Wednesday, November 11, 2009

it IS a sickness after all

Okay! Well! My needles are either on fire or I’m extremely nuts…maybe a little of both. LOL I meant to post this last night, but actually began falling asleep on the keyboard (no kidding) and had to shut it and myself down. This proves I am nuts (in a good way), and tired. I finish-finished two projects after I made my post yesterday which proves that my needles are indeed on fire including my embroidery needle and sewing machine.

28 ct. Natural linen
Recommended GAST

I finished November flip-it into a needle cushion. I filled it with crushed corn. How suitable, don’t you think? It’s so dainty and cute. Feels like a little bean bag. I like it and Jose likes it too. He thinks it’s cute. I'm really glad he likes one of my handmade pieces, but he's NOT getting it!

28 ct. Lambswool linen
Over-dyed threads

Better late than never I suppose. I stitched Hallow’s Eve a year ago. I even machine quilted the framework of fabric around the stitched piece, but I never finish-finished it. So disappointing b/c I wanted it done so badly. Oh well. At least I got it done and I was able to use my black ric rack. I do love my ric-rack.

We finally settled on pizza for dinner last night. And my third tour of the Carnton Plantation was cancelled today but we’re going Thursday instead. I’m home alone right now, can you believe it? It’s so quiet, except for my teeny taps on the keys. I’m going to get off and see what I can get into while the boys are away. Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. I adore each and every one of you! Talk soon!


Shari said...

yes Julie, we share the same sickness. I have been known to doze off while trying to do just one more line in a pattern before going to bed!!!!
Both of your little finishes are great!!! Yes, the corn filling is perfect! Keep up the great work!

Deb said...

Both your finishes are wonderful. Hope you made good use out of your quiet time.

Tanya said...

Looks FAB!!


mainely stitching said...

Black rick-rack is the coolest, isn't it? I had some and just lovvved it!!

Your finishing craze is wonderful! Thanks so much for bringing the rest of us along!

The Scarlett House said...

YGG...your finishes are really great, Julie. Only seven days and counting till New Moon, woo hoo!

Jennifer said...

I love both of your finishes! They look really cute. I especially like the Lizzie Kate one. Corn for filler is so clever!


kimstitch3 said...

you go Julie. awesome finshes. I just called Pat today and signed up for the monthly LHN ornaments. I'm excited about them coming out next month. Take care,Kimberly

Daffycat said...

Darling finishes, Julie! I have never stuffed with anything but fiberfill. I see everyone else is trying new stuffing so I'm going to have to try it soon too!