Monday, December 22, 2008

lunch, quiet time, & afternoon blogging

My little one is napping. My big one is playing games in his room. And I'm having a cozy little lunch of tomato soup and hard salami with cream cheese. It is really hitting the spot. Instead of one can of water, I use one can of milk ~ much more creamier. I also have the backdrop noise of one of my favorite Christmas movies: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. I just love this movie! So right now, I am having an intimate moment with myself and loving every moment of it. I decided this be a good time as any to submit a post.

It is 3 days until Christmas~~Ahhhh! I have only a little shopping yet to be had, but nothing major - thankfully! I've noticed that all the blogs have slowed down and I have to admit that I'm missing each and every one of you already. But it warms my heart that you all are with family and loved ones and I know you're enjoying the season. In a previous post I mentioned my Grandmother's angel not yet making it to the top of our tree. Well...she made it! First, it gives my heart a hug everytime I pull the angel out of the box. Grandma would be pleased that I cherish this keepsake so much. She sits atop our tree every year. My Grandma made the angel herself out of plastic canvas and yarn. The wings and star detach which is great for storing her. Grandma made a few of these angels for everyone in the family and I'm so blessed that I got one. Here she is...

Not sure if anyone remembers our tree dilemma. We had to opt out our standard 6-7 foot tree because Cameron is quite the monkey-face these days and it would have been a lot of trouble keeping him "out" of the tree. It would have been a mess and not worth the headache. So reluctantly we purchased a 2-3 foot tree and we weren't thrilled, but we remembered what was truly important. I didn't know how I was going to adorn the little tree. I think my Mom might have felt bad about our dilemma and while we were at Joann's in the beginning of the month she was gracious and loving and bought us a 4 foot pre-lite tree that was on sale. We figured we could put it on top of a table and Cameron wouldn't have it so easy. I had to carefully pick which ornaments were to adorn the tree bc of lack of size and room. These will probably be the last Christmas decoration photos I'll post...maybe! lol Here is our 4 foot tree all done.

Here's what I did to our 2-3 foot tree. Nothing much, but better than the alternative. It has little red hearts and very small fiberfilled ornaments such as gingerbread boys, presents, drums and so forth. There's a tiny strand of gold garland and teeny-tiny clear angels. I put a small silver bow for the top because both my angels are way too large for this Charlie Brown Christmas tree. :o)

Here are some more photos of decorative items. Enjoy!

This was a make-it and take-it at my LNS a couple months back. I finally tacky glued the silver and red cording to the back last night. It's meant to hang around a large glassed candle, but I decided to use it as an ornament for the tree. I cut that snowflake myself too. :o)

Jose made this hanging photo frame of himself in 2002. He was so little then!

I stitched this many years ago. It was one of the first things I stitched and had finished professionally. The back is a green velvet and is sooo soft. The design is The Artists Collection. The linen was Raspberry and was difficult for me to stitch on at the time. I wasn't used to stitching on dark linen then. I don't have any problems now. :o)

I purchased this framed chalk board/cork board from Goodwill months ago for only $4.00.

Santa is checking on the 5-day weather report. This little guy is so precious. Squeeze his hand and he says, "Remember..the magic of Christmas lies in your heart."

I must leave now. Cameron has woke from his nap and we have to meet DH at Firestone. Something is wrong with his vehicle. And at 3:45 I have to take Cameron back to the doctor. Poor baby has the runniest nose I've ever seen and he can hardly eat because of the drainage. Well, this makes 6 times to the doc's office this month. Enjoy your afternoon!

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