Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Song ~ Auld Lang Syne

"The traditional song for ringing in the New Year in almost every English speaking country in the world is Auld Lang Syne. This New Year Song is generally credited to Robert Burns, but earlier versions of this ballad precede his time. Burns combined a common Scottish folk song with his own lyrics to arrive at the version commonly sung on New Year's Eve."

"What is the meaning of this New Year's Eve Song? Auld Lang Syne is about old friends who have parted and meet again. To celebrate their long friendship, they share a drink together and reminisce of memories from long ago. The basic message is that we should not forget our old friends and should celebrate a reunion with them. When the clock strikes midnite on New Year's Eve, gather everyone together at your party or celebration to sing the New Year's Song and remember the good memories of family and friends from long ago."

No matter how hard I try I can never remember the lyrics to this wonderful and meaningful song. The link I provided has the lyrics.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It's the day before New Year's Eve and I've been pondering that big thing that everyone tries to do each year...make New Year's resolutions. I've never been one to make resolutions. One, for fear of never fulfilling them, therefore, disappointing myself and feeling defeated. Two, it's extremely difficult to maintain and follow through with those resolutions, especially ones that have the ability to alter one's life such as weight loss, quitting smoking, etc. Bad habits are hard to quit and change, don't you think? Thankfully, I kicked the smoking habit over 2 years ago so I'm safe there. And after my son was born I had lots of weight to lose which took me a year or so to get off. I lost 55 lbs in one year. I still have about 10-15 lbs left to shed, but I'm not going to worry about it now. I don't exercise...but wait, isn't chasing a toddler around exercise? LOL

I decided that the word "resolutions" isn't for me. Thanks to Suzann, she has inspired a different approach to my new year. I've decided to drop "resolutions" from my vocabulary and add "goals" to my new year instead. From now on I'm calling it New Year's Goals. I like goals. I can handle goals! ...........Now I have to stop and think about which goals I need to check off my list, but first I need a list. :o)

Monday, December 29, 2008

dec 29

Today was a fun-filled day! I just wished I could have blogged about it earlier. My LNS is having an After-Christmas Sale from the 26-31. Great sales are to be had! My Dad was kind enough to watch my boys while me and Mom hit the shop. Besides, we both had gift certificates to spend!!!

All punchneedle charts are buy 1 get 2 FREE. 40% off ALL kits. Vintage/Old charts are 10 for $1.00 ~ can't beat that. There are lots of other knitting and framing sales as well. I was able to find 11 vintage/old charts - tons of primitive, folk art type designs. I got 3 punchneedle charts, but only had to pay for one! Even though the fabric wasn't marked down, I still had to make a purchase ~ I always do! :o) I bought enough fabric for a Stacy Nash design I purchased while there (not on sale though) called 3 Little Pumpkins - Pinkeep Drum ~ so cute! And I believe the little bird pattern is also included, but I'll have to double check. I also purchased a little tote that I plan to embroider, but I have no idea what design that'll be...Maybe one of primitivebettys fabulous freebie designs. :o) I bought a ready-made flip pillow kit, minus the pillow form. All I have to do is stitch it up. It's really cute! The colors of the fabric are wonderful and it'll stitch quick. Me and Mom had a fun time going through everything. We took our time too, which was really nice. Afterwards, we picked up some lunch for all the boys. My parents were headed to Arkansas to visit my Grandparents for a couple days. They were leaving after our lunch.

Cameron took a long, much needed nap: 3 hours to be exact. He was so tired from playing with Papa and Jose. I was able to get some stitching time in. Jose played with his rifle and pistol BB guns and afterwards we played with one of Jose's new toys. Remember those little ovens as a child? Well, they make one for Pokemon. We made Pokemon characters out of mold. It was pretty cool. Jose got the knack fairly quickly. By the end of the evening Jose made 6 of them-all different colors too.

I was able to finish a 2002 Reindeer freebie from The Prairie Schooler, but I don't have photos yet. I'll post them at some point in the near future. DH is leaving town Tuesday to attend a very large New Year's Eve party up in Indiana with his best friend from high school. I could have gone but I just didn't feel like it. Instead, my parents are going to get snacks, movies, games, and sleeping bags together, and me and the boys, plus one of our dogs, are going to spend the night New Year's Eve and welcome in the New Year. It should be a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to it.

As you can tell I changed my blog background. I am sooo relieved too! I have been tinkering with it for days and I was about to give up until today. Waa-Laa!!! I figured it out. Thankfully, Tanya is always helpful and she lend me her suggestions. She's great! Thank you, Tanya!

I think I'm off to bed. bed to stitch. Sleeping will come later. I can't wait to get all this Christmas stuff down because I'm soooo ready for my house to look normal again. I'll probably get to the decorations tomorrow. At least most of them anyway. Depending on the weather, I may take the boys out so Jose can cash in some of his gift certificates. But we'll see.

Nighty-night and thanks for stopping by!

more presents!!!

My boys received a wonderful surprise the other day. The mail lady came to our door with a special package for Cameron and Jose. They both were excited! And let's face it, Cameron feeds off Jose's energy and we know what that rest for anyone!

The big box was from Aunt Pam and Cousins Alex and Austin. It was more Christmas presents!!! Yay!!! Cameron got a magnetic barnyard that plays music and has different farm animals to switch around. He received 2 magnificent children books... Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sandek and Mary Engelbreit's Mother Goose: One Hundred Best-Loved Verses; both hardback. Of course, fabulous books! Jose sat and read Mother Goose and I read Where the Wild Things Are aloud.

Jose received a Target gift card and a Bruce Springsteen CD. He's a HUGE fan of "The Boss" and so is my Aunt Pam. He also got a doll from Austin and Alex that's called Big Toe. It's one of those Ugly Dolls ~~ and it's far from ugly. It's rather cute!

The most treasured gift was Cameron's quilt from dear Aunt Pam. Like I've said before and I'll keep saying, she does excellent work no matter what craft it is. I was really surprised when we opened the quilt up. It's just darling! It's called Counting to Ten. And it his bright and vibrant. Perfect for Cameron. Here are the boys opening up their gifts.

Cameron was wrapped in his new quilt and motioned "TA-DAA!!!"

Thank you Aunt Pam, Kari & Ray, and Cousins Austin and Alex, for thinking of Jose and Cameron!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

family christmas

This is a picture of Jose holding Cameron days after he was born (8/2007). Cameron had to be admitted into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after birth so Jose waited patiently to hold his new baby brother. My parents turned this into a Christmas card last year and under the photo it said Peace On Earth. It was perfect!

I hope everyone had a peaceful Christmas Day with family and friends! I've read several blogs and notice that everyone DID have a wonderful day and that makes me feel so happy. I know I had choice words about my reluctance towards this year's Christmas, but I am happy to post that my Christmas turned out better than I had anticipated ~ and I can't complain. I had a nice day, tiring, but really nice. I didn't feel rushed which is how I normally feel.

Our day started as most households with young children begin. Running about wildly! Eyes glazed over mysterious presents and anxiously waiting for 'Ma and Pa' to rise from bed. Cameron was so cute! He did notice that there were toys for him ~ he's so observant.

The broom and the Elmo-talking chair were Cameron's favorite so far.

Jose's favorites were his rifle and pistol (both BB guns) and a DVD player for his room.

The kids played around with their new toys and I cleaned everything up (what else is new?). DH and Jose went outside to test out the BB guns, and they had lots of fun shooting at targets in the backyard. We got ready and headed over to Grandpa's house for brunch. Brunch was delicious!!!

We had pumpernickel toast and Lox. Yum~Yum! It was gooooood! Grandpa can cook.

Look at Cameron's smirk...he kept messing with the fireplace screen and it kept falling on him.

But don't worry...Cameron wasn't harmed by anyway and Daddy was safely by his side...of course in this photo it appears Daddy isn't doing anything to help "Mini-Me" out.

We had a nice visit with Grandpa. Jose got a gift certificate, which he loves getting, and Cameron got some much needed outfits. DH and I got some kitchen aids, which we needed as well. After spending time with Grandpa and eating brunch we drove over to Nana and Papa's for round 3. It's always a big ole' time at Nana and Papa's house. They make everything "fun" for everyone and yet again, they've spoiled all of us rotten.

Jose played "Santa" this year ~ he loves it too! Cameron was a wee bit shy of Jose's new face. :o)

Cameron received the new talking, moving, and interactive Elmo which is so realistic even Daddy loved getting hugs from Elmo. LOL

Jose was so overjoyed by the dart board, Pikachu doll, video games and gift certificates that he could hardly contain his enthusiasm. The kids had a blast! Us 'big kids' had a blast too. DH received a very handsome t-shirt :o) and a HUGE bottle of Gio' cologne (one of the best smells on earth, btw). Take a look at DH supporting that new T...

...and he WILL!!!!

I got some cool stuff too! Are you sitting down??? I got 18 different cross stitch charts, walnut crystals, 3 calendars, 2 craft-type books, and the best is the clock my mother gave to me.

I love this clock!!

After presents we giggled and ate. We had lasagna and it was go-od!!! I took this picture of Cameron while I was standing back observing his actions. He caught me catching him. I was catching him in the act of his usual "cliff hanging" (climbing a BIG problem for us) and here is the face that he gave me.

Lil' Devil, ugh?...and this is what he was up to. Mind you, there is a table in front of him and he's standing on a foot stool that he pushed over to the edge (he also stole his brother's cookie too and was munching on that). His intentions were NOT to look this cute after all...they were to............

...push the foot stool over to the table...climb onto the stool...give Mama my most fabulous grin...climb up onto the table...and use the phone. I have to warn you. He might just be calling you. He called Canada twice. Alabama, New Hampshire, my mother's cell and her house and a friend. So watch out! If you here baby babble, it's Mr. Cameron. :o) Please be kind to this prank caller!

We finished the evening off with some pecan pie. Hey, who ate that one little piece before I could take this picture??? Daaaad!!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I've enjoyed sharing our Christmas with all of you! Bring on the New Year!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Today is a busy one for us. First, we have our Christmas here at home. Afterwards, we'll be heading to my FIL's for visiting and a traditional family breakfast. We'll hang there for the afternoon. Lastly, we head to my parents' house for dinner and our Christmas Day evening. This is like the finale to our day. The kids are always spoiled and the food is always scrumptious. We're having lasagna, garlic bread, salad, and all kinds of pies and tasty treats.

From my family to yours, we hope your day is complete with peace, tradition, memories and love. I know ours will! Merry Christmas to All and to All a special day!

Happy Birthday, Jesus and Merry Merry Christmas to YOU!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve to ALL! I hope everyone is ready for dear ole' Santa Claus. Jose is 11 and is now questioning the validity behind Santa. I have not clued him in nor have I let on the actual truth behind the gift-giving. He's guessing that parents go out at night Christmas Eve and do the shopping. One parent stays home, the other shops. The shopping parent comes home and the other goes out and shops. We diverted him from this thinking bc that's just insanity, really. Selfishly it would be easier if he did know because less sneaking around for me and less money we would have to spend. However, Jose not believing just reminds me he isn't a baby anymore ~ and he's growing up so fast. The magic that Santa brings is slowly disappearing from him. Nonetheless, Cameron is 16 months and we have yet another 10 years, maybe less, to instill the magic of Santa and Christmastime. Cameron is still at that age where he hadn't a clue...and that is okay. I truly believe that the magic is what you make of it. My Mother once told me that no matter the circumstance of your Christmas, wedding, holiday, etc., no matter the "disaster" a person may be facing, someone around you is forming a memory. And she's so right. This isn't one of my better Christmas'. As a matter of fact, I can't wait for tomorrow's end, the 2008 wrapping up its year, and 2009 brings a fresh start-a new beginning. I shouldn't feel this way, but in fact I do. Christmas morning I will be wearing my happy face for my kids' sake and I'll be glad to do that for them.

One thing Christmas is missing is Christmas carolers. When I was a child I remember getting a knock on the door around 6:00 - 7:00 pm Christmas Eve. My father would open the door and I could hear the angelical noise coming from outside. My Mom, little brother and myself would come running to the door. It was a sign that Christmas morning was upon us! I remember wondering if they were embarrassed to be singing to us as much embarrassment it was for me to stand there staring at perfect strangers while they sang. I often giggled about it though! It was so beautiful to hear a choir of strangers singing Christmas carols outside our door. It was truly amazing and innocent a time! And I ask myself today ~ What happened to the Christmas carolers??? I don't see them anymore and I don't hear about them either. What I wouldn't give to receive a knock on the door, to open it to a group of singers rejoicing, with snow cascading around them. I remember the carolers illuminating in the dark amongst the Christmas lights. I miss the carolers.

Last, but never never ever least, where would any of us be without Jesus!?!? Tomorrow is truly a day to celebrate Him for it is His birthday. Merry Christmas Eve, Jesus!

I must be off for now. I've got some wrapping to do and possibly a movie to wind down with. Tomorrow is a BIG day after all ~ lots to do, lots to do!

Merry Merry Christmas Eve, and from the words of Tiny Tim Cratchit "God Bless Us, Every One!"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the day before...the night

all my kids were causing me stress and having fun while doing so. Nah!!! I'm just kidding...well sort of (hee-hee). I wanted to share my day with whomever is left STILL blogging so close to Christmas Day.

In the morning I baked banana bread...and it was really really yummy. DH was jealous bc I started baking and making before he scooted off to work. He actually thought me and the boys were going to eat this whole thing. Now mind you, that is a possibility, but we wouldn't do that to dear ole' Daddy. Unfortunately, I'm not Better Crocker so this was from the home of Pillsbury. But we still enjoyed it!

I stitched Jose and Cameron's first initials on their stockings. Turned out kinda primitive and cute. Hard to see the letters in the picture, but they are quite visible in-person. Cameron's is red against the black of Frosty's hat and Jose's is green against the red rim.

The boys playing under the table. Our chairs have to be put down because Cameron climbs in them and won't leave them alone...EVER! So the boys thought it would be cool to play "fort" and then Jose thought it was cool to tickle the spit and snot out of Cameron (literally)...which Cameron had no problem doing.

Jose and Mama enjoyed some stitchin' time together today. We sat on my bed, watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (real Christmasy ugh?), giggled and stitched while Cameron took a nap. He stitched on his Soggy Froggy by Janlynn and I my Primitive Deer by The Prairie Schooler.

I took a photo of my Grandma's Santa head. I have two of these Santa door knob covers. My Grandmother was always crocheting and knitting; always crafting something. She made several of these and I was blessed with owning two.

I found another angel to adorn my tree. So precious indeed!

Cameron still doesn't know what to think of Christmas, Santa or this tree. But what I do know is that he's out to destroy it. Every chance he gets, he shakes the table so ALL the ornaments will make some noise and sometimes fall...and boy do they ever.

Monday, December 22, 2008

lunch, quiet time, & afternoon blogging

My little one is napping. My big one is playing games in his room. And I'm having a cozy little lunch of tomato soup and hard salami with cream cheese. It is really hitting the spot. Instead of one can of water, I use one can of milk ~ much more creamier. I also have the backdrop noise of one of my favorite Christmas movies: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. I just love this movie! So right now, I am having an intimate moment with myself and loving every moment of it. I decided this be a good time as any to submit a post.

It is 3 days until Christmas~~Ahhhh! I have only a little shopping yet to be had, but nothing major - thankfully! I've noticed that all the blogs have slowed down and I have to admit that I'm missing each and every one of you already. But it warms my heart that you all are with family and loved ones and I know you're enjoying the season. In a previous post I mentioned my Grandmother's angel not yet making it to the top of our tree. Well...she made it! First, it gives my heart a hug everytime I pull the angel out of the box. Grandma would be pleased that I cherish this keepsake so much. She sits atop our tree every year. My Grandma made the angel herself out of plastic canvas and yarn. The wings and star detach which is great for storing her. Grandma made a few of these angels for everyone in the family and I'm so blessed that I got one. Here she is...

Not sure if anyone remembers our tree dilemma. We had to opt out our standard 6-7 foot tree because Cameron is quite the monkey-face these days and it would have been a lot of trouble keeping him "out" of the tree. It would have been a mess and not worth the headache. So reluctantly we purchased a 2-3 foot tree and we weren't thrilled, but we remembered what was truly important. I didn't know how I was going to adorn the little tree. I think my Mom might have felt bad about our dilemma and while we were at Joann's in the beginning of the month she was gracious and loving and bought us a 4 foot pre-lite tree that was on sale. We figured we could put it on top of a table and Cameron wouldn't have it so easy. I had to carefully pick which ornaments were to adorn the tree bc of lack of size and room. These will probably be the last Christmas decoration photos I'll post...maybe! lol Here is our 4 foot tree all done.

Here's what I did to our 2-3 foot tree. Nothing much, but better than the alternative. It has little red hearts and very small fiberfilled ornaments such as gingerbread boys, presents, drums and so forth. There's a tiny strand of gold garland and teeny-tiny clear angels. I put a small silver bow for the top because both my angels are way too large for this Charlie Brown Christmas tree. :o)

Here are some more photos of decorative items. Enjoy!

This was a make-it and take-it at my LNS a couple months back. I finally tacky glued the silver and red cording to the back last night. It's meant to hang around a large glassed candle, but I decided to use it as an ornament for the tree. I cut that snowflake myself too. :o)

Jose made this hanging photo frame of himself in 2002. He was so little then!

I stitched this many years ago. It was one of the first things I stitched and had finished professionally. The back is a green velvet and is sooo soft. The design is The Artists Collection. The linen was Raspberry and was difficult for me to stitch on at the time. I wasn't used to stitching on dark linen then. I don't have any problems now. :o)

I purchased this framed chalk board/cork board from Goodwill months ago for only $4.00.

Santa is checking on the 5-day weather report. This little guy is so precious. Squeeze his hand and he says, "Remember..the magic of Christmas lies in your heart."

I must leave now. Cameron has woke from his nap and we have to meet DH at Firestone. Something is wrong with his vehicle. And at 3:45 I have to take Cameron back to the doctor. Poor baby has the runniest nose I've ever seen and he can hardly eat because of the drainage. Well, this makes 6 times to the doc's office this month. Enjoy your afternoon!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

this and that...and then some

I've been neglecting my blog lately, and not by choice. Since December 2nd someone in this household has had some kind of sickness. The entire month has been spent at doctor appointments and in doors. I feel utterly cooped up and I am. The month of December didn't start off well and its only prolonged what has been needing to get done...Christmas shopping and decorative transformation. Only in the last few days have I felt "Christmasy" and that's treading lightly around that word. I'm still getting Christmas decorations in order and the place is a mess. Anyway, onto bigger and brighter things...

First, I finished the first book of the Twilight saga, Twilight. Can I say "O-M-G!!" This book was truly fascinating. I took it everywhere ~ I even read it at traffic lights. Any chance I got, I read it. All I can say is that I would love to be bitten by Edward Cullen! Ugh!!! I just finished this book Friday and already picked up the second book New Moon. Can't say too much about it yet...just started it the other night.

I finally finished a cross stitch piece. I started this the week of Thanksgiving but since I got sick I lost focus and put it down. I'm embarrassed to admit that it is rather small and it should have been done sooner. However, I did finish stitching it a week ago and finally got around to putting the finishing touches on it late last night. It's a Heart In Hand design called Pine Tree. I stitched it on 32 ct Lambswool and the instruction was to chose any pine green and I choose DMC 520. I hand sewed a piece of deep red fabric on the back and attached jute cording so I could hang it on my tree. I lightly stuffed it with fiber-fill. It's a cute little thing. I'm just happy I have another handmade ornament on my tree. :o)

Here is a sneak peek on my progress of The Sampler Girl's design Be Still and Know That I Am God freebie that Tanya was gracious enough to dream up. I can't wait to finish this and I have a couple of finishing ideas in the works. I really want this one to be special because it comes from a very special heart.

I have some really cool and exciting news!! Well, for me anyway. LOL I won a Blog Giveaway from Suzann!!! I am so excited about winning as I've never won anything before besides a gold fish in the 5th grade. I would like to add though that my gold fish, Bubba, lived for 5 years so he was a wonderful prize after all. Of course, I have no idea what I've won from Suzann. According to her blog it is a box full of goodies! I cannot wait to receive it! Thanks Suzann and Merry Christmas to YOU!!!

As of Friday, Jose is off school and doesn't return until January 7th. Can you believe that? That's a looong time to be out of school for winter break. I remember we returned the day after New Year and it felt all too short a break. Jose complained because he didn't think the break was long enough. Ha-ah! I am somewhat relieved though. DH gets to have at least 2 weeks of sleeping in time bc normally he takes Jose to school. And I get a much needed break from picking up Jose after school. It'll be nice to not have to be somewhere everyday. During Jose's break he will get to spend a couple nights at his Nana and Papa's which he's looking forward to. He loves spending time with them and I'm so blessed that he does. They are fantastic grandparents! Cameron still hasn't had his chance to spend the night yet and that'll be interesting when it occurs. :o) Remember the movie 'Indian in the Cupboard?' Here's my version of 'Cameron in the Cupboard'...well niche really! He fits so perfectly in this little hide-out.

We are ALL finally getting over the crud. DH and I are still coughing, but we're much improved. However, I've been sick the longest and DH is recovering rather quickly compared to myself. I just know I'll be sick for Christmas ~ been sick since December 4th. Jose still has a runny, stuffy nose, and Cameron still has a very teeny-tiny cough that causes some gagging, but we haven't had vomit in days so this is looking good!

I can't believe Christmas is almost here! I met up with Mom today to do some last minute shopping. Oh who am I kidding??? I just went Christmas shopping for the first time yesterday. I am beating myself up over this. I do have a couple excuses though. For one, we've all been rather sick and this has delayed my wanting to go out into the world and shop. Being sick really can get depressing. I've been slowly getting Christmas decorations out and I'm not proud of myself with that either. It bothers me to no end that it is 4 days until Christmas and I'm still not done decorating the house. Not for me, but for my kids' sake, I should have had this done weeks ago. I feel like a terrible mother. BUT for the last couple days I've been trying to pull myself together and get to decorating. Here are photos of our decorations. Next year will be better, I just know it...I feel it!

These are Santa pants that my late MIL gave to us as a gift. The best part about this gift were the delicious jams and jellys she made that were tucked inside the legs. They fit perfectly and stood erect all on its own. It was such a cute gift! Unfortunately, my home doesn't come with a fireplace. If it did, I would hang Santa's pants off the mantle.

The picture on the far left is one of me, Jose and DH long before we were ever married. We were so cute the three of us! This is one of my favorite photos of us three together.

My garland of angels.

My Mom bought this angel for me a few years back. It's one of my favorite Christmas decorations. The angel needs a companion though. :o(

I'm sure most of you can guess where I bought my star and "hope" signage. :o)

Grandma's handmade poinsettia.

Santa holding two prim hearts. I love that old pillowcase fabric!

My little helpers. Aren't they cute?

My MIL gifted each of us an ornament several years ago. It really is cute! It's handmade but I'm not sure she made it...might have though. She was really creative.

I once was a figure skater so having an ice skate is essential to my tree. This is the more modern skate.

These are more rustic ice skates made from wood. I recently saw these at Kohl's and had to get them.

Jose made this ornament out of red pipe cleaner and a few plastic beads when he was in Kindergarten. I've held onto it ever since. Jose coiled it so it wraps around the tree branch just the way it should.

I love pigs! My cousin, Kari, gave this pig to me as a present a few years back. I have another pig on the tree, but this one is my favorite. It's very special to me.

This one is silly actually. My Mom stitched this. It is supposed to be a scissor fob. She gave it to me a really long time ago since I didn't have a fob and I decided to use it as an ornament. It's fitting, don't you think? LOL

Glad Tidings...simply put!

Ah...NOEL! This ornament used to belong to my Mom and naturally she gifted it to me. It's been on our tree forever. I remember it as a child ~ it's probably older than me! I love how the light shines stained glass.

See the faded construction paper garland? Well, that was my little creation when I was teeny-tiny. My Mom usually puts this on her tree, but as of last year it re-belongs to me.

My newest ornament this year is the acorn and I stitched the star piece two years ago. It technically doesn't "belong" on the tree, but I wanted it there this year.

Jesus does save...and by the looks of it, he saves the purple Mickey Mouse head ornament too. Since my Dad works for Disney it's only appropriate to have Mickey on the tree. In fact, there are 12 of these bad-boys!

No tree is complete without Santa. He adorns the top near the angel, but she hasn't made it there yet. I'll post her portrait at a later time.

That's it for now. I know...overkill right?!?! Hey, it's Christmastime ~ tis the season to be sharing! I meant to post this Saturday night, but Cameron had another episode of vomiting, even after I said we hadn't had one of those in days, he goes and decides to have a Linda Blair moment so I had to tend to that and help put him back to sleep. He was rather upset. I was pooped and fell asleep with him. And now it's Sunday, we finished our breakfast of scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins and lunch is now upon us - a late lunch really. Now off to finish laundry, clean up, finish putting away decoration boxes, and get to some much needed stitching! It relaxes me so.