Thursday, October 29, 2009

just another hodgepodge

I wish my posts were as interesting as everyone else’s, and I wish I could come up with a better title for this post. I hate when I can’t come up with something well-fitting and catchy. “Just another hodgepodge” will have to do.

Went over to mom’s Monday and it’s always a circus. Meaning I bring the circus where ever I go. Meaning my kids especially Cameron. He is a handful these days. Mom wanted to tease me further and this was on the front door.

Sorry for the glare. It was a beautiful day for Nana’s and apparently for "Edward" to greet us at the door. Ah, mothers can be so cute, can’t they? LOL

Mom bought these Gummy Brains for Jose and of course Cameron wanted some brains too. Good thing Jose was sort of in the sharing spirit. Jose took the rest of them to school yesterday in his lunch. These boys are spoiled rotten by Nana. I’m a pretty spoiled daughter too. Spoiled niece as well!

When we arrived home I was pleasantly surprised by a package from Aunt Pam. When I went to Ohio last I went through my aunt’s reproduction fabrics. I saw this fantastic Moda fabric I just had to have. She couldn’t part with it, and understandably b/c she’s using it for a project, but she did allow me a 6x3 snippet. My thought was to take this to the LQS and buy some. I went to the shop and they didn’t have it and can’t get it. I told my aunt of my defeat and disappointment. I wasn’t going to stop there though. My search will continue. Well, search no more! The pleasant surprise was my aunt mailed me a fat quarter of the Moda fabric!!! I was and still am ecstatic! Am I not the luckiest, most blessed niece in the entire world??? I think I am. I went from a snippet to a fat quarter and all b/c I’m loved. =) Thanks again, Aunt Pam. I love you!

Progress on the first tree is taking shape. The alphabet hugs the entire length of the tree line and of course more trees will be stitched. Let’s just say that the alphabet serves a root-like purpose. Stitching the animals is turning out fun and looking kind of spiffy - LOL. I’m enjoying it, but I haven’t stitched on Trees in a couple of days. I've been working on smalls and dyeing fabric.

I’ve stitched on this surprise piece the last two days – finished it up Tuesday afternoon. Just a slight peek is permitted at this point. I did use GAST and WDW.

I’m just about complete with re-organizing all the DMC. Boy, it’s a lot of floss!!! I’ll put these containers into a cabinet in my crafting area. Much more efficient and accessible – love, love, love the sound of that!

I can’t knit. I was taught once, but there is no way I’ll be able to knit something like THIS. I’ll procrastinate. Never will get it done let alone start it. Staci is gracious with this pattern of hers and I simply fell in love with it. One of the shop owners of the LNS is a knitter and since we have known each other for about 15 years I felt comfortable to ask for her knitting expertise. I went by the shop and she helped me pick out the right type of yarn. I think the yarn I picked will turn out beautifully for this pattern. I can’t wait to see them turned into mittens. I know Pat will do an excellent job!

I think the Chia Head is on his last grassy knoll. He is looking pretty strung out, isn’t he? His grass hair looks like tangled wires at this point. I still give him water and for the past couple of days we’ve had no sunlight so things are looking mighty grim for Chia – heehee…And Thursday, Friday and Saturday we’re forecast for rain and thunderstorms. Imagine that.

I started a couple of small freebies, but I’ll post on those later. I’m trying to get into the fall-feeling. I love summer so much but I am trying to feel the fall season. I do like the color changes – it is pretty, but I don’t like the chilly air especially cold winters. I haven’t been able to get outside for walks this week. Thank goodness for tread mills and indoor exercising. At least I have that. Cameron has a nasty ear infection so we haven’t walked or been to daycare. One of his ears is leaking fluid and I know he’s uncomfortable. We see the pediatrician this afternoon.

Finally, Halloween is on a Saturday instead of a week night, but neither of my children is going trick-or-treat-ing. That is fine by me though. I really don’t enjoy walking around the neighborhood begging for candy. I know the kids love it, but I can live without it to be honest. I asked Jose about it but his response is “I’m too old to dress up,” so Jose won’t be going out. Since Cameron has an ear infection and we don’t have a costume we’re going to pass this year. Cameron won’t miss it. In fact, I don’t think he’ll care. Besides, there's enough cool stuff on TV that night to keep us busy, and I do have plenty of stitching.

Well, I best get off. Cameron is watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This child is funny. Lately he's been getting into these movies as well as other more mature movies. At this age Jose was watching Barney. Funny. Onto the next...Talk soon!


Deb said...

Oh my gosh. Another picture of the Chia Head. I crack up every time I see it!

Isn't reorganizing floss a huge pain. Makes you wonder why you didn't keep it in shape the first time. I've been going through mine organizing it and it's taking forever (either says I'm a slob or I have too much floss).

And don't shy away from the knitting. Those mittens look easy and it should come back to you. Just do a practice swatch and I bet you'll be on the road to a finished pair in no time.

Tanya said...

Hope Cameron feels better! Great sign from your mom :)


Shari said...

the yarn you got for Staci's pattern is great! Love it!!!! I printed the pattern too! I need to find someone to do them for me!!! The moda fabric is so pretty!!! You are a lucky girl! And obviously loved!!!!!

Daffycat said...

Poor Mr. Chia! ROFLOL Just think Julie, you could go to the Lawn & Garden store and buy a BIG bag of grass seed. You could keep the chia going forever!

Jennifer said...

That Chia Head needs some styling! FUNNY, Julie! LOL
Hey, give it a mohawk or a mullett......RFLOL