Tuesday, November 17, 2009

off our game

Cameron and I are completely off our game. We’re both sick as dogs. Cameron’s fever is proving difficult to control and it’s nearly impossible for him to keep anything down. He isn’t eating much so basically fluids are all we’re attempting at this point. I took Cameron to the doctor yesterday. He has a viral infection. He’s tired. I’m tired.

I’m sick too but with something much different. I have no fever. Saw the doctor this morning. I have a sinus infection and a cough - the pain is terrible. I have a swollen throat and glands. Dh came home while I went to the doctor bc Cameron is too busy up-chucking (pardon me). I was thankful for that. (Not the up-chucking. Dh coming home and sitting with Cameron.)

Because of being off our game and having my hands incredibly full with illness the only thing I’ve managed to stitch on and get right is Rudolph by The Stitcherhood. It was a freebie last year. It took all but one evening to stitch and one evening to put together. My Aunt Pam and I stitched while on the phone together last night and this is what I finished. She finished her project too.

I’m sad. Well, sad news for me rather. Due to difficult circumstances here on the homestead we have to shut off our cable, Internet, and telephone. Sad?? Entirely. What does this mean? It means I can’t blog. Can’t blog regularly or visit all of you on a regular basis. According to dh this takes effect Wednesday. The phone I’m not too worried about bc I have my cell, however, when Jose gets home and I’m not there he usually calls me to say he made it home safe and sound. He won’t be able to do that now. The TV isn’t a huge deal bc I’m more a movie person and I have tons of them. However, I do watch certain shows through the week so maybe mom will T-Vo those for me.

I’ll stitch and work my projects as I always do. I can update my blog and visit others when I visit my mom. I usually go to her house one day a week so not all is lost completely. I can still receive email but will only get to check it when I’m at mom’s house. The only real critical problem here is that this puts a HUGE wedge in my efforts to find work. Ninety-nine percent of my search is done via the Internet and job search engines so I’m extremely concerned about this. I can’t look for a job one afternoon a week and the paper is of no source these days. One strategy I do have left is to contact a recruiter and have them on the search for me. But then, who these days doesn’t have email??? I feel like a cave woman (anyone want to pull me by my hair?).

Anyhoo, moonlight stitching is Saturday at the LNS so at least I have something to look forward to. I have many, many friends there especially my dear heart Sally. She always lifts my spirits. Unfortunately, mom won’t be there. No, she’ll be returning from Key West, Florida that evening – lucky tanned-girl.

I’m getting off-line now. Cameron needs his nap and I might even take one. I feel like crap-ola. I need to rest. We had a dreadful time last night and today isn’t fairing much better. I’m exhausted and overwhelmed. Seriously, all, I need a vacation. Talk soon!


Tanya said...

Sorry you guys are sick! Thinking of you and sending healing thoughts. That Rudolph is adorable.


Shari said...

hugs to you girl. You are going thru too much for one person to bear today. I hope you & Cameron are both able to get some rest this afternoon. I am sorry to hear about the internet/etc... Sometimes I honestly would like to be without it! I think I would get so much more done. Hugs!!!!

ohiofarmgirl said...

I truly know what you are going through. Dh lost is job in September and I was getting pretty worried...but thank the Lord he found a job yesterday...and yes he found it through the internet.
Hang in there...I will pray for you. Dianntha

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about all your problems, dear heart. It puts my sore throat in perspective. Hope we are all well enough to meet Sat at the LNS. Sally


Hi Julie---so sorry you and Cameron are ill--that in itself is not "fun" but now to also lose you internet ect it really sad---yet I do have to agree with Shari--the computer is time consuming--sooo just think of all the projects you will have time for!!!! Think healing thoughts--take care--I will be praying for your healing of body and mind and $$$$ (job)--Hugs, Di

Daffycat said...

***hugs*** I hope you guys feel better soon!

That really sucks about the internet situation. Rest assured we will be here waiting on you!

Jennifer said...

So sorry to here that you are ill. Will be thinking of you and your son.
It's stressful enough to be sick but then have a sick child too.
I remember those days.
Hope your situation improves but you know in one way, you will have more time for reading and stitching. Internet really takes up alot of time for me. But I do love the connection with friends.
One thing that may be helpful is the library. Our local library has free internet use.


mainely stitching said...

Oh, Julie! I am so sorry to hear about all of this. Sounds like life's dumping on you right now. Hopefully when you've recovered health-wise, some solutions to the other problems will emerge? I hope so. Does your local library have Internet access? I was just thinking that maybe you could keep up on your work search that way. Good luck.

Siobhan said...

Julie, big hugs. I hope you & Cameron are better soon and that it doesn't spread to the rest of the family. Good luck finding a job and with the phone/Internet/TV situation. I am sure it is incredibly stressful. We'll be here whenever you can pop in & will be thinking of you when you can't.

Lovely finish!

Dora said...

Sorry to hear about your current situation. I hope you and Cameron are feeling better and stronger each day. We'll be thinking about you. Your local library could be of help...give them a try.
The rudolph finish is so cute. I like the fringed edges.