Thursday, March 31, 2011

first school picture

{Taken St. Patrick's Day - 2011}
I just got back Cameron's first school picture. There's a story to having his picture taken, but I can't share it. However, Cameron had been crying before this photo was taken because all the kids were getting their mugs photographed and he wanted his done too. It was finally his turn and he gave a very sweet, yet exhausting, little smile. When I showed Cameron this photo of himself, well, here's how it went:

Mommy: Look Cameron. See, it's your picture.
Cameron: [Silent gaze at the photo]
Mommy: I love this picture of you, Cameron! What do you think?
Cameron: I cute like Curious George.

Talk soon!


Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

What a cutie, and a forever treasure:)

mainely stitching said...


Anonymous said...

I think it's a perfect picture. Sally

Cheryl said...

Yes, he is!

Jennifer said...

He is a cutie!

Tanya said...