Thursday, October 22, 2009

such a hodgepodge

It was a very pleasant morning. Walked an hour. Ran errands. Picked up some needed supplies and had a super-duper lunch with Mom and our dear friend Sally. The day remained pleasant throughout so I picked Cameron up from school a little early, bought him some McDonald’s fries, and headed home. When I arrived I had goodies waiting for me.

I bought one of The Sampler Girl’s Jane Austen trinkets. I’m attaching it to a necklace. I got a head start on Christmas and bought JOY, an ornament that comes with a festive design to stitch. I also bought the chart Busy Nothings. I really, really love this little needle cushion. Lastly, I received a sweet freebie chart along with my order – can’t ask for anything more. A great little package to end my day, but that’s not all.

You are never going to believe what else arrived in the mail today!!! Ladies, you will die…and be insanely jealous. Feast your eyes upon this…

Look who the card is from. Ugh-ah! Love, Edward ;-) Okay, I know…I wish. We all wish, right? My mom is a riot, I swear. Mom sent me a Halloween card and the boys their very own card (not from Edward though). They all play music too. The Edward card plays a song from the first soundtrack album which I love. All I can say is that I died when I opened this. I died twice more when the music played. I died three times after that when I saw who signed the blasted thing. LOL I immediately called my mom laughing in hysterics. She’s a hoot! I love you, Mom!!! You know how to make a daughter’s day bright and her heart laugh and sing. ((Hugs))

Okay. I made the decision to frog the mistake I made. I just couldn’t bear leaving it. However, it wasn’t as bad as I first thought and obviously so b/c I was able to re-stitch what was wrong and I added the year and my initials to the piece all in one night. I’m glad it’s finished. Now I can make it into something out of the star fabric I bought. Yay! More on that later.

Now for the freak show…

Chia Head is literally a freak of nature. No pun intended I swear! I can’t tell what’s wrong with this thing, or what isn't. Chia has a receding hairline for starters. He was born in a kiln obviously. Look at that massive hole in his head. And the grass is so straggly that I’m afraid of getting too close. It might reach out and grab me like Robbie's braces in the movie Poltergeist. Remember that scene in the bathroom when he’s brushing his teeth and checking out his braces??? The wires from his braces become long and straggly and begin to cocoon him in the corner of the bathroom, directly from his mouth. OMG!!! Chia’s hair is like hundreds of tentacles waiting to leach onto something (ME ‘cuz no one else is taking care of it). There is absolutely no uniform to them. I can’t wait for this thing to die.

I’ve shown you a photo before of the bridge and the moon with blue skies, but these are more photos (taken with my cell phone) this morning of my trek across the bridge, down the embankment, under the bridge, and back around to the other side underneath. Did that make any sense? Did I say bridge too much? LOL It’s just a magnificent place. It then trails for miles along the river. So peaceful and calm. In the distance (may need to click to enlarge) you can see the General Jackson docked at Opry Mills. Anyway, this is where I walk every day, most days. At times there have been deer a mere 20 yards away – that’s pretty close.

Tomorrow Jose and I are going to the movies for lunch. We’re seeing Paranormal Activity. I know, I know. Creepy!!! But we love this kind of stuff. I’m going to begin my DMC storage transformation tomorrow – can’t wait. I went to Dollar General today and found clear shoe box containers for a buck each. Woo-Hoo! Onto the next…Talk soon!


Tanya said...

Hey Girlie!
That chi chi chi chi a thing is getting freakier by the day. I'm not sure if the grass hair works or not. LOL

Enjoy your goodies - glad you like your order.

Tanya :)

Deb said...

That Chia thing is freaking me out! So funny.

And love your goodies. Your mom must have a great sense of humor with sending that card!

Shari said...

hope you had a great day with your son today! How fun!
So glad you got crows redone. I would have done the same thing...couldn't have left it wrong.
I love where you walk! What a nice walking area!!!!

mainely stitching said...

Those chia things have always ... well, scared! me. Silly. (I am also rather fearful of cows and butterflies. Go figure.)

Love your goodies, and your mail totally cracked me up. The scenes from your walk are stunning!!

Daffycat said...

ROFLOL Love the card from Edward. Your mom is a riot.

Yup, the chi is even creepier. Round-up anyone???

Love Crows, it's so sweet.

Dora said...

Looking forward to seeing pics of your new dmc storage system.

Jennifer said...

Chia is having a bad hair day there! LOL

It' almost long enough to pin back or put in a pony tail now......