. What I wouldn’t kill to be Bella, really! The amount of intensity and passion these two share. The anticipation of “taking” each other, but having to endure such restraint, especially when Edward softly commands her to be still, don’t move…OMG!!! He had me there. A line like that floors me. What a turn on that scene was. I would have made him take a bite. Heehee

I hear that New Moon is also being made into a movie and that it’s getting a different director. I’m glad if that’s true. Maybe the next movie will be right on topic. I am glad I saw the movie. I own it and plan on watching it over and over and over again to get my Edward fix. There is enough of him to go around ladies. :o)

"My heart belongs to my husband, but neck belongs to Edward." Anonymous

SaturdayI went to moonlight stitching with mom at our LNS and it was really fun. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously. My mom saw an old friend, Katie, from the original sit ‘n stitch evenings from years ago so that was a treat for mom. Melissa joined the party as well and brought along her two table runners. Go to her blog and check them out ~ so beautiful!

Crafting areaI am making great progress in my creative-domain! This is where I do everything - rotary cutting, piecing, sewing, ironing, sorting, organizing, and looking for projects, etc. You name it; I do it there, except for stitch. I either stitch in the living room with my Ott-Lite or in bed.

I finally alphabetized my single charts into magazine holders and they have been relocated on the new lower shelf. I like this a lot better. This isn’t all the charts I own though. I have scissor fob kits and singles, smalls, etc. These are just in other places in my area. Since I’m still not done repositioning everything I can’t show photos just yet, but I will in do time. I am happy with how things are turning out.

GroupiesI recently joined another Yahoo! group. (The photo is clickable.)

I started contributing to the Blackbird Designs blogspot so go and check out that little place. I’ve always been familiar and an admirer to BBD, but just until recently have I become addicted (hence BBD addict sidebar photo) to the designs. In my very humble opinion I feel the designs have changed over the years and I really like the new look. I don’t know if it was intentional or even noticeable on their part, but I really am enjoying the new look of all their designs. I see a new design and have this aching feeling that I have to have it. What about you?!

FinishingsFor the last few days I’ve been busy finishing up a couple projects. I have cleared another current rotation project – Stacy Nash’s Hallows Eve Sampler Pillow.

Design: Hallows Eve Sampler Pillow
Designer: Stacy Nash Primitives
28 ct Autumn Fields (front/back)
DMC 301, 310, 612, 730, 838

This took way too long! Granted, every Friday wasn’t a good stitching day; therefore, no stitching was to be had, but it is done…finally! I loosely stuffed it with Poly-fil. I didn’t want it to be stiffly stuffed with fluff (I’m a poet and didn’t know it). I added my own touches by attaching a black key to the front and added my initials in a ‘hallows eve’ kinda way, along with stitching one of the keys 1 over 1. I didn’t coffee stain or use walnut crystals because the Autumn Fields is over-dyed. I didn’t free hand cross stitches either. I like how it all turned out.

I’ve mentioned a couple times about making a punchneedle case for my new Cameo needles. I already have a needle case for my Russian punchneedles with a needle punch design atop the clear plastic container. It’s an Erica Michaels design I received when I took her punchneedle class years ago. The container houses my Russian needles perfectly; threaders and all.

The dilemma was I didn’t want any ole’ plastic container case for my Cameo. I wanted something a wee bit nicer. Besides, the threading needles are much longer than the Russian threaders, so I was going to need something more substantial in width ~ at least 7” wide. Since most of the designs I punch are folk art and/or primitive, I thought it only appropriate to use my Civil War fabrics. I am extremely fulfilled with this accomplishment! No pattern. No design. I just went with the flow and my result was perfect for me.

Design: Pig and Chicken
Designer: Hooked On Rugs
Thread: WDW
Fabric: beige weaver’s cloth

I added several little touches after my brainstorming of the needle case. I free hand stitched my initials on the wool inside. I added two buttons; one for decoration and one to hold the case closed. I used walnut crystals to stain a piece of hem binding that came from my grandmother’s stash of lace and hemming pieces. I used the blanket stitch to attach the wool. I used interfacing and a 1/2” thick piece of batting between the main fabrics; both to give stability, and it worked! I used Mod Podge to affix the pig and chicken to the top/front of the case. I’m really happy! In fact, I did a little dance last night!

OldiesI wanted to share the very first needle case I ever stitched and finished by myself.

The design is from Olde Colonial I picked up from CATS back in 2004-2005. Since I was a ‘virgin’ at this kind of thing I didn’t notice until after I assembled it that I’m off by one stitch on the “5” of 2005 ~ I went too far. I was really upset at the time, but now it doesn’t bother me so much. It’s funny to look at it, but it’s also a reminder at how far I’ve come and where I started. I love my little scissor and needle case. I wouldn’t change a thing. :o)

Cameron speaksFINALLY!!! Cameron is saying ONE word. He is saying “Mama” with intention. And when I answer him, ‘yes,’ he has the most excited grin. He knows he’s speaking and I’m so proud of him. It sounds so sweet to finally hear. I’ve been waiting a long time to hear his little voice utter sweet little words like ‘mama.’ It’s music to my ears.

On a very different note, Cameron is throwing things…ALL things. It’s a difficult phase to address. I’ve sought out some mommy advice from Tanya and she’s been very helpful. Jose went through this very same thing, but not to this extent. Cameron throws the tray from the highchair which can really hurt someone. It also makes for a very loud crash. Even though this phase isn’t funny, the other night we were eating dinner and had smoked salmon dip as an appetizer. We’re happily enjoying our meal, and as if God wanted to throw something down from heaven, a pacifier came and landed in the dip. SPLAT!!! It made quite the interesting indentation in the dip. We had a very difficult time controlling our laughter. It was surprising to say the least.

Cameron has been enjoying the outside. He cries if we don’t let him out and I believe he thinks he’s Pink Panther, or either Mr. Bean, but he’s making attempts to find a way outside without assistance. We have to be very conscientious about locking doors around here. We were at my FIL’s a few weeks ago and he has a doggy door. I know I don’t need to tell the story, but guess where we found Cameron? Yep! Heading out the dog door. We locked that up real quick bc my FIL has a 2-3 foot deep pond. Very scary place!

OtherNot that anyone cares, but it is part of my ‘makeup’, I am waiting to receive my gun carry permit in the mail. I completed the application process, had my photo taken, background check done, and was fingerprinted. We’ve purchased the gun I’ll carry, which is compact called a Glock 19. I’m not excited per se, just waiting around for yet another HUGE responsibility to maintain.

JoseJose returned to school today from spring break. I’m a little relieved bc Cameron can get back into his normal routine. Not that I had him off of it with Jose around, but it gave me a challenge that’s for sure. I’m not relieved bc I’ll have to leave here around 2:30 everyday to pick him up. Not that I don’t mind picking up my son, it’s just that I don’t feel well today and going out in this sunlight makes me feel ill. I was going to take Cameron to the park today, but I feel too bad so it’ll have to be another day. It’s in the 70’s today so that’s a bummer.

DHI’m going to end this post on a silly note. I’m sure most of us can agree that men are much different than women – much different doesn’t even begin to explain the difference, does it?! The other day I walked into the kitchen and this is what waited for me.

Why do men do this kind of thing? My DH can take apart cars and put them back together. He can do plumbing and electrical work. He works on computers and can fix any mechanical toy or machine (he’s educated for this). He’s a sharp-shooter. And can solve just about any problem even though he has no training in most fields. He can just do these things. HOWEVER, he cannot load a dishwasher to exhaust all usable space and he cannot open a waffle box. What is up with this???!!! I’m going to quote Anne Hesch in the movie Seven Days, Six Nights when she speaks to Harrison Ford and asks after they’ve crashed onto a deserted island:

Anne: Aren’t you one of those guys???
Harrison: What guys?
Anne: You know…one of those guys you give a tooth pick and a shovel to and they build you a shopping mall???!!!

That is my DH, but not with a waffle box. Ugh!!! And as if that wasn’t enough, what’s wrong with this picture?

I must have wakened in another house. Who keeps motor oil on the counter around food??? Please! If anyone knows, I’d like to hear about it. I’d like to know I’m not alone here. Have a wonderful Monday and a fantastic week!


At the Honeysuckle Tree said...

Hey Girlie,
Great post - chock full of great stuff! I have to say that pic of Cameron walking from the back is precious, my favorite of the bunch. So sweet. Torn open box o' waffles - yep, that's a man for ya. LOL Ben loves those chocolate donuts by Entemans (ok, I do too) and if ANYONE opens them before me, it looks like a wild animal came in the house! The box was gimmied this way and that and finally just ripped open on the sides - NO chance of closing that sucker again. As for waffles - DH will open a new box of waffles and leave them in there - no clip on the baggie, nothing! THAT urks me! How long does he expect waffles to be good just sitting in the box ripped open?

Tanya :)

mainely stitching said...

LOL @ the pacifier in the dip. Ha! Arden's also into throwing things, but not to quite the same degree. It's usually to "announce" that he's done with his meal. :( Sometimes we have a hard time restraining the chuckles, too, though. Scary about the dog door near-escape! What an observant child he is, though!

Love your crafty projects and clean-up. That pig punch needle is totally fabulous.

I answered your question (about chicken pox) under your comment to my blog post yesterday if you want to check. ;)

Vonna said...

Oh my goodness I'm exhausted after reading your post! LOL! You have done some beautiful finishing..I love that piggy :) And your Hallow's Eve...well honestly just everything. I read Twilight, but I never go to movies about books, because they always fail in my opinion....nothing touches a well wrought book!

DogLover said...

My wife crawled thru our dog door when she was 8 months pregnant because she locked herself out. But for our dogs, Dog Doors give you and your pet the freedom they deserve.

Redwitch said...

Wow great post! So many lovely things :)

LOL at the box, my SO has an MBA so he is not unintelligent and yet he has a similar approach to envelopes! What's that all about?!

Great photos too :)

Nicole said...

Hi Julie,

Sorry I don't comment enough! I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blog!

Love all your finishes and too funny about the dip! The joys of toddlerhood - I'm right there with you! :)

Brigitte said...

This is truely a catch-uppost. I love all your smalls finishes you show. And I'd really like to take a look at all those charts that you have stored in such an organized way.

Jennifer said...

I enjoy reading your blog and had to laugh when I saw that motor oil on the kitchen counter. At our house, I'm always saying it looks like radio shack wherever my hubbie has been, anywhere there are more wires and rechargers for different items than I can keep up with to put away. It's so aggravating because right when I tuck them all away he comes and leaves them all out again.