Thursday, December 17, 2015


The last time I posted on my blog was January 2012! I think I have forgotten how to blog in its entirety. I'm having to navigate through Blogger just to become familiarized with how it's set up. All over again. Not only has Blogger changed, but so has life. From time to time, I venture on my blog and visit all the people I came to acquaint myself with through the eye of the needle. Boy have I missed all of you! I've missed your families. Your inspiring chats and your beautiful needle art. Your children have grown so much. People have moved. Changed jobs. Interests have evolved.
I digress! Alas... I have rejoined Blogger and am starting to dive back into the craft. I don't think I'll post as aggressively as I once did, but I certainly want to capture the essence of stitching, sharing, and chatting with all the amazing stitching enthusiasts around the world. I guess I've missed the common fellowship I once enjoyed, but have drifted away from over the years. I do hope that everyone will remember me and my blog as much as I remember all of you.

Talk soon ~ Julie