Thursday, December 10, 2009


Today is my mother’s birthday. I crashed her party somewhat - LOL. She had lunch with our dear friend, Sally, and then headed over to the LNS for some socializing and stitching time. There was no intention of my partaking, but my presence was had anyway. I don’t think either minded or at least I hope not :) I arrived to lunch mid-way and I didn’t sit and stitch. I visited with staff instead. Afterwards Cameron and I went home. I think mom had an okay time. Dad is out of town, but he’s taking her out Friday evening for her birthday once he returns from his trip. They’ll have a nice time I'm sure of it.

In keeping with mom’s birthday and using the day she was born (December 10), I’m counting the ways I love and appreciate my mom:

1. She’s trustworthy and loyal.
2. She’s reliable and selfless.
3. She’s caring, loving and nurturing.
4. She’s the best mother in the world – there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do.
5. She’s patient and kind to her crazy and testy grandsons.
6. She’s charming, funny, witty and laid back.
7. She’s youthful and fun and doesn’t look her age.
8. She’s a loving and devoted wife to my dad and he’s good to her in return.
9. She’s an excellent cook.
10. And she’s ALL mine – MY mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you more than you could possibly imagine.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Believe (past freebie)
The Sampler Girl
32 ct. Antique White linen
Belle Soie Sister Scarlet

I’m trying to stay optimistic this season. It’s difficult but I am trying. Without sounding too Mr. Scrooge, I’m just not into Christmas this year. I haven’t even begun to take down fall decorations in exchange for the Christmas/winter ones. It’s a sickness I think. I’m stitching on a couple of gifties and I’m not working as diligently as I should. Not with anything. I did, however, have a job interview last Thursday at an entertainment law firm down on Music Row and was luckily called back for a second interview to which I had this morning. It went very well, but still no offer as of yet. They are still sorting through the second batch of applicants and will make a third cut by next week but I feel good about how things went today. I guess I’ll know something within a week or so. I just need to believe in myself a little more these days.

Cameron believed he could build these two towers, with a little bit of mom power backing him up, to which he did succeed. And maybe mama will be successful too if she believes a little more in herself. Thanks for stopping by…Talk soon!

Sunday, December 6, 2009



WHY??? WHY??? WHY??? WHY does my child do such things??? I call Cameron my ER Baby, and for good reason. Where does he come up with these wild and crazy ideas? His big brother wasn't even in the room so no influence there. TV was of no concern. In fact, I can't remember what was on. Cameron just dumped his blocks on the couch. Climbed up between his daddy and me and bombs away. He scared the living crud out of me at first bc it was really really loud and I wasn't expecting him to act like a kitty cat missing his step on a ledge (I was positioned to the right of the couch). I immediately stood up and of course yelled.

I mean, c'mon, are you kiddin' me?!?! Who does this except an insane trapeze artist...who by the way has a safety net underneath them...HELLO!!!! I had my phone right there (it has a camcorder) and caught his second leap of faith, which might I reluctantly add, I let him do so I could show all of you fine folks my Evil Knievel reincarnated two year old. Who's more stupid? Me or my dear sweet, Linda Blair impersonating Cameron?

Doesn't matter...we BOTH belong in the nut house...

Talk soon!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

november wrapped

November, for me, represented family this year as it does most every year, but this November brought forth many changes - both good and not so good. This month has been tried and true. Relationships torn and scorned. Others brought anew and one passed to another paradise (RIP Grandma Nichols). The boys and I went with my parents to Arkansas to spend Thanksgiving with my grandparents and Uncle Jimmy. It also happened to be my grandmother’s 84th birthday.

Our Thanksgiving was extra special and oh so sweet. Other than the normal ups and downs that children bring with their age(s) and the usual traveling hiccups, our Thanksgiving was memorable and savory. We even brought my parent’s/brother’s dog, Jasmine. Underneath it all, I/we enjoyed our time together. (Thanks to everyone who wished us safe and well travels!)

My parent’s vehicle was packed. There was food and luggage in every crevasse. We added the third seat for Jose and Jasmine, the dog, to sit in (they had the most room). Cameron and I had the second row seat and we were without extra space. Mom and Dad had the captain’s position obviously and they were jammed in. I must admit though, it wasn’t all too bad. I pretty much stitched the entire way.

Grandpa is always by Grandma’s side, helping her in every way. They are both so tired but he has taken the role of aid and nurse. There is loving care there for sure. He’s in pretty good shape for being able to take care of her and him at this phase of life. I admire his perseverance (or is it a lack of asking for help?) or maybe because he just has to. At some point, we all will have to care for the ones we love.

Who doesn’t love cornbread? Who loves it when it’s in muffin-style? I do! I do! I probably ate four of these. My mom had the food prepared by Cracker Barrel and I would recommend this for Thanksgiving, or any meal for that matter...anytime. It was absolutely D-LISH!!! I’m not sure how the carrots were cooked but yum is the word. That’s my plate. Less turkey, more starch – right up my alley. Cameron enjoyed his plate of food but I think he enjoyed sitting standing kneeling in a real chair more. He was content. I love this picture of him and my dad. They were so smitten.

My Dad says that when you’re at grandma and grandpa’s house your metabolism slows - LOL. I think he’s correct. Every time we’re there we want to fall asleep. As my grandma calls them, they’re a bunch of lazy bones ;-) Even Jasmine the dog got trapped in that stereotype. Grandpa loves to play Dominos. Grandma and Uncle Jimmy like to play Rook. Cameron had to get in on the action of Dominos of course and naturally Cameron lost one of Grandpa’s pieces so while out on Black Friday (OMG!) we picked up a new set for him. This photo is just too cute. These grown men in wife-beater tanks (just a term) with a little two-year old child. LOL

Mom, myself and the boys stayed at a nearby hotel bc there wasn’t enough room at the house. Cameron looked so “royal” having breakfast in bed while cozy in his flannel collared Christmas jammies in a white fluffy bed. So regal! Cameron being mechanically and technically savvy was the first person to correctly operate our hotel room thermostat controls. In fact, we couldn’t get him to leave the damn thing alone. Hot. Cold. Full blast. Auto. On. Off. On. Hot. Hot. Hotter. Hotter. Freezing cold. I couldn’t tell if I was dying from hypothermia or just melting away.

The days following Thanksgiving were memorable. Cameron made a real friend in Uncle Jimmy, but then that doesn’t surprise me. Uncle Jimmy was always good with the kids. Cameron took his nap in Jimmy’s arms and Uncle Jimmy didn’t mind one bit. More lazy bones on the couch including the dog. Mom and I stitching together. She’s stitching on a LHN project and I was sorting threads for her on an upcoming project. Jose and his Papa - they always have a good time together.

Target-filled bag of dirty cotton. Must clean cotton.

Arkansas’s main cash crop is cotton. My grandparents live in a very small town called Lake City right outside Jonesboro. They are surrounded by never-ending cotton fields. The side of the roads are sprinkled with puffs of cotton and I thought to myself “hey, that would make excellent fiber fill!” Friday afternoon, Jose and I went out and picked cotton. Okay, not exactly picked cotton. More like picked up cotton. The cotton fields had already been picked for the season so we were getting the leftovers…and whatever else blew off the trucks – LOL. Doesn’t matter. I got real, homegrown cotton for my projects and I know where to get more. Lots more! ;-)

I managed to start a piece the day we left (Wednesday) and I finished stitching it Thanksgiving Day. Can’t say what it is yet or show it clearly. I still need to get ribbon to finish it up, but it is cute, simple and sweet. I can’t wait to tackle the finishing bc I’m trying something new (to me anyway).

November is all wrapped up for 2009. The only word I can come up with, even with life’s trials and tribulations, is

Thankful (finishing unfinished)
32 ct. linen hand-dyed by me
WDW Copper & GAST Chocolate
Finishing into pinkeep/ornament

I am THANKFUL after all...with a side of turkey - heehee.

December already? There are a few birthdays arriving shortly. My birthday. Mom’s birthday. Just to name a couple. Mother Winter blows herself into town – not cool. Christmas is around the corner of course. And now it’s time to put away the fall decorations in exchange for all the Christmas trimmings; however, it will take quite the flurry of whatever-it’s-going-to-take (for lack of a better term) to get myself in gear for that time of year. Honestly, I am not heavily excited about this year-end, but I am going to take one day at a time and do the very best I can with what I have. (Guess this means a blog face lift is in order to coincide with the season, ugh?) Here’s wishing Dear December will be gentle and kind. Talk soon…

grandma nichols

On a very sad note, dh’s grandmother passed away late Wednesday night. She has been ill for quite sometime and her health had been declining rapidly over the course of a year. Dh’s Aunt Carol and Aunt Donna have been the most caring daughters a mother could ask for and have done everything in their power to ensure their mother’s quality of life. I’ve stayed in regular contact with Aunt Carol and Aunt Donna over the course of this year and have sent them numerous photos of Cameron so that Grandma Nichols could photographically meet her great-grandson. She always thought Cameron looked like her son (my FIL). I’m thankful dh and I could grant her memories of her past. I met Grandma Nichols once years ago when dh and I were merely dating. I’m not sure if she was spiritual or religious, but I pray she has found her way home to her higher power and that she is reunited with her love. She will be missed.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

gathering tales

It seems that Thanksgiving gatherings are traditional for most families but not for mine. Even though our Thanksgiving Day is spent with family, which is tradition, our holiday plan differs from one year to the next. My parents, brother, and I have always lived a distance from the rest of the family and being married hasn’t changed circumstances bc dh’s family lives in Canada (not to mention their Thanksgiving is in October-anyhoo). My FIL, however, does live nearby.

As a young child we always spent TG with my mom’s side of the family and those holidays, Christmas and Thanksgiving, are some of my first. They are my favorite keepsakes of the heart. The family was bustling with laughter and joy, bad jokes, with a little drama mixed in. Kids running around. Cookies and decorations on the tables and name tags labeling plates. Those were some of the best times of my life and a yearly occurrence.

Since those times every year our TG gatherings changed. Last year we had the addition of our family-friend join us. The year prior my BIL and his (now) fiancé and FIL joined my family (or was that Christmas?), or was that just my FIL? See how jumbled up our holidays can get. The year prior to that one was our last TG spent with my late-MIL, Barbara, who passed away the year after of cancer. My family and in-laws spent TG at their house. It was a memorable Thanksgiving because it was our last with her – a cherished treasure for me.

[Grandma and Grandpa meeting Cameron for the first time. Cameron was 3-4 months old.]

And again, this TG will be different. My parents and I haven’t traveled to be with family in quite sometime and this year we’re leaving home to spend it with my Grandparents and Uncle Jimmy in Arkansas. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to the visit, but at the same time it will be a bit sad. My Grandmother has recently been diagnosed with dementia. Physically her health has been declining for quite sometime, but now her mind is failing her. The boys and I want to visit with her while she still knows us and can enjoy us and we can enjoy her. Her birthday also happens to be the same week as TG so it’s an extra special treat for her to have us all there. My dad told me that he asked Grandma what she wanted for her birthday and she said “All of you!” Well, she’s going to get her wish and I’m happy to be apart of that gift. It’s been awhile since we’ve all filled her home.

[Play video – 10 seconds] Grandma used to do this little ditty to us when we were kids. I think it’s a southern thing but what I do know for sure is that it’s a tradition for her tickle a baby this way. ;-)

My mother has organized a TG dinner by having a local store cook an entire turkey feast with all the fixins’ and we’ll pick it up when we arrive. The easy part is no one has to cook or clean up which makes for more family time. The way I see it is none of us are wasting time. This could very well be her last birthday and her last Thanksgiving. I want to savor that memory forever and I want Grandma to carry it in her heart forever as well. This will be one gathering tale I’ll never forget…Thanks for listening to the tales. Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to all! We're off on our Thanksgiving travels. Talk soon!

PS. I do like Blogger’s scheduled post option, don’t you? :-)

before thanksgiving

It has been a really, really rough week and a half. In 7 days Cameron and I have been to see the doctor 4 times - three times for Cameron and once for myself. Luckily for us both we’re clearing up but we have lingering effects. Cameron was nearing a series of shots to cure his infection, but thankfully his round of oral meds finally kicked in and knocked down the infection tremendously.

After his 2-day vomit fest and 3-4 days of 103-104 temperature he developed a head-to-toe rash. At first I thought maybe he had an allergy to the antibiotic but he saw the doctor (3rd visit) and found that he had the Roseola virus and his ear infection was at its ultimate worst. Now he’s over ALL that and becoming his spunky, kicky-self again. He still has a runny nose and a slight cough, still on meds, but definitely on the mend.

Cameron sporting his dashing smile again and the new Christmas jammies his Nana gave him. They have doggies on them.

Since Cameron has been so sick and one of our daily, minute-by-minute challenges has been wiping a snotty nose he’s been influenced some into helping Blue Bear with his supposed snotty nose too. Only Cameron used some of mommy’s batting instead of tissue or toilet paper. Speaking of which...

I am doing better, but I too have a lingering cough. Sinuses are still a bother and my voice isn’t quite mine. I asked Cameron to get me “some” tissue and he brought back the remaining toilet paper unraveled. Isn’t he adorable?! I just had to capture this. Luckily I had the camera on the table where I was sitting. Cameron’s so funny – LOL.

I have been productive…I think. If that’s what you call it. I have done stuff. For starters I went to Moonlight Stitching at the LNS on Saturday and I had a fabulous time – one of the best times actually. I know it’s partly because of my mood but also bc of the company I kept. It would have been even better if mom were there. I sure did miss her and so did everyone else.

My friend, Sally, gave me a couple of her finished projects to finish-finish. This is one of them by LK. We’ll be finishing it into a hanging ornament which I’ve started, but I’m not posting pics until it’s complete. The orange fabric is for backing the ornament and it’s really cute. The DMC is for twisted cord.

I finished stitching primitivebettys Thankful freebie and I’ve started to finish-finish it into a hanging ornament, but no pictures of that one yet either. I’m bummed I have nothing to show on that front bc I was hoping I would before Thanksgiving but it doesn’t look that way. I've had my hands terribly full with an ill child and a sick self. I'm surprised I've gotten as much started as I have all things considering.

I joined my first SAL a week ago - The Prairie Schooler ABC Bee. I asked the LNS if they would order the first ABC chart (and they did!) and they got it in next day. Way cool! I had a piece of linen (28 ct. Natural) and the DMC in my stash so off on my start I went. I’ll post a progress photo after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Today I experimented with dyeing fabric with cinnamon ground for the first time as well as the usual dyeing process with Rit and coffee. I used scrap pieces for the job. The darker pieces are with Rit and the lighter pieces are with cinnamon and coffee. The grey/blue is with Rit. Just having some experimental dyeing fun that’s all.

Cameron and I went by the LNS today to pick up a piece of 36 ct. linen; Antique White to be exact. That wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but that’s what I ended up getting. I had a $20.00 punch card so I used that for linen, a JBW design, and a skein of WDW. My total came to $19.39. Not bad, ugh? Anyhoo, I plan on dyeing the fabric – it’s for a specific project that I started this evening.

Well, that’s it for me. It’s seriously late. Past midnight. Tomorrow I have to pack. The boys and I are riding along with my parents to Arkansas for Thanksgiving to visit with Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Jimmy. I’ve scheduled a blog post while I’m away so that’s checked off my to-do list. ;-)

I hope you all have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday! Hugs! Talk soon!

Friday, November 20, 2009

sick & rotten don't mix

Cameron has been ill since last weekend. Thursday was the first full day he didn't have a fever. So far, we're in our second day of no fever. Thursday was also the turning point for keeping food down, thankfully. He is perking up more and more, but still not fully himself. However, bc of the endless cycle of sickness in this house and the duration of its effects we are overdue of vacation and time away from each other. I'll prove that to you now. Go ahead and play this wonderful video I managed to catch.

Cameron had five, count 'em, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 temper tantrums just like this one in one day. Each lasting around 45 minutes. Think about this for one minute, or how about 5 hours bc that's about what this equates to. Five hours of ear piercing, blood curdling, I'm-going-to-call-the-Catholic-church-and-request-an-exorcism (and we're not even Catholic), two-year old hissy fit this little boy throws when he's been sick for a week. Next time this happens dh can stay home with him and I'll go off to some island with my mom and friends and sit and stitch until this little bugger is well enough to come home to. Thank God tomorrow evening is moonlight stitching! Thank God for 6 hours of time away from Cameron, away from Jose, away from dh, away from this prison house! I am looking forward to just getting away no matter where I end up. At this point, I just don't give a flying-flip!

Are you wondering what calmed Cameron down finally? I showed him video of himself portraying Linda Blair. He didn't like what he saw. He watched the 30 second video, turned his head away from me and 1-minute later this...

That's right sweet baby of get your rest after all that beautiful screaming you did while mama cradles herself in the corner, knees to her chest, rocking back and forth, crying for her own mommy to come make all the clouds go away. LOL Btw, I am feeling better. Not 100% but improving. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes! Talk soon!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

first time SAL-ing

I joined my first SAL today so as soon as I purchase the first chart, ABC by The Prairie Schooler, I'll be on my way. I'm really excited. Vonna put this together and it's a loose SAL - Vonna is so cool for it too!

If you wanna join click on the photo (also on my sidebar).

If you would like to see where people began drooling, therefore, asking Vonna if she were going to set up a blog for the SAL check out THIS LINK. (Need a Kleenex?)

I'm going to stitch mine as this model which was done on 28 ct over 1. I cannot wait to get started. Talk soon!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

off our game

Cameron and I are completely off our game. We’re both sick as dogs. Cameron’s fever is proving difficult to control and it’s nearly impossible for him to keep anything down. He isn’t eating much so basically fluids are all we’re attempting at this point. I took Cameron to the doctor yesterday. He has a viral infection. He’s tired. I’m tired.

I’m sick too but with something much different. I have no fever. Saw the doctor this morning. I have a sinus infection and a cough - the pain is terrible. I have a swollen throat and glands. Dh came home while I went to the doctor bc Cameron is too busy up-chucking (pardon me). I was thankful for that. (Not the up-chucking. Dh coming home and sitting with Cameron.)

Because of being off our game and having my hands incredibly full with illness the only thing I’ve managed to stitch on and get right is Rudolph by The Stitcherhood. It was a freebie last year. It took all but one evening to stitch and one evening to put together. My Aunt Pam and I stitched while on the phone together last night and this is what I finished. She finished her project too.

I’m sad. Well, sad news for me rather. Due to difficult circumstances here on the homestead we have to shut off our cable, Internet, and telephone. Sad?? Entirely. What does this mean? It means I can’t blog. Can’t blog regularly or visit all of you on a regular basis. According to dh this takes effect Wednesday. The phone I’m not too worried about bc I have my cell, however, when Jose gets home and I’m not there he usually calls me to say he made it home safe and sound. He won’t be able to do that now. The TV isn’t a huge deal bc I’m more a movie person and I have tons of them. However, I do watch certain shows through the week so maybe mom will T-Vo those for me.

I’ll stitch and work my projects as I always do. I can update my blog and visit others when I visit my mom. I usually go to her house one day a week so not all is lost completely. I can still receive email but will only get to check it when I’m at mom’s house. The only real critical problem here is that this puts a HUGE wedge in my efforts to find work. Ninety-nine percent of my search is done via the Internet and job search engines so I’m extremely concerned about this. I can’t look for a job one afternoon a week and the paper is of no source these days. One strategy I do have left is to contact a recruiter and have them on the search for me. But then, who these days doesn’t have email??? I feel like a cave woman (anyone want to pull me by my hair?).

Anyhoo, moonlight stitching is Saturday at the LNS so at least I have something to look forward to. I have many, many friends there especially my dear heart Sally. She always lifts my spirits. Unfortunately, mom won’t be there. No, she’ll be returning from Key West, Florida that evening – lucky tanned-girl.

I’m getting off-line now. Cameron needs his nap and I might even take one. I feel like crap-ola. I need to rest. We had a dreadful time last night and today isn’t fairing much better. I’m exhausted and overwhelmed. Seriously, all, I need a vacation. Talk soon!