Thursday, June 11, 2009

special stitches

Remember the Susan Greening Davis sweet tin class piece I had been working on, oh not too long ago? I took a small break from it for two reasons. One, I’ve been so involved in my Little House Needleworks designs and two, I’ve been psyching myself up to attempt the “dreaded” interlacing double herringbone stitch. Quite a mouthful, ugh? Photographed below is where I stopped.

And finally, below is where I am today with the interlacing double herringbone stitch in place.

I was quite proud of myself for getting this stitch complete in only one afternoon, and with a bad hand too (I’m injured, long story). I have to admit, there were a couple of people that had hell to pay in order to understand this stitch. I mean, over, under, over, under, under, over, under; UGHHHHH!!! Luckily for me, this stitch appreciated my efforts and it clicked. Of course, there was some playing around on the second interlacing pass at first, but I managed. I think it looks really nice. Besides, it is my first time on this. :D The empty column to the right of this special stitch will be filled with the cloud filling stitch. It reminds me of lattice. I’ll post more on it later.

I leave you with Mr. Funny Face. I caught him playing at the sink. When we ask Cameron, ‘show me your funny face’, these are the faces he gives us. Faces only a mother could love.

Talk soon!


Andrea said...

Well worth the effort, beautiful stitching. Hope the injury improves. Mr Funny Face is too cute. :)

Deb said...

I know how addicting those LHN pieces can be, but your stitching on your other piece is so perfect. I would be proud of myself too for getting that double herringbone stitch out of the way.