Wednesday, October 7, 2009

preparing for fall

While I’m trying to ready myself and home for fall and Halloween I keep wishing it wouldn’t be so, but there are forces larger than myself it seems. However, tomorrow we are going to be at a high of 82 and I’ll take that over 70 any day.

I wish I could take credit for these next collage photos but I cannot. My mother has stitched every single one of these cutesy pieces and I had to show them off. They are in my home but they still belong to her. If you click on the photo it may behave and enlarge so you can see the awesome (sorry mom) intricate paint job on the molding. I love the old tree and tombstones. The cloudy, full-mooned night. I believe the frame was painted by Kathy the framing lady at our LNS. She does amazing work and is very creative. She definitely can delight and surprise. Anyhow, I believe this design is the Sekas & Co., but I have no ghostly idea what the design is actually called.

Again, can’t take credit for the stitched witches and such, but I can take credit for the nasty witch hanging on the door in my kitchen. She is mine, but once again mother bought her for me so I guess I can’t really take credit b/c it was mom’s idea to purchase her. Oh well…I’m pretty sure, and correct me if I’m wrong, the 9-patch is from Brightneedle and I don’t know who designed the Oops! witch. Again, mom stitched them all.

I still need to share with you a framed Jane, but she deserves her own post so that’ll come later. I also need to get started on my 1800's reproduction table runner which I’ve had ready to start for months and months – it would work so well for fall. I mentioned awhile back that I was changing my summer basket to fall…forcefully…reluctantly…unwillingly, but I did. Well, I decided to use my Stacy Nash pinkeeps and pillows for the basket. I also dug through the fall box up from the attic and found my late-grandmother’s jack-o-lantern she made eons ago and tucked it in too. I would like to stitch something else quick and simple to add to the group. Maybe a primitivebettys freebie I have stashed somewhere. :)

I work out and walk 6-7 days a week. I don’t enjoy all my walks b/c Cameron isn’t always a joy – he tries to wiggle out of his stroller and protests something awful now – so I have to cut those days short and I loath short walks. Anyway, I can really get a good hard walk in on days he’s at daycare, like today.

Look at the photo I took early this morning while crossing over the Cumberland River. I haven’t seen a sky this crisp and clear in a long time. The moon was still showing itself (see the little white speck?). And can you believe it??? I caught this image with my cell phone camera! The moon was much more visible with the naked eye than in this photo and this picture doesn't do what I saw any justice. [Try clicking to enlarge.] Talk soon!


kimstitch3 said...

Hey girlie, I love your new blog work you did. The fall pic looks nice. YOu going to Market day on Sunday? I am. Will see you there if you go. Take care,Kimberly

mainely stitching said...

Oh that's a beautiful picture of the moon over the bridge! Love your Halloween goodies, too!

Daffycat said...

Awesome frame for the ghosts! All the Halloween stuff is such fun! That bridg photo is really cool, I can't believe that was taken with a cell phone!

Dora said...

I love your Halloween basket with all the wonderful stitching finishes.