Wednesday, June 10, 2009

stitching, movies, reading = favorite things

This is such a sweet stitch (frog attack forgotten). I have since started the border and I’m waiting to start the second flower…again. I may start on her blouse next which is done in Old Blue Jeans by CC. It will be so cute and fresh. I’ve been invited to participate by adding photos to this blog so I will be posting there soon.

I am on disc 3 of Whiteout by Ken Follett. The drama began as soon as it started and it continues to grab my attention. I especially like the Scottish accent of the reader because that connects me to the characters. The story does take place in Europe so the accent helps capture the environment. The man nearly drowning was a little hair raising and some of the language used gives a chuckle. It's all good though.

Since Jose has been out for the summer we’ve been watching a lot of movies together. We’ve seen all these movies hundreds of times before, but we’re huge fans so it never gets old or boring watching the same things over and over together. We’ve decided to watch movies that extend the trilogy, more like a series. So far we’ve watched all the Alien movies. We just got done watching all six Star Wars (I always cry at #3) and next on the agenda are the Superman movies. Awhile back it took us a month to watch all ten seasons of Friends, but we had a fabulous time together. We laughed soooo much! Next week me and my son have a movie date. Mom is going to babysit Cameron during the day so we can have an afternoon mother/son date. We’re going to see the new Star Trek movie. Can’t wait!

Talk soon!


The Scarlett House said...

Hi Julie, very cute piece you're working on. Sorry to hear that it's giving you trouble. Have you watched the Lord of the Rings movies with your son? My dh and I watch them all at least once a year.
BTW, I finished Breaking Dawn. I'm so glad I read them .

mainely stitching said...

I love hearing about your special time with Jose. I love spending time like that with Max, too, and I hope that as the younger kids get older we will also have some special, favorite activities together. :D