Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve to ALL! I hope everyone is ready for dear ole' Santa Claus. Jose is 11 and is now questioning the validity behind Santa. I have not clued him in nor have I let on the actual truth behind the gift-giving. He's guessing that parents go out at night Christmas Eve and do the shopping. One parent stays home, the other shops. The shopping parent comes home and the other goes out and shops. We diverted him from this thinking bc that's just insanity, really. Selfishly it would be easier if he did know because less sneaking around for me and less money we would have to spend. However, Jose not believing just reminds me he isn't a baby anymore ~ and he's growing up so fast. The magic that Santa brings is slowly disappearing from him. Nonetheless, Cameron is 16 months and we have yet another 10 years, maybe less, to instill the magic of Santa and Christmastime. Cameron is still at that age where he hadn't a clue...and that is okay. I truly believe that the magic is what you make of it. My Mother once told me that no matter the circumstance of your Christmas, wedding, holiday, etc., no matter the "disaster" a person may be facing, someone around you is forming a memory. And she's so right. This isn't one of my better Christmas'. As a matter of fact, I can't wait for tomorrow's end, the 2008 wrapping up its year, and 2009 brings a fresh start-a new beginning. I shouldn't feel this way, but in fact I do. Christmas morning I will be wearing my happy face for my kids' sake and I'll be glad to do that for them.

One thing Christmas is missing is Christmas carolers. When I was a child I remember getting a knock on the door around 6:00 - 7:00 pm Christmas Eve. My father would open the door and I could hear the angelical noise coming from outside. My Mom, little brother and myself would come running to the door. It was a sign that Christmas morning was upon us! I remember wondering if they were embarrassed to be singing to us as much embarrassment it was for me to stand there staring at perfect strangers while they sang. I often giggled about it though! It was so beautiful to hear a choir of strangers singing Christmas carols outside our door. It was truly amazing and innocent a time! And I ask myself today ~ What happened to the Christmas carolers??? I don't see them anymore and I don't hear about them either. What I wouldn't give to receive a knock on the door, to open it to a group of singers rejoicing, with snow cascading around them. I remember the carolers illuminating in the dark amongst the Christmas lights. I miss the carolers.

Last, but never never ever least, where would any of us be without Jesus!?!? Tomorrow is truly a day to celebrate Him for it is His birthday. Merry Christmas Eve, Jesus!

I must be off for now. I've got some wrapping to do and possibly a movie to wind down with. Tomorrow is a BIG day after all ~ lots to do, lots to do!

Merry Merry Christmas Eve, and from the words of Tiny Tim Cratchit "God Bless Us, Every One!"

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