Saturday, October 31, 2009



Becoming Jack...

Ghostly Encounter...where's the baby? where's the baby?

There goes the neighborhood (from my friend Sally's hood)...

Lily's 5th birthday...

Happy Halloween!

PS ~ I'll post about my visit with Sally and any stitchy progress I have to share later on. Talk soon!

Friday, October 30, 2009

the unfinished finished: part 1

I felt like getting "some" (I said some) of my finishes that need finishing out and showing them off especially that Hallow's Eve by primitivebettys. When am I ever going to get to all these? It's not like they'll be difficult to finish. And there are still more stashed away in my craft space. Ahhhh...sometimes I could cut my own arm off and throw it at myself.

Tomorrow I am going to my friend Sally's house to play. I can't wait! It'll be so much fun and I can't wait to see her. Other than my mom and aunt she's my best bud. I just adore and love her. But first I'm running by the LNS in the morning to be sized for my mittens that Pat (shop owner) is knitting for me. I can't wait for those. She already started on them too. Yippy!

My interview went extremely well this afternoon. I actually had fun, but like I've said before I can have fun anywhere, but these guys were really fun and laid back. These lawyers were wearing jeans for heaven's sake!!! I've never worked for a firm where you could wear jeans. I was shocked. The only downside is the pay isn't so great, but the atmosphere is fantastic and so was the staff. I really don't know which way the scale will tip if they decide to call. I'm pulled.

Thanks to
Barbara from across the pond for wishing me 'good luck' on my interview. I so appreciate the hug, YOU! And to everyone else for your well wishes. I get to see a new shop tomorrow with my buddy Sal! I'm giddy! Onto the next...Talk soon!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

new stash

See...I said earlier this morning that I was a spoiled daughter. Look what came in the mail today from my dearest mother. ALL Sampler Girl products, of course, from Tanya's $5.00 one-day sale last week. I'm so happy about these designs. Love the card!!

Like I said before, I am the luckiest, most blessed daughter and niece in the entire world. Btw, Cameron's doctor appointment went well this afternoon. He does have an ear infection but nothing ear drops and antibiotics can't cure. He has no temp and no other illness so that's a much needed relief. He goes to daycare tomorrow, however, because fantastic news for me...I have a job interview!!! I haven't worked outside the home in 2 years so I'm a bit nervous. Wish me luck. =)

Well, I must be going. Dinner bell is ringing - nothing special tonight. Onto the next...Talk soon!

just another hodgepodge

I wish my posts were as interesting as everyone else’s, and I wish I could come up with a better title for this post. I hate when I can’t come up with something well-fitting and catchy. “Just another hodgepodge” will have to do.

Went over to mom’s Monday and it’s always a circus. Meaning I bring the circus where ever I go. Meaning my kids especially Cameron. He is a handful these days. Mom wanted to tease me further and this was on the front door.

Sorry for the glare. It was a beautiful day for Nana’s and apparently for "Edward" to greet us at the door. Ah, mothers can be so cute, can’t they? LOL

Mom bought these Gummy Brains for Jose and of course Cameron wanted some brains too. Good thing Jose was sort of in the sharing spirit. Jose took the rest of them to school yesterday in his lunch. These boys are spoiled rotten by Nana. I’m a pretty spoiled daughter too. Spoiled niece as well!

When we arrived home I was pleasantly surprised by a package from Aunt Pam. When I went to Ohio last I went through my aunt’s reproduction fabrics. I saw this fantastic Moda fabric I just had to have. She couldn’t part with it, and understandably b/c she’s using it for a project, but she did allow me a 6x3 snippet. My thought was to take this to the LQS and buy some. I went to the shop and they didn’t have it and can’t get it. I told my aunt of my defeat and disappointment. I wasn’t going to stop there though. My search will continue. Well, search no more! The pleasant surprise was my aunt mailed me a fat quarter of the Moda fabric!!! I was and still am ecstatic! Am I not the luckiest, most blessed niece in the entire world??? I think I am. I went from a snippet to a fat quarter and all b/c I’m loved. =) Thanks again, Aunt Pam. I love you!

Progress on the first tree is taking shape. The alphabet hugs the entire length of the tree line and of course more trees will be stitched. Let’s just say that the alphabet serves a root-like purpose. Stitching the animals is turning out fun and looking kind of spiffy - LOL. I’m enjoying it, but I haven’t stitched on Trees in a couple of days. I've been working on smalls and dyeing fabric.

I’ve stitched on this surprise piece the last two days – finished it up Tuesday afternoon. Just a slight peek is permitted at this point. I did use GAST and WDW.

I’m just about complete with re-organizing all the DMC. Boy, it’s a lot of floss!!! I’ll put these containers into a cabinet in my crafting area. Much more efficient and accessible – love, love, love the sound of that!

I can’t knit. I was taught once, but there is no way I’ll be able to knit something like THIS. I’ll procrastinate. Never will get it done let alone start it. Staci is gracious with this pattern of hers and I simply fell in love with it. One of the shop owners of the LNS is a knitter and since we have known each other for about 15 years I felt comfortable to ask for her knitting expertise. I went by the shop and she helped me pick out the right type of yarn. I think the yarn I picked will turn out beautifully for this pattern. I can’t wait to see them turned into mittens. I know Pat will do an excellent job!

I think the Chia Head is on his last grassy knoll. He is looking pretty strung out, isn’t he? His grass hair looks like tangled wires at this point. I still give him water and for the past couple of days we’ve had no sunlight so things are looking mighty grim for Chia – heehee…And Thursday, Friday and Saturday we’re forecast for rain and thunderstorms. Imagine that.

I started a couple of small freebies, but I’ll post on those later. I’m trying to get into the fall-feeling. I love summer so much but I am trying to feel the fall season. I do like the color changes – it is pretty, but I don’t like the chilly air especially cold winters. I haven’t been able to get outside for walks this week. Thank goodness for tread mills and indoor exercising. At least I have that. Cameron has a nasty ear infection so we haven’t walked or been to daycare. One of his ears is leaking fluid and I know he’s uncomfortable. We see the pediatrician this afternoon.

Finally, Halloween is on a Saturday instead of a week night, but neither of my children is going trick-or-treat-ing. That is fine by me though. I really don’t enjoy walking around the neighborhood begging for candy. I know the kids love it, but I can live without it to be honest. I asked Jose about it but his response is “I’m too old to dress up,” so Jose won’t be going out. Since Cameron has an ear infection and we don’t have a costume we’re going to pass this year. Cameron won’t miss it. In fact, I don’t think he’ll care. Besides, there's enough cool stuff on TV that night to keep us busy, and I do have plenty of stitching.

Well, I best get off. Cameron is watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This child is funny. Lately he's been getting into these movies as well as other more mature movies. At this age Jose was watching Barney. Funny. Onto the next...Talk soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

"expressions" by cameron

Cameron has been quite the expressive little toddler this weekend and I have to share his accomplishments with all of you. Cameron hardly says a word other than Mama and Dada and the occasional yes or no nod. Now that doesn't mean he doesn't make a sound because he does. Boy does he ever!!! He's loud and sometimes disruptive. He decided to copy us and say some words this weekend...FINALLY! I'm so proud of him. This weekend Cameron said:

Harry Potter

Isn't that fantastic? For some reason Cameron is really interested in watching Harry Potter so he attempted to say the name several times and I'm not going to hold him back.

Remember my mentioning reorganizing my DMC inventory/storage? I've adopted my Aunt Pam's system. I'm having so much fun getting this all together. Here's where I started.

I've made lots of progress since I took this photo. And trust me when I say this, these aren't the only Loran bags I have either. I have 3 of my own and then I inherited my late-grandmother's and my late-aunt's DMC stash as well. Currently I am finished organizing mine, but now I have to go through theirs. This part shouldn't take too long b/c the bags and boxes are already set up. It'll be nice when this is all organized though, but for now I'm having fun.

Cameron wanted to express himself in creative ways just like mama so a coloring Cameron went...

He enjoyed sitting in his chair next to me while he did his thing and I did mine. Doesn't he hold his crayon with such precision?

Cameron is currently taking his afternoon nap and I'm finishing the laundry and posting this. :) I think I'll get back to organizing my floss and maybe try and stitch or start a finishing project. We'll see what time allows for me...Onto the next. Talk soon!

Friday, October 23, 2009

i dyed last night

I actually did. I dyed some fabric last night. Not much; just a 16x16 of 32 ct. Antique White linen piece.

I used Rit dye in Taupe and actually dipped, baked, and ironed twice over. I’m happy with the results. There are a few ‘smalls’ I’d like to stitch on this. If you can believe it I ironed the fabric twice. Not sure what the deal is.

Jose and I just returned from seeing the movie Paranormal Activity. Whoa! What an interesting movie that was. It was extremely creepy and very entertaining. Even had its funny moments where we laughed out loud. I found out that both the actors were only paid $500 for their part. That's insane!

The Sampler Girl is having a classic one-day sale today. Five Dollars on everything except for select items, but mostly everything is $5.00. Go check it out and place your order.

Well, gotta run and pick up Mr. Cameron from school. I bet he's crying every time that door opens, the bell rings, and it isn't his mama yet. :( Poor thing. So pathetic. Talk soon!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

such a hodgepodge

It was a very pleasant morning. Walked an hour. Ran errands. Picked up some needed supplies and had a super-duper lunch with Mom and our dear friend Sally. The day remained pleasant throughout so I picked Cameron up from school a little early, bought him some McDonald’s fries, and headed home. When I arrived I had goodies waiting for me.

I bought one of The Sampler Girl’s Jane Austen trinkets. I’m attaching it to a necklace. I got a head start on Christmas and bought JOY, an ornament that comes with a festive design to stitch. I also bought the chart Busy Nothings. I really, really love this little needle cushion. Lastly, I received a sweet freebie chart along with my order – can’t ask for anything more. A great little package to end my day, but that’s not all.

You are never going to believe what else arrived in the mail today!!! Ladies, you will die…and be insanely jealous. Feast your eyes upon this…

Look who the card is from. Ugh-ah! Love, Edward ;-) Okay, I know…I wish. We all wish, right? My mom is a riot, I swear. Mom sent me a Halloween card and the boys their very own card (not from Edward though). They all play music too. The Edward card plays a song from the first soundtrack album which I love. All I can say is that I died when I opened this. I died twice more when the music played. I died three times after that when I saw who signed the blasted thing. LOL I immediately called my mom laughing in hysterics. She’s a hoot! I love you, Mom!!! You know how to make a daughter’s day bright and her heart laugh and sing. ((Hugs))

Okay. I made the decision to frog the mistake I made. I just couldn’t bear leaving it. However, it wasn’t as bad as I first thought and obviously so b/c I was able to re-stitch what was wrong and I added the year and my initials to the piece all in one night. I’m glad it’s finished. Now I can make it into something out of the star fabric I bought. Yay! More on that later.

Now for the freak show…

Chia Head is literally a freak of nature. No pun intended I swear! I can’t tell what’s wrong with this thing, or what isn't. Chia has a receding hairline for starters. He was born in a kiln obviously. Look at that massive hole in his head. And the grass is so straggly that I’m afraid of getting too close. It might reach out and grab me like Robbie's braces in the movie Poltergeist. Remember that scene in the bathroom when he’s brushing his teeth and checking out his braces??? The wires from his braces become long and straggly and begin to cocoon him in the corner of the bathroom, directly from his mouth. OMG!!! Chia’s hair is like hundreds of tentacles waiting to leach onto something (ME ‘cuz no one else is taking care of it). There is absolutely no uniform to them. I can’t wait for this thing to die.

I’ve shown you a photo before of the bridge and the moon with blue skies, but these are more photos (taken with my cell phone) this morning of my trek across the bridge, down the embankment, under the bridge, and back around to the other side underneath. Did that make any sense? Did I say bridge too much? LOL It’s just a magnificent place. It then trails for miles along the river. So peaceful and calm. In the distance (may need to click to enlarge) you can see the General Jackson docked at Opry Mills. Anyway, this is where I walk every day, most days. At times there have been deer a mere 20 yards away – that’s pretty close.

Tomorrow Jose and I are going to the movies for lunch. We’re seeing Paranormal Activity. I know, I know. Creepy!!! But we love this kind of stuff. I’m going to begin my DMC storage transformation tomorrow – can’t wait. I went to Dollar General today and found clear shoe box containers for a buck each. Woo-Hoo! Onto the next…Talk soon!

"unfortunately julie"

I saw this on Monique’s blog and decided to see what happens. I went to Google and typed in unfortunately julie. Monique didn’t have much fun, but mine were actually quite silly. Here were some of my entries…

Unfortunately Julie…

* was recently informed that most of the cats had been poisoned over a period of a few days. (Sorry Aunt Pam)

* lost her role when it was discovered that she had posed for Playboy magazine.

* was unable to resist her first love and slept with Hart.

* Andrews never sang it.

* and Meaghan are up for elimination this week, will they manage to dodge some votes?

* & Julia isn't entirely about Julia Child.

* has moved to the mainland, but we would like to thank her for what she has contributed to the company.

* is sometimes whiny, often self-indulgent infatuation with all things Julia is not so amusing.

Now that I’ve searched for unfortunately julie I have to admit that mine are goofy and funny. It didn’t take much time and some, if not all of you, will be familiar with what these are talking about. I think they are silly. I know my family will laugh at a few; maybe even try it themselves. :) Now, get back to whatever it is you were doing. LOL Talk soon!