Thursday, October 29, 2009

new stash

See...I said earlier this morning that I was a spoiled daughter. Look what came in the mail today from my dearest mother. ALL Sampler Girl products, of course, from Tanya's $5.00 one-day sale last week. I'm so happy about these designs. Love the card!!

Like I said before, I am the luckiest, most blessed daughter and niece in the entire world. Btw, Cameron's doctor appointment went well this afternoon. He does have an ear infection but nothing ear drops and antibiotics can't cure. He has no temp and no other illness so that's a much needed relief. He goes to daycare tomorrow, however, because fantastic news for me...I have a job interview!!! I haven't worked outside the home in 2 years so I'm a bit nervous. Wish me luck. =)

Well, I must be going. Dinner bell is ringing - nothing special tonight. Onto the next...Talk soon!


Shari said...

wow Julie,
you are very loved by your mom!!!! Enjoy your new stash!!! glad to hear Cameron is not too bad after all! Ear infections heal quickly!!


Hi Julie--glad to hear Cameron is really ok--I went though the ear thingy years ago with my little man!!! And my goodness you are spoiled by your mom--does she need another daughter to spoil????
as for your blog post--I think you are doing just great--you have to be doing something right for me to add you to my blog roll and I did that a few days ago--I have a long list so I have to consider each new one before i can add it now--so keep up the good blogging!!
Hugs,, Di

Tanya said...

Hey Girl!
I love knowing a secret. LOL Glad you like everything - I thought it was from your Aunt - my apologies ... silly me!


Dora said...

Glad to hear about Cameron. I wish you the best for the interview!
Re: yesterday's post. Your blog is always interesting, well written, and wonderful to read!!Your dmc organizing system looks great.

mainely stitching said...

Sending big huge good-luck wishes!