Sunday, December 6, 2009



WHY??? WHY??? WHY??? WHY does my child do such things??? I call Cameron my ER Baby, and for good reason. Where does he come up with these wild and crazy ideas? His big brother wasn't even in the room so no influence there. TV was of no concern. In fact, I can't remember what was on. Cameron just dumped his blocks on the couch. Climbed up between his daddy and me and bombs away. He scared the living crud out of me at first bc it was really really loud and I wasn't expecting him to act like a kitty cat missing his step on a ledge (I was positioned to the right of the couch). I immediately stood up and of course yelled.

I mean, c'mon, are you kiddin' me?!?! Who does this except an insane trapeze artist...who by the way has a safety net underneath them...HELLO!!!! I had my phone right there (it has a camcorder) and caught his second leap of faith, which might I reluctantly add, I let him do so I could show all of you fine folks my Evil Knievel reincarnated two year old. Who's more stupid? Me or my dear sweet, Linda Blair impersonating Cameron?

Doesn't matter...we BOTH belong in the nut house...

Talk soon!


mainely stitching said...

I can't play the video, but I can picture the scene anyway! Sounds familiar! Some kids are just that way ... sigh. ;)


OH Julie--my heart goes out to you--you are a loving parent--todays kids are just "wilder" than in the past--yet--I can remember my son doing some wild crazy things--it's like he was born mad at the world--he finally at age 13 found music as his passion--not my kind--but it gave him some focus from himself---Maybe your son needs more special one on one time--know that is hard to do especially this time of year--but maybe that;s what he's really saying to you--play with me awhile--but then what do I know any more my baby is 33 now!!!!
Hugs, Di

Deb said...

Boy does that video bring back memories of my son in his hellion moods. It will get better, trust me!

kimstitch3 said...

hey girlie, I missed you at stitch night. I pray for you always. I hope all is going well with you and your new job is fruitful for you. Take care,Kimberly