Monday, December 1, 2008

quick post

We've had a busy day so far. Cameron fell asleep during breakfast with waffle stuck on his face because he decided to wake up at 6:00 am ~ what is wrong with this child? I cut apart a pomegranate to prepare it for dyeing my linen ~ thanks so much Nancy! Afterwards, we had an appointment with the vet for our dog Chloe to get her stitches removed. Finally, no more visits until shot-time. After the vet we went to the post office to return our Blockbuster rentals. I love renting movies through the mail. I just love movies PERIOD! However, we don't have an account for renting movies through the mail. I received a 30-day free movie trial coupon - take advantage of that? I think YES! Try it out for yourself: Blockbuster FREE one-month trial (enter promo code: education). If it doesn't work, than I am truly sorry for your inconvenience.

Then we went to Michael's and picked up quite a bit of necessaries. Cameron did get a little testy and vocal, but what else is new. But I digress, we made it through without causing too much damage or ruckus. We bought 6 fat quarters and 1 spool of ribbon, eyelets, a bobbin winder, 4 unfinished wood frames for a buck each, faux berries and a brass water pitcher, muslin for doll making, a folk art sign (so darling!), an unfinished wooden cheese board (I have other purposes for this and I'm not tellin'!), 2 unfinished boxes with lids, stock paper, snowmen bells (for Cameron to play with), and last but not least Swedish Fish for me and Cameron to munch on since it was 12:00 and hadn't had lunch yet.

We left Michael's and picked DH up from the office and headed for some Chinese. Yummy in our tummies. Cameron loves rice by the way. We dropped DH back at work and headed for home. Cameron is watching Elmo...again. But he's going from the living room to see Elmo to climbing the chair in the dining room and peering out the window. I have pictures, but I'll have to show you later. We've got to leave now (once again) and pick up BIG brother from school.

I forgot to mention two things...First, we did drop Chloe off at home before we went to Michael's. Second, after reading Mary Kathryn's post about snow in Colorado, I looked out my window and what did my eyes see, but small little pieces of sleet in Tennessee. Ha-ha ~ I'm a poet and didn't know it!!!!!

Keep warm 'cuz it is brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr outside!

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