Monday, March 28, 2011

weekend wrap-up

~saw the movie Battle: Los Angeles --- Jose saw this with my mom and they said it was good; entertaining to be exact. I thought I should see it too so I did. I agree with their assessment. I enjoyed it. Very entertaining and I even cried at times.

~bought more orchids --- 2 miniatures and 2 standard sized; all Phalaenopsis. And an additional orchid called a Cattleya that I get to grow myself. This will be my first attempt and I’m more than thrilled.
(this is what my Cattleya could very well look like once grown and with blooms)
~took 2 Little House Needleworks projects to my LNS to be framed --- 

I can’t wait to get them back! I bought a few other odds and ends, as well, to help facilitate in some self-finishing of smalls I have. I put together a round pin cushion that I haven’t photographed yet. I found a round wooden support (whatever you want to call it) at my LNS. I have a finished piece from 2005 (gulp!), just a dainty piece, that my mother saved, when my late-pooch Chloe got hold of it years ago and did everything to it except tear it to shreds. The thread bled and it was a mess, but mom worked on it (remember this, mom?). I’ll show you later what has come of it now; six embarrassing years later.

~started a tiny freebie given by The Sampler Girl some time ago called “Downton Abbey.” The show aired on PPS Masterpiece Classic in January 2011 and I really liked it. I love how Tanya can hone in on her ability to capture a moment and turn it around with a design to share with all of us, no matter how big or small. I truly admire this designer for her simplicity and commitment to a dream. Tanya’s not pretentious and I like that a lot. Besides, she’s just a damn good person straight from the heart.

~allergies started to kick in, but the older I get the more relief I’m finding.

That’s my weekend wrap-up. It was cold, wet, sometimes rainy and cloudy, the entire weekend. Spring has sprung, but I’m ready for the warm-up. Not the teasing warm-up we had last week when we hit 80 degrees for a couple days and then flew back down into the 50s with 30s as our overnight lows.

I forgot to mention in my coming back post (LIVE LOVE LAUGH) that for Christmas 2010 I bought myself a Kindle – yay!!! I’m official…Talk soon!

PS – Thank you EVERYONE who has welcomed me back with open arms and who commented on such. You are dear to me, all of you, even if you didn’t comment…;-)


pturner507 said...

I remember that adventure of Chloe's. I'm curious to see what you did with it! Hugs and love, Mom

mainely stitching said...

So your allergies are getting better as you get older? Mine are getting worse. Boo hoo.

Cheryl said...

Ooo, I want to see more orchid pics!

I always admire your creative finishes. But, I confess looking at your finishes makes me feel guilty I don't finish more myself!

Dale said...

I'm glad you are back to your you recapped 2010 I thought for sure you would mention the holiday trip to DisneyWorld. That was fun!