Tuesday, October 18, 2016

narrowing it down...

I think everyone is familiar with this little gem of a series. Could watch it 100's myself.


I finally decided which WIPS I wanted to put into my current rotation for the rest of October into November. I narrowed it down from 34 to 9.  The rest are resting until I can make more progress  on the list below. I don't think this is half bad. Gotta start somewhere and here is my start:
  1. And They Sinned ~ Examplar Dames Designs/Examplars From The Heart
  2. Ages of Man ~ Long Dog Samplers
  3. Peaceful In The Garden ~ Moira Blackburn
  4. Summer, Loose Feathers, part 1 of 3 ~ Blackbird Designs
  5. Deaver Daughters Schoolhouse Sampler ~ primitivebettys
  6. Handsome Lion ~ Etsy bought (picture at a later time)
  7. Adjust Yours Sails ~ Hands on Design
  8. Trees ~ The Workbasket
  9. The Shores of Hawk Run Hallow ~ Carriage House Samplings
I'll certainly be busy with these 9 terrific pieces. Wish me luck!

Talk soon!


Robin in Virginia said...

Best wishes and happy stitching as you work on WIPs on your list. You can do it and I'll be here cheering on the sidelines. Go Julie!

Maggie said...

Good luck with your rotation plans :-)

Julie said...

Thank you Robin and Maggie! I really appreciate your words of encouragement.

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