Thursday, December 10, 2009


Today is my mother’s birthday. I crashed her party somewhat - LOL. She had lunch with our dear friend, Sally, and then headed over to the LNS for some socializing and stitching time. There was no intention of my partaking, but my presence was had anyway. I don’t think either minded or at least I hope not :) I arrived to lunch mid-way and I didn’t sit and stitch. I visited with staff instead. Afterwards Cameron and I went home. I think mom had an okay time. Dad is out of town, but he’s taking her out Friday evening for her birthday once he returns from his trip. They’ll have a nice time I'm sure of it.

In keeping with mom’s birthday and using the day she was born (December 10), I’m counting the ways I love and appreciate my mom:

1. She’s trustworthy and loyal.
2. She’s reliable and selfless.
3. She’s caring, loving and nurturing.
4. She’s the best mother in the world – there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do.
5. She’s patient and kind to her crazy and testy grandsons.
6. She’s charming, funny, witty and laid back.
7. She’s youthful and fun and doesn’t look her age.
8. She’s a loving and devoted wife to my dad and he’s good to her in return.
9. She’s an excellent cook.
10. And she’s ALL mine – MY mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you more than you could possibly imagine.


Deb said...

I'm sure your mom didn't mind in the least that you "crashed" her party. Hope your mom had a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Julie. I agree whole-heartedly. You are very lucky. Sally

Jennifer said...

You are very lucky. I can't relate to anything like that from a mother. You are so blessed.


Siobhan said...

Happy birthday to your mother!

Tanya said...

Belated wishes to your mom!
Hope you are doing well.