Tuesday, December 16, 2008

take me away (edited)

I am really sick and tired of being sick and tired. All the sickos, including myself, are driving me bonkers!!! I can't take anymore. In the last 3 weeks I've been to the doctor 4 times (technically 5) and not just for myself. Three weeks ago on the 2nd, Cameron was at the doctor for his 15-month checkup and while there received his immunizations and a flu shot ~ all else well. Later that week on the 5th, I needed to see the doctor because I was very ill. However, I made an appointment for 2:45 that afternoon, but I felt so terrible that I came up with the idea of going to my doctor's walk-in clinic in the morning to be seen faster. I was turned away and we had to get back into the car and return home. I kept my appointment for 2:45 and saw the doctor...finally!

Meanwhile Jose was getting over a mild cough he had from Thanksgiving, but otherwise he was well. DH was fine at this point and Mom was taking care of my kids, me and my home while I was bed-ridden. After a couple days I was able to function, Mom was relieved and I was feeling hopeful. Then on the 11th (my birthday) I still wasn't at my full potential and Cameron had developed a little cough that needed attention. It was that gagging type cough. So off we went to see his doctor again for the second time in less than 10 days. Found out he had a little ear infection so she prescribed an antibiotic for that and a steroidal cough suppressant.

In the evening of the 11th, DH was feeling rather terrible and running a fever. He wasn't looking too hot either. This was also the evening of his company's Christmas dinner at a nice restaurant called Maggiano's - great Italian food, btw! But DH was insistent we go and off we went to dinner. I was still coughing up a storm from my illness-can't even laugh without going into a coughing frenzy. DH barely ate and he felt ill the whole time. Friday came and DH still went to work, but was weak, achy and feverish; and according to him he had to be at work for an install at an important client's office. It had to be done by him. He managed to get off work early and as soon as he got home went to bed. Saturday came and he refused to go to the walk-in clinic even though he was running a 102 degree temperature. He was in pain, nauseous, coughing profusely, couldn't sleep, couldn't eat and on and on and on. He kept me up and is still keeping me up...so his Cameron.

Over the weekend, come to find out that my mother is really ill with bronchitis - thanks to me and my wonderful boys! I feel so guilty because she's ill. If it weren't for her coming here, she more than likely wouldn't have caught the crud from us. The weekend has been exhausting. Yesterday, was my 5th trip to the doctor. I drove DH to the doctor where he was tested for flu and strep. Thankfully both negative results. However, his fever is difficult to control and the doctor diagnosed him with a sinus infection and bronchitis. We talked "guns" with the doctor (let's leave please), got our prescription and off to Walgreen's we went.

Here we are and Mama is clinically insane. I'm tired of ALL the coughing. We're all coughing! Jose has a little party going on in his nose so he's all nas-ly and congested. I'm still coughing and have been getting my little friends...headaches. Chris is coughing something terrible and he's been home for 2 days now from work. It isn't just a cough either. It's the gagging, spit up cough that is loud and hard. He's also a terrible patient. He doesn't listen. Doesn't do what he should do to get better. Men!!! And then there is poor Mr. Cameron who still has his little cough (I need to call the doctor about this today), but his cough is nasty. He coughs, gags, then vomits. Yeah, I've been literally catching vomit in my hands, paper towels, napkins, you name it, I'm doing it. Last night Cameron threw up twice at dinner because of coughing. And then there is the other stuff I'm dealing with too ~ you know, "crap." And I'm tired of keeping track and looking at all the medicine laying around the house.

Ohhhhhhhhhh......I'm at my wits end with all this sickness. I'm frustrated because I can't visit my mom nor help my mom in the way she helped me. I've got all these sickos, including myself, to take care of. Boy, I need a vacation!!!

Yep, I need a vacation. Cameron just pushed the table that has our tree on it away from the wall....Cameron, look out!!! OMG! Calgon...take me away!


mainely stitching said...

I think you might need something a bit ... stronger! ... than Calgon!

Wishing you all wellness, and soon!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I feel for you!! Get well soon... ALL of you!!

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Oh Julie - maybe my news will make you feel better.
YOU won the give-away at my blog.

Anita said...

Hope you all will feel better soon. My son is having bronchitis as well now. We just took him to Urgent Care last night. He was coughing and vomitting. Take care and hope you will get some rest. Have a merry christmas and happy new year.