Monday, October 31, 2016


Friday night my SO and I had Chinese food with his mother which was delicious. It was a new restaurant for me. My fortune was very interesting: 

I didn't think much of my fortune at the time and I usually never do. It's pure entertainment, but nonetheless, I was intrigued enough by it to take a picture. 

Saturday, my SO and I took a little hike in the Narrows of the Harpeth and afterwards got in our canoe and went fishing all day. The weather was beautiful! What we weren't expecting to see where a few cows in the middle of our path. 

Luckily, they were just as surprised to see us as we were to see them and nothing came of the encounter except a stare down. This all leads me to my fortune from Friday night. I had long forgotten about it at this point, but the cows made me think of a few new punchneedle ideas. The designs just came to me; out of nowhere. The fortune came true!

Talk soon!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I'm feeling so inspired today. After speaking to my Aunt Pam this morning about our favorite subject... ah-ha - the needlearts... I found a gem of a blog called Cose y calla; and after 5 seconds of scrolling I was addicted. Naturally, I immediately called Aunt Pam to rant and rave and ooh! and ahh! about it. I can't get over this woman's creativity and how beautifully perfect everything turns out. 
I'm hooked!

And punchneedle... It's calling my name again. I have a WIP, but after going back to Notforgotten Farm's blog and surfing through her Etsy shop all I want to do is punch my little heart out. After seeing this box (find it here), I'm done. It's mine! Wait till you see the 'extras'. It comes in many different colors. I like Robin's Egg or Black; haven't decided.

This even inspired me to research ways to feed a large family on a budget. 
Tonight's meal: Bean & Beef Chili with Cornbread.

~*Soul Food*~
"Making amends isn't just saying, 'I'm sorry,' It means responding differently from our new understanding."

Monday, October 24, 2016

Whilst stitching...

Talk soon!

Friday, October 21, 2016

just breathe

I awoke at 4:50 am and got so much done. I leave for work by 8:00 to head into downtown. By then, I had picked out my outfit, bathed, applied makeup, did my hair, painted my nails, made my SO a smoothie and oatmeal, changed the litter box, ate breakfast, AND stitched for an hour and a half while I talked to my Aunt Pam. I was in heaven! So far my work day has been light. I had a great lunch with my Mom at Provence. Ahhh! I can't wait to see what my evening has in store.

Talk soon!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

taking a stand

Have you ever used a stand for assistance? Well, I have now and this thing is awesome! I was gifted this nifty stand called Daylight Stitchsmart Stand Accessory from Herrschners and it arrived last night. There are two different kinds. One with the magnifier and lamp and one without. I received the one without. Who needs the extras when you already have your own, right?!

My SO put it together in zero point three seconds. It's so easy to use and maneuver about. I. Was. Giddy. I put it to the test the moment it jumped out of the box. I've never used one so I had high hopes this would do exactly what I wanted, and it delivered. I don't anticipate any hand, wrist or shoulder cramps in the near future. Thank you to my gift-giver!

Talk soon!

jim rohn

Rule the day or the day will rule you.

Talk soon!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

narrowing it down...

I think everyone is familiar with this little gem of a series. Could watch it 100's myself.


I finally decided which WIPS I wanted to put into my current rotation for the rest of October into November. I narrowed it down from 34 to 9.  The rest are resting until I can make more progress  on the list below. I don't think this is half bad. Gotta start somewhere and here is my start:
  1. And They Sinned ~ Examplar Dames Designs/Examplars From The Heart
  2. Ages of Man ~ Long Dog Samplers
  3. Peaceful In The Garden ~ Moira Blackburn
  4. Summer, Loose Feathers, part 1 of 3 ~ Blackbird Designs
  5. Deaver Daughters Schoolhouse Sampler ~ primitivebettys
  6. Handsome Lion ~ Etsy bought (picture at a later time)
  7. Adjust Yours Sails ~ Hands on Design
  8. Trees ~ The Workbasket
  9. The Shores of Hawk Run Hallow ~ Carriage House Samplings
I'll certainly be busy with these 9 terrific pieces. Wish me luck!

Talk soon!

Monday, October 17, 2016


Here are a couple of leftovers from my 2011 finishes. They aren't finished into pincushions nor are they framed, but they are stitched and ready to be made into something pretty. I have the cutest little Eiffel tower charm, black, white and gray fabric, and black rick and rack for PARIS. I can't wait!


I will iron them before finishing. They've been stored SINCE 2011 and not properly, I'd like to add. I'm changing my ways. Promise! I'm getting a container just for finishes and folding them up neatly this time. 

I confess. My stitching has been unorganized for the last few years. After years of my mojo being misplaced, any stash that I had bought sat on the back burner. I've accumulated quite a stash too. My WIPS are all over the place. It's chaos. I have finally gotten on track and I'm making progress. I'm stitching. I'm organizing. I'm getting to my stash and taking inventory. It feels good to take back some control. Now to only get back some of my followers across the globe, especially the US!!!

Talk soon!


Sunday, October 16, 2016

update this weekend...

This weekend has been productive. I went fishing with my SO (Significant Other), but the fish were not wanting to show up. Went and saw the movie "The Accountant," however, I cannot give an account as to how it was. I fell asleep during the show. I was pooped! I have, though, made progress on my beloved stitching. 


That's all for now. These finishes are from 2011 and I apologize for the missing information. Gotta get back to my Packers football game!

Talk soon!


Thursday, October 13, 2016

peaceful it is

Even though I have 33 WIPS, I'm like the average stitcher and I'm starting another project. Some things never change, do they? Ha! My dear Aunt Pam and I are committing to a SAL. My Mother and I are also working on a SAL with a twist. We're working on the same piece; taking turns from one block to another. We started Shores of Hawk Run Hallow by Carriage House Samplings a long time ago and have decided to actually finish it this time. Not sure who's custody it will belong to ;-) 


I will have more thoughts later on. This paralegal needs to get ready for work.

Talk soon!!