Saturday, November 7, 2009


With trying to keep with the holiday spirit (so not me but trying to find cheer in it) and after much inner struggles I have decided to put any project that doesn’t ring Thanksgiving, fall, Christmas, or winter aside for the time being and focus on just the fall thru winter projects. I need and want more pieces to fill my home that reflect the season which unfortunately I don’t have much of.

I’m putting Mayflower Landing by LHN away even thou it will be greatly missed. I just haven’t touched it in over a month. My focus over the next couple of months is ornaments and anything winter-ish and fall. For example, I just pulled out Little Women yesterday and look how far I am already.

This is proving to be a quick stitch and much loved. Upon looking through Tanya’s Booklet One I noticed several other Christmas themed stitches that look fun and quick – I’m going to look into those as well.

When going through my stash of charts I noticed I have Paulette’s Christmas Tea design which I really want to stitch, but I need to get the Belle Soie silks first. Also, go check out Paulette's freebie bok-bok turkey - so cute! I have a teeny tiny November pillow to stitch up by Lizzie*Kate that I need to get a move on with before the month is over. There is at least a couple of other Christmas themed projects I want to start, but I won't bore you with those now; not in this post anyway. And I have the yearly stitching project for mom to do. Ahhh...! What are us stitchers to do with all this stash and not enough hands or time to stitch it all in??? Seriously! It’s overwhelming, don’t you think.!?

Anyhoo, my walk was fantastic. It was extremely windy though which was fine b/c I actually broke a teeny tiny sweat – that sun was just blazing. It was wonderful! I think the weather will be about the same Sunday so looking forward to another round. =) Well, I’m off. Cameron is napping and I’d like to get some stitching in or whatever I can do before he wakes. Talk soon!

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Jo said...

I've got Christmas projects working alongside my normal stitching which isnt easy. Hope you enjoy your walk, DH and I go on our next 8 mile health walk in 2weeks, its cold here so it'll be great walking through the forest.