Thursday, March 31, 2011

first school picture

{Taken St. Patrick's Day - 2011}
I just got back Cameron's first school picture. There's a story to having his picture taken, but I can't share it. However, Cameron had been crying before this photo was taken because all the kids were getting their mugs photographed and he wanted his done too. It was finally his turn and he gave a very sweet, yet exhausting, little smile. When I showed Cameron this photo of himself, well, here's how it went:

Mommy: Look Cameron. See, it's your picture.
Cameron: [Silent gaze at the photo]
Mommy: I love this picture of you, Cameron! What do you think?
Cameron: I cute like Curious George.

Talk soon!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

that is the question

To cord or not to cord?
[Designer/Design Unknown (because I can't remember)]
This was the piece I mentioned in an earlier post where my late-pooch Chloe had gnawed on it, resulting in bleeding fibers. Mom skillfully salvaged one of my first completed pieces back in 2005. Now it’s 2011 and I’m just now getting around to giving it purpose. So pathetic, but I digress. I do like what its become, almost.

I laced the back, but have yet to secure it to the wooden base and that’s because it isn’t necessarily even (like I needed to tell you). I was so hell-bent on making sure it was securely fastened to the cut-out backing,  that I didn’t pay close enough attention to the front that the edges were, in fact, smoothly round. 

Anyway, cord or not to cord? That is the question. If I  attach twisted cord around the edge to hide the uneveness I'll have a more "polished" look. If I go cordless, I'll need to re-lace the back and not pull so tightly; making sure to pay closer attention to my front, but this means starting over. Either way isn't too bad - it's all fun and I still get a homemade pincushion, nonetheless.

So, what's say you! Talk soon, shall we?

Monday, March 28, 2011

weekend wrap-up

~saw the movie Battle: Los Angeles --- Jose saw this with my mom and they said it was good; entertaining to be exact. I thought I should see it too so I did. I agree with their assessment. I enjoyed it. Very entertaining and I even cried at times.

~bought more orchids --- 2 miniatures and 2 standard sized; all Phalaenopsis. And an additional orchid called a Cattleya that I get to grow myself. This will be my first attempt and I’m more than thrilled.
(this is what my Cattleya could very well look like once grown and with blooms)
~took 2 Little House Needleworks projects to my LNS to be framed --- 

I can’t wait to get them back! I bought a few other odds and ends, as well, to help facilitate in some self-finishing of smalls I have. I put together a round pin cushion that I haven’t photographed yet. I found a round wooden support (whatever you want to call it) at my LNS. I have a finished piece from 2005 (gulp!), just a dainty piece, that my mother saved, when my late-pooch Chloe got hold of it years ago and did everything to it except tear it to shreds. The thread bled and it was a mess, but mom worked on it (remember this, mom?). I’ll show you later what has come of it now; six embarrassing years later.

~started a tiny freebie given by The Sampler Girl some time ago called “Downton Abbey.” The show aired on PPS Masterpiece Classic in January 2011 and I really liked it. I love how Tanya can hone in on her ability to capture a moment and turn it around with a design to share with all of us, no matter how big or small. I truly admire this designer for her simplicity and commitment to a dream. Tanya’s not pretentious and I like that a lot. Besides, she’s just a damn good person straight from the heart.

~allergies started to kick in, but the older I get the more relief I’m finding.

That’s my weekend wrap-up. It was cold, wet, sometimes rainy and cloudy, the entire weekend. Spring has sprung, but I’m ready for the warm-up. Not the teasing warm-up we had last week when we hit 80 degrees for a couple days and then flew back down into the 50s with 30s as our overnight lows.

I forgot to mention in my coming back post (LIVE LOVE LAUGH) that for Christmas 2010 I bought myself a Kindle – yay!!! I’m official…Talk soon!

PS – Thank you EVERYONE who has welcomed me back with open arms and who commented on such. You are dear to me, all of you, even if you didn’t comment…;-)

Friday, March 25, 2011

live love laugh

I've been gone awhile from blogging. In fact, my last post was November 3, 2010. I haven’t had Internet service since December 2009 and it was turned back on roughly 6 months ago, with brief service interruptions here and there. Needless to say, maintaining Internet has been spotty. I’m just going to account for the last 15 months and give it to you as straight as I can.

2010 was quite a year. I lost my beloved and loyal companion, Chloe, in March.
Chloe was a beautiful Vizsla, with big green eyes, long floppy ears, and the personality of a lamb. She was a wonderful, human-like girl that supplied my entire family with jaw dropping rear end pokes (it’s just how she said "Hello! I'm Chloe.") and endless love and affection for all things. She was very kind and patient with my children; all children, yet she would knock them over with excitement so grab up your little ones. I highly recommend a Vizsla for any blend of family. I buried Chloe myself at my parent’s house in the woods. A very sad moment for me, but I feel good now that I did it alone.

In April, I began working for a wonderful law firm. Yes, I said it. Wonderful law firm and highly successful too. An entertainment law firm that has more perks than pokes. I love my job and I admire the people I work with. I can say that I will be here a long time.
Also in April, Chris, who you’ve known as DH, and I got divorced. I know. I know. The “D” word. Yes, we were divorced in April 2010 and life hasn’t been easy since our separation in late 2009, but how is life after divorce ever easy? And with two children? It isn’t, but I have two extremely loving and supportive parents. Two children that keep me on my toes and sometimes on my nose. I have a great job that pays me well enough to support myself and the boys. I have my many x-stitch pals, especially my Aunt Pam, who I don’t see or talk to as often as I'd like, and my nearby lovelies, Sally and Susan. The children and I have had our ups and downs since the divorce and we continue to make strides and at times fall back, but such is life.
In May, Jose turned a corner: teenage-hood-lum. Yes, he’s 13! He is getting to be such a big person and…
quite the handful these days, which is proving to be the toughest challenge of my entire life thus far. I can’t seem to find the sweet, caring and lovable boy I thought I was raising. I wish I knew where he was.

Very few times, I get a teeny tiny glimpse of the boy who used to call me “mama,” but like I said, it’s just a glimpse. Those glimpses are when I’m happiest.
May was one of Nashville’s worst times. As a matter of fact, one of Tennessee’s worst times in history.  May 2010 was the time of Nashville/Middle Tennessee’s giant flood. Maybe I’m biased, but the flood didn’t get the media attention it deserved and it may have been because of the oil crises in the gulf and the bombing attempt in New York, but we got over it rather quickly. It’s nearly a year later and some of the houses across the street from me are still vacant, still recovering.  The Opry Mills Mall is still closed which has cost billions of dollars in lost revenue and lots have lost jobs. Rich, poor and celebrity lost something in this as well. No one was above the reaches of the water that weekend in early May.
My kids and I personally had to leave our home because of rising water. The homes across the street back up to one of our creeks (Mill Creek) that dangerously overflowed and flooded my neighbors’ home and made our street impassable. Two days later, we were able to come back and by the grace of God, the water only made it to the foundation of my home, but I had roof and leaking issues. Still do, but we were spared and saved. Here’s a 5-minute video (scroll down and click on the You Tube video); and a Wikipedia link, if you’re interested.
So far, my children and I survived a marital separation, a dog’s death, a divorce, I returned to work, Cameron started daycare full time, and a historical flood. All in 5 short months.
By July, my younger brother was living with us. Huge mistake in more ways than one, but I thought it would do him some good at the time. By him living with us meant that Cameron and I had to share a bed. No fun at all. But by December, my brother had moved elsewhere and life started to get back to a bit of "our" so-called normalcy.
At the end of August, Cameron turned 3.

Cameron isn’t above from demonstrating poor behavior, but he’s a wonderfully joyful child, with a radiant smile and the most matured sense of humor any 3-year old I’ve ever known to have. This child knows how to make a person laugh and he’s good at it too! He does like to talk about the normal stuff: cars, blocks, food, tattle tale on Jose, farting, bodily fluids…you know, the normal boy stuff.
He has the most energy of any one person I know and he never shuts up. He resembles Curious George too, which is actually pretty cute! He likes his new daycare and does well in all types of activities. He’s very talented and independent. And I’m proud of how well he’s adjusted to living in two places half the time.
It’s now a new year and I don’t have very much stitching to show for. I did manage to finish-finish one piece by La-D-Da called LIVE LOVE LAUGH. 2010 was one heck of a year, and there’s still progress to make, but this design was suitable at the time I was stitching. It spoke in volumes and it lifted my spirits.
Unfortunately, it was the only piece I did complete in 2010, although I started many others. There was just so much to do and such little “extra” time to do it in. Now that I’ve returned to work and take care of 2 children pretty much alone, time is limited for much else.

You’ll think I’m crazy, but I did add a new pleasure to the mix of chaos. I have always been intrigued by orchids and never had the courage to keep one. Mainly because I thought they were too difficult to care for. I’ve never had a green thumb for any kind of plant; inside or out. There’s a lawyer at work that is fascinated by orchids and has a rather large collection in her office. After careful consideration, using her as my muse, and doing extensive research on all-things orchid, I have my own collection now.
This is only 1 of at least 4 that I have now. This was the second orchid bought for me by a very special person and was gifted in October. It still blooms and is spiking, as we speak. In an exclusive "orchid post," I'll unveil my other beauties; some which are species :-)
I have every intention of blogging regularly. Of course, not as regularly as everyday, but as often as I can fit into my day. I have many projects right now and maintaining orchids is actually a "task" believe it or not. They bring me joy...not as much joy as stitching, but they do bring me fresh blooms and color. Thanks for reading and hope you'll stay with me...Talk soon!