Friday, October 23, 2009

i dyed last night

I actually did. I dyed some fabric last night. Not much; just a 16x16 of 32 ct. Antique White linen piece.

I used Rit dye in Taupe and actually dipped, baked, and ironed twice over. I’m happy with the results. There are a few ‘smalls’ I’d like to stitch on this. If you can believe it I ironed the fabric twice. Not sure what the deal is.

Jose and I just returned from seeing the movie Paranormal Activity. Whoa! What an interesting movie that was. It was extremely creepy and very entertaining. Even had its funny moments where we laughed out loud. I found out that both the actors were only paid $500 for their part. That's insane!

The Sampler Girl is having a classic one-day sale today. Five Dollars on everything except for select items, but mostly everything is $5.00. Go check it out and place your order.

Well, gotta run and pick up Mr. Cameron from school. I bet he's crying every time that door opens, the bell rings, and it isn't his mama yet. :( Poor thing. So pathetic. Talk soon!


Deb said...

I'm going to have to keep your dying methods at the top of my head. I just found a whole bunch of 32 ct. antique white in my stash that I didn't think I'd ever use again, but seeing your Taupe dying has given me hope for using it. I really like how the fabric came out.

Tracey said...

Great job dyeing the fabric! I was thinking about coffee or tea dyeing a piece of aida I have.

Daffycat said...

Great results! Did you iron the fabric until it was dry? It will stay wrinkled unless ironed until dry, especially linen which really holds wrinkles. If it's already dry, try sprinkling with water and iron again.

mainely stitching said...

You dye beautifully, Julie! :)

Beth Twist said...

Julie, I have had that same stubborn wrinkle problem a few times before. My suggestion is to place it on a damp towel and steam iron on the hottest setting. If that doesn't work and it really bothers you, you could always dampen it and start over. Have fun! :) The color turned out very nice.