Monday, December 1, 2008

newest addition

My friend, Dave, had a table that he wasn't using anymore. Now it isn't anything real fancy, but I thought I could put it to good use since his use was a catchall and wasn't being used properly. I like the table because it has a nice big surface and a great full length ledge underneath. Right now my crafting area is small. I use a combination of a folding card table and a folding TV tray (not really a TV tray, but you get the idea) that can be adjusted to many heights. I push them together and I am able to lay my rotary cutting mat on it and I can also spread things out. BUT, this just isn't working anymore. I need something stable and sturdy with a great working surface. Thanks to my pal Dave I have what I need now and he has one less piece of furniture getting in his way. Here's my newest addition.

And here's what I've been working with. Please forgive the mess. This table is going to help with this problem ~ more room to make even a bigger mess. No, just kidding. It'll help curve the clutter.

A lot of this crap are things I've bought and haven't put in its designated spot. Some are empty boxes and plastic containers I need to store until I'm ready to use them or find a use now, and the rest is my ongoing mess of cross stitch charts that I'm trying to get into a permanent inventory list. That white shelf looking thing used to belong to my late-Grandmother. She had it, then Mom had it, then I had it, then Mom got it back and now it's back with me. I'm sure it's tired by now. I'm going to paint it because I'm not fond of the white. In fact, I don't own any white furniture. The only thing white in my house is my kitchen cabinets and appliances, come to think of it.

See how there are two tables pushed together? This is where my new friend (table) is going to go. It's sitting outside under our patio right now. My DH just picked it up Sunday. I can't move it myself. It is way too heavy for me. I'll hurt my back.

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