Monday, October 12, 2009

quite a tripp

First, I purposely mispelled "tripp" in my title. My mother's maiden name is Tripp and on our reunion name tags we had "Tripp" labeled on them. Second, let me apologize for any of the photos that might be blurry. (Click on the photos to enlarge.) I did my best, but using a 12-year old kid’s camera isn’t always the best thing. It’s better than nothing at all and I said I would come back with photos to share of the fantastic needlework shop in Cincinnati called Keepsakes. I asked and was granted permission to snap away and I did. I was wrong in thinking they didn’t have a website but they do.

This house is old and is customary to the way homes were made in Cincinnati (brings back memories of Grandma’s and Grandpa’s old house). I’m not sure how old, but I’m pretty sure it dates to before WWII. The garden is very well kept and I believe it is memorialized to a fellow-stitcher – very sweet. That is my Aunt Pam waiting and talking to my mom who is not pictured.

The front porch was covered with 40% sale items. Yeppers! I took advantage of that and got a couple of charts. A shop called Sew-Ezy was conveniently next door, but unfortunately b/c we were in Keepsakes for sooooo long we hadn’t had a bite to eat and needed to fill our bellies. I loved the signage on the front door though.

These photos are of the front room when you walk in. It has an enormous fireplace covered in, well, you can see for yourself…

These are all about going to and up the steps/stairs. This place is covered and no surface is uncovered; literally. Even the floors are adorned with needlework and models…and the freebies are in abundant supply too. Sorry the photo of my mom is blurry.

Now we’re upstairs where there are 4 rooms and again no place is untouched. Even the hallway is adorned with needlework and charts. Even the walls are covered in the most intriguing framework from baseboard to ceiling mold. Ahhh, I could set up a sleeping bag and spend weeks living here. This was 1 of 4 rooms at the top of the stairs.

This is room 2 of 4 which is off the first room and circles back to the hallway. It just has the neatest primitive décor. Unfortunately that isn’t for sale. Poohy!

Room 3 of 4 is the seasonal room. It’s amazing and gives plenty to dwell on to tap the creative senses for any holiday stitching. But I had to take a picture of this hand-drawn piece of artwork that didn’t particularly belong in this room. I have never seen anything like this before though. It was just darling – couldn’t pass it up.

Room 4 of 4 is the floss room. Isn’t that cool? A room totally devoted to ALL-THINGS floss. It still had charts and stuff. I mean, I can’t say it enough. This place is covered. My mom and aunt were in this room for quite some time updating their inventory of floss needs. I did get a few skeins for myself.

We headed back down the hallway towards the stairs. The framing room downstairs was bustling. The shop was bustling as well. At times it was difficult to maneuver the crowd and others we felt like we were being bull dozed, literally. Upon checking out we were notified that everything in the store was 20% off and all molding was half off. Now, if we had known this before coming we would have been more prepared. Oh well…we still went to Keepsakes and came out with goodies to please the heart. :) Plus, I had the best company anyone could ask for: Mom and Aunt Pam.

All the white sheets are the freebies I picked up at Keepsakes which is always a plus, as you know. I fell in love with The Workbasket’s Trees design. They had the model stitched and framed and it was stunning. I even got a few WDW threads I knew I didn’t have in my stash for it. I also had Keepsakes cut a piece of fabric to boot; 32 ct. Vintage Exampler. It’s going to be so pretty and I cannot wait to start this. I also bought Barrick Samplers’s Scrub Pine Sampler and Hands To Work’s The Whisper Girl at Keepsakes. Those were 40% off. What a deal. I really was hooked on starting something new for fall so when I saw Bent Creek’s kit Crows I managed to squeeze that into the shopping bag as well and even managed to stitch a bird already. He’s cute! I bought Plum Street Sampler's Garden of Eerie and Little House Needleworks’s The Library at Market at my LNS here in Nashville. Mom and I drove back to Nashville Sunday morning/afternoon and still had time to swing by Market. We’re silly (and tired) girls!

I went ahead and bought a piece of fabric so I could also start (as if I don’t have enough crossing going on) Garden of Eeerie once I get the floss together. I found a lovely piece of 28 ct (b/c I want this big) Vintage Mocha. I think it’ll work nicely. I also needed a few more Piecemakers and a few skeins of CC for a freebie I got in Cincy. My Aunt Pam was gracious enough to gift fabric to me. The little swatch of fabric was also Aunt Pam’s and I asked to have it so I can locate it at my LQS. That should be fun – heehee! The cork board is something mom and I picked up at Market as something extra. Never can have too much, ugh?!

Reunion speak…

I hope my mother doesn’t kill me for saying this, and I don’t think she will, but we went to her 45th high school reunion in Cincinnati. The reunion was held at a local bar which was pretty cool. I don’t drink and I gave up cigarettes a little over 3 years ago and I survived the elements. No temptations but I wasn’t worried that I would.

Me and mom's classmates

I had a wonderful time. A few of mom’s classmates asked how much she paid me and if I’d rather be somewhere else, but to be quite honest I was perfectly fine where I was. I like hanging out with older people – they joked that I said that, but appreciated I said “older people” and not “old people.” I don’t consider them old anyway. I knew one person there other than mom; my mom’s dearest friend Judy. Judy is a remarkable woman and a beautiful friend. She’s a true gift. I have nothing but the fondest memories of Judy when I was a child. I used to swim in her pool, music pouring from the radio, and nothing but the best of times. Those were very fun summers then and I enjoyed spending time with her at the reunion.

Hanging around my mom and her classmates was an experience I’ll never forget. I found the night very moving actually. To see all these people, 45 years after they graduated high school, some rekindling old friendships and some just picking up right where they left off. I felt like I was in the Peggy Sue Got Married movie. It was just too cool. I would love to time travel. If I could I would love to attend the school my mom and her friends went to so I could watch them and experience their life. What an unforgettable reunion. I was told I was also a better date than my dad. LOL

I’ve never had the opportunity to share photos of my Cousin Kari’s two boys, Austin (4) and Alex (18 months). So, finally, I get to show off my little-little cousins!!! They are the cutest little blonde boys, I swear. That’s Ray, my cousin-in-law, and his son Alex. Cousin Kari isn’t pictured b/c she was at home not feeling well. Austin getting hugs from his Nana. Alex at the window. And Austin giving his bright big smile. Cute little boys!

Sunday, mom and I left Cincinnati early so we could make it in time for our friend, Susan’s, birthday lunch that she had no idea we were “trying” to make. Our friend Sally set this up without Susan knowing. We were to meet them at noon Sunday afternoon in Nashville. It would have worked if mom and I had not been Chatty Cathys and paid better attention to the road. We missed I-71 and we went an hour off route. We were pretty upset with ourselves, but what else could we do but figure our way back, laugh it off, and visit a couple of cute little Kentucky towns along the way. We saw Georgetown and Frankfort. Cute little towns. LOL We ended up being 45 minutes late to Susan’s lunch which we felt real bad about, but we managed to tell our stories tiredly. Afterwards the four of us made it to Market and had fun flipping through the goodies and enjoying each other’s company. :) Then I went home and mom went to the sad Titans football game.

Well, that’s all I have right now. I haven’t posted anything this lengthy in some time, but I’ve been absent lately and a catch up was needed. Maybe not so much for you, but I had lots to say. ;) Thanks for keeping up with this post. Talk soon!

*I want to say thanks to everyone who commented on my “a framed jane” post. I was literally shocked when I returned to find that 19 comments were left. You all make a girl feel so grateful. Thanks for caring enough to take time out of your busy lives to come by for a visit and wish me fun at my mom’s reunion! Hugs to you all!


Melissa said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos and stories of your trip. I have to admit to semi hyperventilating looking at the LNS photos and all the stuff in it, and of course your stash - nice stuff! Now, get crackin' girly!

Happy Stitching!

Shari said...

wow!!!!!!!! I feel a road trip coming on BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! Cinci isn't THAT far for me!!!! Looks like a great place for a weekend away!!! Humm......thanks for sharing so much with us! Great pictures, great 'coverage, great stash, the whole thing!!!!

Tanya said...

Lovey pics, Julie, and looks like you had an awesome time. Those shop pics are fantastic- makes me miss mom's shop as it was home-y too. That place looks like mecca for any needleworker :)


Tracey said...

Wow, that LNS looks like heaven!! You could get lost in that place! Great pics of the reunion and your family, and YOU as well!Glad to put a face with a name! :)

Jennifer said...

oh, Julie, I could spend hours in that house! WOW!

I'm getting a plane ticket right now to see that!


Diana said...

Wow, what a shop! I've never seen a shop with so many models and charts. Thanks for sharing pictures of the shop. Hope I can make it there some day.

Andrea said...

That is some shop!

Jan said...

OH Julie, what wonderful photos...I have come back and looked several times at all of the photos of Keepsakes, the stitchery shop you visited! What fun, and to be able to share the love of stitching with your mom and aunt, can't get much better then that!

All and all a wonderful post, I really enjoyed reading every word!!
Enjoy all of that new stitching stash!

Anonymous said...

I think you did a great job with all the pictures, Julie. I'm putting a trip to Cincinnati in my future. Road trip! Sally

mainely stitching said...

I wanna LIVE in this place! I've been enlarging the photos and just DROOLING over all the goodies!!! How did you ever make yourself leave???

The reunion pictures are a blast. You're adorable! :D

Julie's Keepsakes said...

You are ALL very welcome. I was looking very forward to getting home so I could share the experiences I had, and I didn't even really share all the stories.

Tanya, you said it...mecca!

For all who commented on going there; it is worth the trip. I've been to Keepsakes a few times and I'm positive I still haven't seen all there is to see.

Jan, you are so correct. It doesn't get any better than sharing this passion with beloved family.

Sally, I'm right there with you. I'll get mom and the SUV. You bring Susan. :)

Dora said...

Great photos you have shared! I had fun enlarging the pictures from that wonderful shop~such eye candy for us. Glad you had a great time.

Daffycat said...

Goodness what a trip you had! Love the photos! The needlework shop you visited looks awesome and you got wonderful stash!

So glad your mom had a good time!

Nicole said...

Wow!!! What an amazing shop!! I would have just brought a sleeping bag and moved in!!! :) That was so sweet of you to go to your mom's reunion with her. What a nice daughter! :)

Christie said...

Julie, I was at Keesakes on Saturday morning myself. I saw your blog post after you had already left or I would have told you about the big sale. They have a really, really nice retreat that they put on in's not to late to sign up for it :-) Christie

Siobhan said...

Julie, a belated wow on your fabulous framed Jane!! She's a beauty--good for you. Love the moulding--it's perfect.

The photos... oh my gosh. How you managed to come out of that shop w/o lying down on the ground in a puddle of stitchy overload is beyond me. WOW!! Loved the reunion photos, and the photos of the little guys, too. :)

Your blog header photo is fabulous--what a neat little display!