Friday, June 26, 2009

making headway

For the past two days I have worked on Susan’s Sweet Sampler Tin. I finished assembling the needlebook by choosing a complimentary green batik fabric and using a camel-colored felt that I took pinking sheers to. The ribbon is a stash-find from mom and it works perfectly, don’t ya’ think?! I’m also pleased with my ribbon weaving abilities. This will tie to a pair of scissors to insert into a scissor pouch which I’m currently working on and then that will get stitched onto the sampler piece for inside the tin.

I picked up my threads today and aren’t they gorgeous. Finally, I can continue onward with this beautiful sampler to which I have fallen madly in love with.

Yesterday it was blazing hot. I mean unbearably hot. So – I let the boys play in Cameron’s new pool. Jose is a bit too big, but he can cool off and play with Cameron all the same. It works for now. Our little Lucy-Lu (Shih Tzu) was getting in on the action too. The boys were tossing water in her direction and apparently she thought it solid matter so she was taking the dive to catch the water droplets. She was funny.

Keep cool. I hear it’ll be a scorcher tomorrow. Talk soon!

ladybug animated

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

location, location, location

That’s usually what’s important when moving, right??? Well, we’re not moving, but my needle is. LOL

I’ve completed the first verse (missing one motif for now) and have relocated further south on the sampler. I’m patiently waiting for the remainder of my threads to come in the mail. They should be here soon…I hope. I’m thoroughly enjoying this sampler and it’s quickly taking shape.

What else? The weather is hot and humid. It’s difficult to be outside so we’re indoors mostly. Jose is almost done with summer school and I’m relieved. My wedding anniversary is upon us come July ~ four years. Woo-Hoo! Fourth of July is near so dh gets some time off. I miss seeing my friends Sally and Susan. I just love sitting, stitching and conversing. And I wish I lived closer to my mother, like next door close.
I'm all out.

Question for all of you. When selling on Etsy, do ALL items have to be handmade, designed, created, etc? For instance, can fabric and linen be sold?

Talk soon!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

father's day

"Any man can be a Father.
But it takes someone special to be a Daddy."

Me and my grandpa

Jose and Papa (my dad)

Me and my dad

Dh and Jose

Dh the day he became Cameron's daddy

Dh and Cameron

Grandpa and Cameron

Papa and Cameron

Great-Grandpa and Cameron

Dh and Cameron having a still moment in time

Happy Father's Day to ALL our Daddys! I love you!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

as if...

...I don’t already have enough WIPS in my sewing basket, I had to go and add another one to the ever, never-ending growing list. However, I’m gladly and guiltlessly proud of this newbie.

On Travel with Jane Austen by The Sampler Girl. I started this yesterday evening and it’s proving fun and fairly quick for such a big sampler. I still don’t have all the fibers together, but I had what I needed to at least start it. Thank you, Tanya, for such a delightful sampler (and for the scissor sampler chart)! I’m truly in love.

This is strange. This little pillow by The New Berlin Co. (I think) was the second thing I ever stitched. Funny story though. My mother brought this over Thursday. She said it was mine but it didn’t look at all familiar. Apparently, 5-6 years ago I entrusted her to finish this for me. At the time I didn’t have a lick of finishing skill in me. Well, she finished it the other day and I’m just now getting it back. Better late than never, right?! LOL Mom, I really, really like the finish. You did a good job!

It was 97 degrees; 80% humidity; heat index of 105 degrees. The boys had such a great time! I miss being a kid and paying no mind to the smothering heat ~ glad I was in the shade. The dog days of summer are here.

Talk soon!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Today, Jose and I had a mother/son outing. We don't get to spend a lot of time together without Cameron and dh. Mom was kind enough to babysit Cameron while Jose and I saw one of the most thrilling movies I've seen in a really long time. This movie has been given 4 stars and rightfully so. It contains every aspect a movie should have.

I'm so glad me and Jose went and saw this one together. It was intense, suspenseful, sad, thrilling, powerful, and the overall story was terrific. I recommend this movie even if you weren't a fan.

Click on the photo and click ENTER SITE.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Have a look-see at my new goodies!

Sunday I traveled over to The Sampler Girl’s website and ordered the On Travel with Jane Austen chart. I’m so excited about starting this sampler. I don’t have the model fabric but I was thinking about using something different. The model is done on 30 ct, but I was thinking of using 32 ct Parchment. This isn’t written in stone ~ brainstorming only at this point b/c that’s what I have in-stash. I still need to acquire all the floss.

While visiting I toured the “Needlefuls” and saw the new and unique Hillier scissors by Kelmscott and had to get them, so I did. :o) I’ve made the decision that I need want more scissors so my collection begins. Yay!

I had a small piece of linen which originally was an unused doodle cloth. I decided to dye it a sage green this morning. I’m happy with it. I have a teeny tiny project in mind. I started on it this afternoon using DMC Perle Cotton #8 Blanc. I’m shooting for a French-pretty finish…I hope!

Most of Middle Tennessee is under a tornado warning. It hasn’t reached our part of Nashville yet, but it is slowly making its way. I don’t mind summer thunderstorms, but tornadoes at night give me the creeps and raise my blood pressure. Well, I’m off to cozy up in bed and stitch while I can rest easy.

Talk soon!