Monday, May 9, 2011

mother's day

I wish I could say that Mother's Day was a wonderful day, but it wasn't. My mom is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean heading to Rome, Italy, but I did receive a call from her. We chatted just a bit while she was cruising across the pond. I received some lovely text from friends and family, and I had a great conversation with Aunt Pam.

Oh, yesterday just didn't turn out the way I wished it would or thought it should. Cameron was with his father for the weekend and that was all right with me. I made the choice not to spend it with Cameron AND Jose so that I could spend more quality time with just Jose. But things didn't go so well between us. A waste of a day, actually. Cameron does come home this evening, as I need the comfort of his upbeat sense of humor right now. A sneak peek of the usual dose I get of Cameron.
Yep! Can't wait until he comes home this evening. He's always full of surprises.
Talk soon...

Friday, May 6, 2011

smitten over

** Jose and Cameron
** Mom
** new blog looks
** Fridays
** moonlight stitchin'
** free weekends
** Sade's music
** laying pool-side
** reading from my Kindle
** summer
** stitching
** orchids
** kittens
** chats with Aunt Pam
** starting a new book
** a good movie
** margaritas
** Orion's belt on a clear night
** being in love
** cheese
** organizing
** close friends
** starting a cross stitch project
** finding lost misplaced items
** morning coffee outside
** samplers
** chocolate
** traveling
** laying in bed
** pasta
** freshly painted nails
** fabric
** primitives
** punchneedle
** a finished piece
** wikipedia
** a clean house
** shopping at my LNS
** Cameron telling me he loves me & smiling
** Jose telling me I'm pretty cool

Talk soon...