Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Unfortunately, I don't have any stitching to share. I'm still trying to locate my decrepit mojo. I'm hoping today will be the day. I had a chance to stitch with all my wonderful stitching buddies this past weekend, but I opted for football and no stitching. I did miss all those ladies and the food. However, I do get to "live" with two of my most precious friends this upcoming weekend. Sally and Susan (no blogs); along with mom.

Every January mom, myself, Sally and Susan travel down to St. Augustine, FL for a Susan Greening Davis stitching getaway at the beach. Literally, AT THE BEACH. We always have a fun-filled weekend, good food, and score lots of goodies. I won't be scoring too many goodies this trip. Just a nice time away from home with great friends, the best mom and the talented Susan Greening Davis.

This year's project is so cute. I cannot wait to see it in person. I hope I'm bringing a suitcase big enough to bring it back in. Click on the link below to see a photo from SGD's website.

That's it for now. I leave Friday morning so I must be shoving off. Have lots to prepare in the next couple days for a 4-day extravaganza. Yay!

Talk soon...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

thy hancock and winter abound

Went by my LNS this afternoon. They were holding a couple charts and some thread AND I made my mind up on which fabric to use for the Elizabeth Hancock sampler by LHN. I joined the SAL for 2012 (see sidebar photo), thanks to Vonna.

The design calls for 30 ct Straw by WDW, but I'm opting for 30 ct Cocoa. It's very similar and just as pretty. I almost went with a 28 ct Harvest Blend linen, but digressed. I'm happy with my final choice of Cocoa. Unfortunately, only some of the silks were in for me to purchase today. The rest are on the way. I believe I could start this with what I have. I'll have a look see.

The other chart is none other than Blackbird's Loose Feather Winter design. I have the other two and am almost done stitching Summer. Ahh, so pretty, indeed.

Then I saw this out my window...
Oh-man! That white crap crud stuff. I hate snow. Tomorrow hasn't even presented itself and school is already declaring a snow day. Good grief! Talk soon... :-)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

mrs. rodgers' neighborhood...part 2

2011 has been one of those years. Let's just say I'm glad Christmas is over, seasonal items put away, and the new year has started. I do hope 2012 proves to be more productive and promising. Here's what did happen in 2011...

I had to start Loose Feathers - Summer by Blackbird Designs. It was like a dirty little drug calling my name...a good drug though, as I'm sure everyone can agree.

This is truly embarrassing, folks. I started stitching Trees by The Workbasket in 2008 while visiting Keepsakes in Ohio with my mom and aunt. I bought the chart, the called-for WDW threads, and some beautiful, to-die-for Lakeside Linen fabric. But this was sleeping for sometime before I "remembered" I still had it tucked away. This is the calateral damage when starting too many projects at once. It's a sickness, I suppose, and I suffer in a big way!

One loooooong q-snap, I'll tell you. But it's proving to work wonderfully with this design.
I'm sorry, but he's the cutest fox I've ever stitched. He looks like he's in mid-flight, but I assure you he's not on steroids. He's standing on some other forest friend. I promise. Maybe he or she will be lucky enough to make this year's stitching agenda. That's if I come up with one.  
This poor guy. Notice he borrowed Frankenstein's shoes so he could tread better through the trees? I stitched him 1-row too high and wasn't about to rippit out (I'd rather croak). I didn't notice his height difference until after I woke this design and started to stitch on it again. We borrowed extra shoes for him and I must admit, he doesn't look all that bad. He looks like a bad ass. I wouldn't mess with him if I crossed him through the trees.

Towards the end of the year I was visiting primitivebettys blog and was taken with Deaver Daughter's Schoolhouse Sampler. Had to have it. The concept of one large sampler embodied with two mini samplers really caught my eye. Betty's story of the sisters really inspired me to stitch this with my mom and her sister (my Aunt Pam) in mind. The focus color is blue which is my favorite color. I was hooked, but imagining two sisters diligently stitching on their very own mini sampler on the same cloth to combine one large design. Very cool! I'm sorry I'm not further along.
I have forgotten the fabric I'm using. I know I changed the count because I want this design to be substantial when finished. I stuck with the called-for threads because...
the colors are rich, deep, and Dungaree is a fabulous primitive blue.
Again, I can't remember the fabric blend or count. I'll soon get this back out too. I went for the mottled look for aging purposes, obviously.

Aunt Pam and I call this one ATS (pronounce "ats") because anytime we talk about it we don't want to keep referring to it as And They Sinned. You know that humungous, most beautiful, will-take-an-individual-longer-than-a-lifetime-to-complete design by Examplars From The Heart? Yeah, that's the one. Saying And They Sinned in a sentence sounds lengthy and because of "And" it's just plain weird to add to any type of sentence. Therefore, we say ATS - it works, and we know we're weird for it.
Such a cute little Cherub. I read that Cherubs were known to guard the entrance to the Garden of Eden. Makes sense with this design.
The color purple is a calming color. The stars next to her appear to be off center. I will add, that this entire design has mistakes so if this design is in your to-do basket there are corrections you can acquire, but make sure you check the instructions every so often. I feel as if I'll be checking and re-checking the instructions and corrections sheet as I go along. The border cannot be stitched first because of mistakes and by keeping the border and inner design together, you'll make fewer mistakes. At least that's what I have found.
Another Cherub and a snake. Who doesn't like to stitch up a snake? There are two on each side atop and I must admit, even though these snakes aren't very nice, they were awfully quick and fun to stitch.
I have a little more than this done. There's a gorgeous sun and bird in the lower left hand corner peeking from the cloud. Oh! And that was hell stitching that thing. Aunt Pam and I are thrilled to be done stitching THAT cloud. It's actually two different colors, but you almost can't tell. My aunt and I are having a long distance SAL. We're using two different count fabrics, but we are sticking with the color palatte.

I stitched two gifts for two special people this year. Both were for Christmas. I believe they were well received and much appreciated.
This was my first Brittercup Design and I truly enjoyed crossing every x. When I saw Stealing Oats I knew who I had to stitch it for. Her name is Devinee and she's a wonderful 12-year old girl I've grown quite fond of and close to over the years. She is the daughter I'll never have.
She loves horses and cats. She shares the love of horses with her mother and the cat, for me, represents Devinee. Hence stealing oats from the horse :-) That Devinee sure is a goober.
You can't tell, but the frame has traces of a subtle red hue which reminded me of a barn nestled in the countryside. The dark wood also matches furniture in Devinee's room.
Here it is in all its glory. I used a Vintage Country linen. It has a slight over-dyed appearance which goes well with the weathered barn/country look. Devinee was surprised and does appreciate my hard work. I'm glad I was able to stitch her something as she does see me stitch for myself and others.
My next gift was for my mother. I actually started and finished stitching this last year. Which translates to 2010. Egads! It wasn't intentional by any means. I had no idea how I was going to finish-finish it during the stitching. I only decided, or rather made up my mind, on how is was to be finished. I wanted something extra special so my project began...and it took awhile, but mom was pleasantly surprised, therefore, job well done.
Of course, we can all tell which designer this is. Little House Needleworks, of course! It's dainty and sweet from the Little Women Virtues Series "Strong and Beautiful" which my mom truly is - no lie. I added the Made with Love charm. I thought it cute for the little lady to hold something rather than nothing :-)
It was a pleasure using Belle Soie silks in colors as lovely as My Mom.
Mom would never presume she's strong, and she may think she's beautiful, but not nearly the way her daughter does. Mom is the most enfluential person in my life. Past. Present. And Future. Pretty is as pretty does. I've been witness to some of mom's toughest times and she comes out on top, always. That's a person I need in my life and I'm thankful to God for her.
I finished it into a box. I added lace I purchased in Florida while on a stitching retreat with mom and friends that originally came from Germany. It works perfectly, including how the scalloped edge of the lace matches the top border of the design. I didn't plan that. It just worked out that way.
I bought the unfinished box at Joann's. I think it cost a mere $3. I bought stain and varnish and went to work. I even managed not to get stain or varnish on the gold clasps. So proud of myself for that - toot toot!
Went through my fabric stash and found some that matched perfectly to the design. Again, it was meant to be! I measured, used my rotary cutter for precision, and used Mod Podge to adhere the fabric to the inside of the box.
I also padded the bottom with felt and then with the fabric. I completed the box with matching necessaires inside. My only complaint is that no matter how much time went by the lid felt tacky. It had weeks to dry so I'm not sure what the deal was. Doesn't matter. Mom truly loves it and I love her.

I do apologize for not remembering fabric choices and counts. I've lost a bit, if not all, of my mojo since the year started. I haven't stitched a lick. Aside from stitching in 2011, both boys have grown, naturally. Jose's got more of an attitude and has a strong set of friends. He had surgery too (and unfortunately not on his attitude). Cameron had major dental work done which proved costly and painful. But Cameron is still sweet, 4 years old, and very imaginative.
Went to Ohio for Thanksgiving, and my parents have retired. Except dad has started a new part-time job hosting a morning radio station show 3 times a week. This should be interesting!

A very special someone gifted me a Kindle Fire for Christmas, and man, am I ADDICTED!!! So is Cameron. It's the best Christmas gift I ever received aside from when I was 8 and dad got me an ATARI. Back then, we didn't have a lot of money so I understand now what it took. But that day, dad hooked it up to a suitable TV and played Tennis with me all afternoon. Twenty-plus years later, I'm given a gift in the same capacity and I'm in love.
This thing is amazing! I'm on it everyday. The only things it doesn't do is 'ring-a-ling-ling' and brew coffee. Other than those two things, there isn't anything this Fire cannot do. Thank you, RAD!

So, goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012. I don't make resolutions because I'm not committed enough to keep them. I usually stray. Change is too inevitable. But I sure hope I get a job soon bc we're struggling. I want my children to be happy. I want my parents to feel at peace for the rest of their lives. I want my brother to be productive and healthy. I want RAD to continue having success and good fortune. And I want Mr. Rodgers to win the Superbowl!!!
Thanks for taking a walk through Mrs. Rodgers's neighborhood - Go Green Bay! Talk soon!