Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Have a look-see at my new goodies!

Sunday I traveled over to The Sampler Girl’s website and ordered the On Travel with Jane Austen chart. I’m so excited about starting this sampler. I don’t have the model fabric but I was thinking about using something different. The model is done on 30 ct, but I was thinking of using 32 ct Parchment. This isn’t written in stone ~ brainstorming only at this point b/c that’s what I have in-stash. I still need to acquire all the floss.

While visiting I toured the “Needlefuls” and saw the new and unique Hillier scissors by Kelmscott and had to get them, so I did. :o) I’ve made the decision that I need want more scissors so my collection begins. Yay!

I had a small piece of linen which originally was an unused doodle cloth. I decided to dye it a sage green this morning. I’m happy with it. I have a teeny tiny project in mind. I started on it this afternoon using DMC Perle Cotton #8 Blanc. I’m shooting for a French-pretty finish…I hope!

Most of Middle Tennessee is under a tornado warning. It hasn’t reached our part of Nashville yet, but it is slowly making its way. I don’t mind summer thunderstorms, but tornadoes at night give me the creeps and raise my blood pressure. Well, I’m off to cozy up in bed and stitch while I can rest easy.

Talk soon!


Michele said...

That is a very pretty sampler isn't it. I bet it will look pretty on Parchment :)

yummy green fabric .. can't wait to see what you are stitching on it :)

Julie's Keepsakes said...

I think Parchment will work too. I need to get the threads together and see how desireable they look with the Parchment. I will probably use over-dyed and DMC on this piece. Mix it up a bit might be fun, and I know Tanya won't mind. :D