Saturday, June 20, 2009

as if...

...I don’t already have enough WIPS in my sewing basket, I had to go and add another one to the ever, never-ending growing list. However, I’m gladly and guiltlessly proud of this newbie.

On Travel with Jane Austen by The Sampler Girl. I started this yesterday evening and it’s proving fun and fairly quick for such a big sampler. I still don’t have all the fibers together, but I had what I needed to at least start it. Thank you, Tanya, for such a delightful sampler (and for the scissor sampler chart)! I’m truly in love.

This is strange. This little pillow by The New Berlin Co. (I think) was the second thing I ever stitched. Funny story though. My mother brought this over Thursday. She said it was mine but it didn’t look at all familiar. Apparently, 5-6 years ago I entrusted her to finish this for me. At the time I didn’t have a lick of finishing skill in me. Well, she finished it the other day and I’m just now getting it back. Better late than never, right?! LOL Mom, I really, really like the finish. You did a good job!

It was 97 degrees; 80% humidity; heat index of 105 degrees. The boys had such a great time! I miss being a kid and paying no mind to the smothering heat ~ glad I was in the shade. The dog days of summer are here.

Talk soon!


Dianne said...

very pretty!

mainely stitching said...

Now that looks like fun (the kids' picture)! But for us to do that, we'd need to incorporate the neighbor's backyard as well - LOL!

I love your start on Tanya's newest design!

Siobhan said...

Nice new start! I like your small, too!