Tuesday, November 10, 2009

november & dashing

As of late, I am literally on fire. I just started the November flip-it Sunday night and finished it last night. I’ve had so many finishes lately. I’m not sure what my craze is. I think it’ll become a needle cushion or it can just sit in a basket or atop a shelf through November. I also started something new while at mom’s yesterday. Stacy Nash’s Dashing Through the Snow. It’s a cute primitive piece.

I love that squirrel charm. Squirrels remind me of my Grandparents b/c they used to feed them from their dining room window, and Grandpa used to feed them outside on the porch. Some squirrels would sit on his lap and eat from his hand. There have been a few bites to the hands, but that never stopped Grandma and Grandpa from feeding the squirrels peanuts. Squirrels ran through the house a few times as well. LOL Wonderful memories!

I’m stitching this on 32 ct linen hand-dyed by me. I like it so far. It’ll help with the overall primitive feel. I’m using the recommended threads - can’t go wrong sticking with the SN recommendations.

That’s all I have for now. The sun is starting to lose its appeal. Going bye-bye! The days are so short now, but the weather has been fantastic! Tomorrow I’m taking my third tour of the Carnton Plantation in Franklin, TN with a friend of mine. It’s an awesome place with tremendous history. The Battle of Franklin during the Civil War was fought there. Well, Jose will be home from school shortly, Cameron is still napping, and I have no clue what's for dinner. WOW! Talk soon!


Shari said...

great job Julie!!!!!!!!!! Your needles are smokin'!!! I love the LK---I did them a few years back! Dashing is looking great!!!!
I have a very small finish today as well!!!! I will post it when I get it 'finished' later this evening!

April Mechelle said...

November looks great !!! Dashing, I know will be great also. I like both these charts.

Siobhan said...

Great job, Julie!! Be careful you don't light anything on fire with those smoking needles of yours. ;) Can't wait to see how you finish it!

mainely stitching said...

Oh, I just love it when those stitching crazes come on. I wish one would hit me now! LOL!

We had spaghetti for dinner. Kids' choice! ;)