Sunday, November 8, 2009

a busy bee

I felt like a queen bee today tending to my hive. In this case the “hive” stands for all my activities not home. First I went for my routine walk. It was g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! Our high was in the mid-70's - can’t beat that. Afterwards, I went to the FedEx office store (used to be Kinko's) to make copies and print off my Jane Austen sampler for an upcoming project. Here are the ingredients:

Not too long ago, Alma and Barb’s blog had the best tutorial on how to cover a paper mache box, which I’ve done before, but they added one small clever detail to their box that I have not yet tried. They copied a favorite Quaker sampler and inserted it inside the entire box. It is so, so adorable. I just had to make one so I began the process today. The two pieces of reproduction fabric above are of original color. I adopted Blackbird’s way of removing color.

I experimented with removing color from two pieces of fabric with Rit dye color remover as they did. Blackbird was right. You have to remove that fabric quick or else. Thankfully I read their instructions twice over and was ready to take the fabric out as fast as I was at putting them in. I let the pieces air dry in the sun for a couple of hours. Here they are color removed, after drying, and before ironing. I’ve ironed them since and they look so soft and old. I love how they turned out. I’ll work on the sizing and slicing of fabric as soon as possible. I’m in no rush.

Jo March says…

I finished stitching Little Women Saturday night. I started it Friday afternoon so a fairly quick stitch indeed. I picked these two pieces of fabric a year ago for this design and they look better now than they did before. I’m glad I picked them. =)

I’m shocked I had bells in my finishing drawer, but they work, don’t they? They add a nice “ring” to the piece – LOL. Tanya was right. Christmas doesn’t always have to be in red and green. PINK will work just as well. The pink and green stripes remind me of candy canes so it definitely works for this piece. The pink with green stripes is the backing fabric while the just pink stripes are for the bottom panel.

Here it is all made up. It’s done on 28 ct linen that I hand-dyed with a pomegranate and that was a year ago. Surprisingly its managed to keep its color nicely. I used the recommended DMC thread – only three colors. I used a ribbon that had polka dots on it which compliments the berries, wouldn’t you agree? :o) Anyhoo, can’t wait to get this out for Christmas and jingle those bells!

While I was in the spirit of finishing projects and starting others I decided to get threads together for the November flip-it by Lizzie*Kate. This needs to get stitched b/c it is November – can’t waste anymore time. Aren’t the colors pretty with this one? I think so. I love those rich colors. I’m going to turn this one into a little needle cushion.

Last, but never ever, ever least is Cameron being ever so sweet and cute. I cut his hair Saturday night and as mothers we know how much older our toddlers look once we make those snips. I leave you with him playing outside today in the yard and the car.

Enjoy your Monday! We’re spending ours at Nana’s house – Yay!!! Talk soon!


Shari said...

you were a busy bee!!!! Everything looks great!!!! I love the little pillow you finished! The colors are all great together!!!!
Cameron looks adorable with his hair cut!!!!

Vonna said...

That's a darling finish, but the pillow is even MORE darling :)
And forget the pillow look at that handsome young man!

Deb said...

You definitely are busy. I just adore your pillow! What a great idea especially with the bells. And your fabric experiments are great to read about. I'm learning a lot from your blog.

Dora said...

The pillow looks great! I have pulled that chart out and hope to stitch it soon.

Jennifer said...

hey, that is so pretty!
I'm working on that same pattern tonight in fact! I just love pink and I have admired that design since last Christmas when she had it on her blog. I love the bells!