Monday, December 1, 2008

charlie brown christmas tree

I posted earlier about our Christmas Tree dilemma. Actually, there is noooooo dilemma because we decided to get a 2-3" tree instead of our usual 6-7' tree because our beautiful little monkey will tear it all down. No sense in making ourselves crazy so we opted out for our standard artificial tree and have gone with our sad little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

This is my first time having such a small tree. Next year when monkey-boy stops all this nonsense, I'll use this for a primitive home decorative tree and I'm already making plans for that. Yeah!!! Anyway, I need some advise on what I can do to make this a "happening" tree. I plan on putting hand-stitched, hand-made prim ornaments, but I don't want to overload it since it is petite.

Also, any ideas on what I could set her in? I don't have anything real sturdy but suggestions would be helpful.

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Lea said...

Oh, Julie, love this Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! *LOL*
You are right, just skip big Christmas tree this year. :-)
I have little Ms.Mischief in a house and She destroyed our tree last year! :-(