Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I'm feeling so inspired today. After speaking to my Aunt Pam this morning about our favorite subject... ah-ha - the needlearts... I found a gem of a blog called Cose y calla; and after 5 seconds of scrolling I was addicted. Naturally, I immediately called Aunt Pam to rant and rave and ooh! and ahh! about it. I can't get over this woman's creativity and how beautifully perfect everything turns out. 
I'm hooked!

And punchneedle... It's calling my name again. I have a WIP, but after going back to Notforgotten Farm's blog and surfing through her Etsy shop all I want to do is punch my little heart out. After seeing this box (find it here), I'm done. It's mine! Wait till you see the 'extras'. It comes in many different colors. I like Robin's Egg or Black; haven't decided.

This even inspired me to research ways to feed a large family on a budget. 
Tonight's meal: Bean & Beef Chili with Cornbread.

~*Soul Food*~
"Making amends isn't just saying, 'I'm sorry,' It means responding differently from our new understanding."