Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the good, the bad & the ugly

The good…

I measured and fitted Elmo for his finishing into a pillow for Cameron. I stitched Elmo 10 years ago for Jose but never got around to framing it. Cameron smiles every time I show him Elmo so why not make use out of something I made long time ago. All that’s left is sewing up the opening and it's all Cameron.

Betty (primitivebettys) recently put out another wonderful freebie on her blog just in time for fall and Thanksgiving. I love how Betty allots plenty of time for us all to stitch them up. However, I can’t decide which color to use. I want it monochromatic and obviously in fall tone. I have the colors pictured to choose from, but I would really like to use Sarsaparilla by WDW most of all. Have you seen that color? It’s fabulously Thanksgiving-ish. It’s the same color that borders my Crows I’m working on by Bent Creek. Anyway, Betty’s primitive Thankful is so sweet and I’ll be starting that as soon as I pick out the color I want.

The bad…

Cameron is soooooo bad but in such a gooooood way. I took half a dozen photos of Cameron in the cowboy hat. I just couldn’t help myself. Then he showed me his nose.

The ugly…

Don’t EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER stitch while sleeping. To Self: Duly noted. Look at this mess!!! Notice the bottom left hand border. From pumpkin to left corner is down one stitch?? Ahhhhhhhh…I could literally strangle myself. I see frogs in my future. I know better than to stitch when I’m asleep, but its become such a ritual to stitch in bed. The positive note is that it is only that bottom left side ~ WHEW! The only other issue is that I have to stop by my LNS Wednesday (which isn't a bad thing) b/c I have no more of Sarsaparilla to fix this or finish that teeny tiny speck you see still left un-stitched at the top. (I haven’t forgotten about you Shari ;-)

The rest of the week should be pleasant enough. Since Jose is on break we have some things planned. Cameron goes to daycare and I’ll go for my walk the rest of the week. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been on the treadmill in the mornings since Sunday and I need to be outside in the open air. Afterwards we’re having lunch with a buddy of mine. We have other errands too before picking up Cameron.

Thursday or Friday we’re going to see a movie together. Something scary and jumpy. One of those days I’m dedicating to myself though so I can hit the library, Joann’s, and any other place I can get into trouble in. LOL Bottom line…I need away from my house.

I’m off to continue stitching on Trees. I’ll show this Dutch beauty off soon. I’ve almost got the first tree stitched. This piece is really cute. Talk soon!

Edited to say...that I was wrong in thinking that Sarsaparilla is a WDW thread. It isn't. It's a Gentle Art thread.


Patti said...

Hi Julie! I like your good, bad and ugly :)
Personally I hate to rip and would leave the border as is... everytime you look at it you'll think of stitching when sleeping and smile :) I think that it is sweet as it is
Blessings, Patti

Jennifer said...

I had to laugh. I just did the very same thing.....after I took Ambien CR. I just put it down to fix tomorrow..........every time if I take that and try to stitch it's ugly.....LOL


mainely stitching said...

I'd probably do what Patti says, and laugh my *ss off everytime I looked at it. ;)

Cameron is such a cutie. Naughty boys are adorable, aren't they? ;)

Heidi said...

Love this title. All looks great even the ugly. Cameron is a doll! Oh and, by the way, great new header photo.

Hugs ~

Shari said...

everything is great! Love Cameron's pillow, as I am sure he will! I can see him hauling it all over the place....beware!!! Love the cowboy pictures!!! Reminds me of when my boys were small!
I too love sarsparilla by weeks!
Crows is beautiful, but being the way I am, I would rip it out, but I would not be happy while doing so!!
so many great freebies right now! What is a girl to stitch?
Have a fun time with the boys during their break!

kimstitch3 said...

BLess your heart on the frogging. I have the same Sorry to say this, but it makes me feel a little better that even the best and most beautiful stitchers make mistakes I thought you were just naturally immune to mistakes.Your work is soo lovely. I will have to go get that new freebie. Thanks for posting it. Love,Kimberly

Julie's Keepsakes said...

I hate ripping out too, but something this noticeable will haunt me forever. If it's small I can live with such things, as Susan Greening Davis says, but I don't think I can leave this one alone. LOL Thanks to everyone for encouraging me to leave well enough alone. :)

Barbara, naughty boys are adorable...especially when I can look back on those moments and laugh. He knows this makes me say "ahhhhhhhh."

Thanks, Heidi, on the compliments on my blog topper. I like it too, but after Halloween, if I can wait, I have a more subtle one I want to use.

Shari, I'm with you. I need to rip it out. I'm too close to a perfectionist and anal about things. :)

Kim, you are so sweet to say such generous things. You are much too kind. Thanks! Will you be at moonlight in November?