Monday, December 29, 2008

more presents!!!

My boys received a wonderful surprise the other day. The mail lady came to our door with a special package for Cameron and Jose. They both were excited! And let's face it, Cameron feeds off Jose's energy and we know what that rest for anyone!

The big box was from Aunt Pam and Cousins Alex and Austin. It was more Christmas presents!!! Yay!!! Cameron got a magnetic barnyard that plays music and has different farm animals to switch around. He received 2 magnificent children books... Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sandek and Mary Engelbreit's Mother Goose: One Hundred Best-Loved Verses; both hardback. Of course, fabulous books! Jose sat and read Mother Goose and I read Where the Wild Things Are aloud.

Jose received a Target gift card and a Bruce Springsteen CD. He's a HUGE fan of "The Boss" and so is my Aunt Pam. He also got a doll from Austin and Alex that's called Big Toe. It's one of those Ugly Dolls ~~ and it's far from ugly. It's rather cute!

The most treasured gift was Cameron's quilt from dear Aunt Pam. Like I've said before and I'll keep saying, she does excellent work no matter what craft it is. I was really surprised when we opened the quilt up. It's just darling! It's called Counting to Ten. And it his bright and vibrant. Perfect for Cameron. Here are the boys opening up their gifts.

Cameron was wrapped in his new quilt and motioned "TA-DAA!!!"

Thank you Aunt Pam, Kari & Ray, and Cousins Austin and Alex, for thinking of Jose and Cameron!

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