Saturday, October 17, 2009

table: before & after

Yesterday I posted about having numerous projects I wanted to tackle. In order to wrangle those projects I need space, clean space. But I have one problem. My craft table is a mess.

So what's a girl to do???

Clean it up, sillies!!!

Whew!!! Now I can begin my projects. After my walk this morning I came home and started cleaning this area up. I stated yesterday that living in Tennessee you learn fairly quickly that weather forecasts are usually wrong and I was correct. It was cold and very windy this morning. It was 40 degrees, but it did not rain one bit. Not at all today. Then I find out that the remainder of the week we’re to see almost 70 degrees. I can live with that. That’s if that is correct weather forecasting. But I digress; back to the projects…

I’m adding buttons and cotton vintage lace to ‘Grandma’s Pillow’ (as I’m calling it from now on). Lace will be added atop too. I really can’t wait to get this complete and laying on my bed. Since the “photo shoot” I began sewing the lace onto the piece. I concurred with Aunt Pam and decided to use fiber fill instead of a store-bought pillow form. This way I can make it any size my heart desires. I’m really pleased with my choices thus far.

[Play video]

First, please ignore the floor. We have long overdue plans to replace it. It’s partly ripped up so it looks pretty raunchy (and that’s an understatement) at this point. Second, try, try, try and put out of your mind the music DH is playing in the background. He's categorizing music on his PC. Anyway, Cameron was sitting on Chloe, our 80 lb Vizsla. She didn’t mind. Then she nonchalantly rolled on her side. Play the video of Cameron – he’ll do anything to get her back up. Too cute.

Sunday…Chia Head status. Yay! LOL Talk soon!


Daffycat said...

That's usually what my desk looks like...along with piles and stacks of stuff against the wall on the floor next to me. ***sigh***

I love the cake stand you use to keep your necessities in. Great idea!

The video of Cameron is darling! I thought the kiss was sweet.

Jennifer said...

The video is cute!!! Is that a Lab? We have 2 Labs outside and one has settled down like that but one is still hyper.

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