Friday, October 16, 2009

supplies and fabric and progress, oh my!

Today Cameron went to daycare and Jose was home from school. Fall break began today and will continue through next week. I went walking this morning. It was pretty chilly out but nothing a good hard walk couldn’t do to help heat things up. It was perfect! I spent a lot of time in the parking lot afterwards to cool down and do some thinking as if I don’t do enough of that already. Oh well. Afterwards, I headed home to freshen up and check on Jose. I drove to the LQS after lunch. Here are the goodies I picked up…

[Sorry the photos are blurry. I’m still using Jose’s camera. I can’t afford a new one for myself at this point.] I found tons of rick rack (baby rick rack too) which really pleased my heart - made me think of grandma. I had some vintage lace cut and that was satisfying to find that on huge spools for next trip out. I love variety and abundance. I also bought other odds and ends. I basically just stocked up on accessories for when I sew and embellish needlework. I had more purpose to be at the LQS than just for accessories though. I went for fabric. Not a lot, but enough for specific small projects I would really like finished by year's end. For instance,

this is Petite Rouge Lettres that Blackbird Designs gave as a freebie earlier this year. I finished this some time ago, but never finish-finished it. I’m finishing it into a pillow. I picked reddish/white reproduction fabric to compliment the color palette of the piece. I may add some vintage lace but haven’t decided just yet. And,

this is 2007 Christmas Special Edition by Lizzie*Kate. I started stitching this when I was recovering from my cesarean after having Cameron. However, I didn’t complete it until 2008. Here we are in 2009 and I just now decided on its finish. A wall hanging for the Christmas/Winter season. The green and red fabrics are both reproduction and I haven’t decided on the backing fabric, but I can decide on that later. I just want to piece the front together. “Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps into the elevator…” Lastly,

there’s progress on Crows – a fine day by Bent Creek. While I was shopping around I decided to pick up fabric for this one too (why not get a head start, right?). The mottled star pattern was with the Halloween fabs. There are some really sweet Halloween prints, I must admit! This fabric will work nicely with Crows, and it plays off the star perfectly, imho.

I’ve just been informed that the final Stacy Nash kit for 2009 will be coming my way very soon. I cannot wait! I’ve stitched and finished all the ones I’ve received so far this year (there have been 3). Each one has been unique and fun. Quick too.

First thing Saturday morning, and I mean first thing, I’ll be taking one of my long, hard walks. The weather calls for rain and 49 degrees as the high, which the temp may be even lower that early in the morning but I do not care. Well, I do, just not enough to stop me from my daily routine. Besides, living in Tennessee means the weather forecast is usually wrong; dead wrong. All the time. Anyway, I need this time to walk. It does a body gooooooood! I’m off to sit n’ stitch, and I should probably get crackin' on some of these projects too. Oh wait...I still have that table runner to start cutting and piecing ~ duh ~ LOL. Talk soon!


Shari said...

looks like a fun day to me! Love the fabric you chose for your current project...too cute....
haven't heard from you in forever!

Tanya said...

Went to sleep to the sound of rain and woke up to it. Where is Mr. Sunshine???? Enjoy your wet walk!

What is Fall break?


Michele said...

Oh! I love the halloween basket in your blog header!

Melissa said...

You're on a creative roll, Julie! I see lots of wonderful things. YGG and have lots of Fun!

Alas, I had to quit my SN club after a couple of kits arrived. It was far too expensive as they were charging me $10US to ship it to me! So it all added up, ouch! I will look forward to seeing the next release on your blog and admire from here!

kimstitch3 said...

Love your fabbbie choices girl. What is lqs? Have you seen the sulky thread on 123 message boards? I have to get me some. i will goto Joanns next week they are having a sale from Tomorrow till the 24th.Buy 3 dmc get one free and half off sulky thread. Just incase you want some. take care,Kimberly