Tuesday, December 2, 2008

...a Twilight fan

I am a BIG Twilight fan...so far. I just recently started reading this only because I noticed all the rave on the blogs, and I saw the trailer to the movie (WOW!!). I want to very much see the movie, but not until I have read the entire book. For me, if I see the movie first then I'll never read, or finish in this case, the book because I received the gist of the story in just a mere 2 hours. So, I really want to read this book. I don't get chance to read that often and wished I had way more time to dive into reading. I love being taken away by a story. It's good for the soul and mind, I believe. I'm almost done with Chapter 4 ~ so far so good. I read a little before I fall asleep AFTER I have stitched. :-D

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Charlie said...

The movie is garbage compared to the books, don't waste your time (this is me giving you the 90 minutes back).