Monday, June 15, 2009

quite a post

Several things to blab about so hold onto your stitching, quilting, books, and whatever else may blow away while reading quite a post such as this one.


Yesterday afternoon Jose decided to make a hot pocket for himself. Apparently the plate was a bit too hot for Jose’s own good, so he elaborated in order to protect his hand on the trek to his bedroom. Well, we caught him sneaking off to his bedroom to eat. He was trying to explain himself when we wondered what that big bright blue-green thing was. Ahh, now we know.

Tonight after dinner Cameron wanted to help with the pots and pans and everything else…I think. I don’t know what he was trying to do. You figure it out. (Excuse the yellowish floor. We’re meaning to get that replaced at some point.)


I’ve made more progress on Susan’s Sweet Sampler Tin. I finished the cloud filling stitch (far right on big piece). I finished the pin cushion with the small pink button and I’m almost done with the needlebook. We could choose any stitch for the front and I stitched the cloud filling. It’s fun and pretty so why not. The baggy with the "doh-dah’s" (Susan Greening Davis term) are some items I’m going to use with this piece. My mother had these and since she’s the best mom ever she gave them to me for my project.

The stitched banding is the needlebook which I have almost done. I finally found some fabric for inside and am in the process of tacking that down and the green ribbon (in the baggy) will be weaved through those three coral rings. Those rings came with the class, but we used the buttonhole stitch to cover them. The rings, green ribbon (my choice), and needlebook are getting attached into the tin.

I’m happy with my pace on this project because it isn’t just the main focus piece, but different little pieces included with the tin. I’ve learned a few new specialty stitches so it’s been so much fun expanding my x’s :o) Susan is truly a fantastic teacher and she’s an artist as well. If she’s ever in your area or your country (‘cause she goes international baby) you should really think about signing up and attending. Annemiek knows her too and she can confirm.


I am terribly excited about this little finish. Her name is Sarah and she is a product of Susan Greening Davis.

My mother bought this precious doll for me, along with the accessory kit, at our SGD tin class. I’ve had Sarah in my basket for sometime, but she’s had no accessories to adorn. For sometime now I’ve had her pictured atop my blog in that basket, but she’s had no accessories. Yesterday, I looked over at her during lunch and said no more! You will not be naked any longer, so up I went and stitched her apron. The letter “I” wasn’t included, but since there was a heart charm I thought, why not say that Sarah (really me though) cross stitch, so I added the letter “I”. I had a blast with this!

The tiny little needlebook came pre-made so I merely had to hang it from Sarah’s hand.

BUT, and I’m really proud of that BUT, this was the first tuffet/biscornu I have ever done. As Susan describes in her directions, “this is the teeniest, tiniest tuffet EVER!” All I can say is DUH!!! She wasn’t kidding. I always thought that my first biscornu would be the average size but no. I had to make the smallest thing next to a nickel. (I used a nickel for a size reference, well, b/c my last name is Nichols – hardy-har-har! – and it is that small.) I had fun, I guess you could say, since it was my first experience with something this small, but I really don’t want to try this again. LOL Next time, I’ll do one as big as my head hand.

Now that I’ve bored you and kept you from your guilty pleasures, I just want to say thanks for visiting me and leaving comments. It means soooo much that you just can’t possibly imagine how much. You are all so wonderful and fun. Thanks again!

Talk soon!

PS: Btw, I tied the apron around Sarah’s waist and changed the blog topper photo. Sarah isn’t naked anymore - Yay!!!


Sally S. said...

Your progress on the tin and doll are amazing, Julie. She looks so much better "dressed".

Tanya said...

Lovely stitching and those Cameron pics are hilarious - love the one of him going back in for more pots. LOL

Tanya :)

Julie's Keepsakes said...

Thanks! At one point Cameron's feet were off the ground. Those cabinets go pretty far back. :D

Heidi said...

Great stitching! Sarah is beautiful. I just have to laugh at Cameron's kitchen inventory. Did he approve of all those pots and pans?

I have started a new blog so stop by and say hello if you get a chance.

Hugs ~

Deb said...

What is it with kids and kitchen cupboards. I have many pictures like that and cherish them because they're so grown now. Beautiful progress on your piece. Those stitches look daunting, but beautiful. And your doll is adorable.

Lea said...

*LOL* My 11 years old son is some time sneaky just like your son, so I cracks up so much right now!*LOL*
and Cameron, It's so funny and darn cute! I love the picture of him put his head inside a cabinet! *LOL*

Your sampler is coming alone very beautiful, WOW! Way to go, Julie!

Daffycat said...

Sarah is awesome!!! Fantastic finish! I love your new header photo!

mainely stitching said...

Cameron and Arden are obviously both destined to become chefs someday. Arden also "helps" in the kitchen like this, pulling out all the plastic mixing bowls, Tupperware, pots & pans. Cooking can become pretty dangerous in that obstacle course! Not to mention repeatedly washing everything. Sigh.

I just love how Sarah turned out, and huge congratulations on that teensy tuffet. I've only made one and I felt like I had 8 fingers on each hand by the end of it. Not for me, I fear! LOL!