Thursday, October 20, 2016

taking a stand

Have you ever used a stand for assistance? Well, I have now and this thing is awesome! I was gifted this nifty stand called Daylight Stitchsmart Stand Accessory from Herrschners and it arrived last night. There are two different kinds. One with the magnifier and lamp and one without. I received the one without. Who needs the extras when you already have your own, right?!

My SO put it together in zero point three seconds. It's so easy to use and maneuver about. I. Was. Giddy. I put it to the test the moment it jumped out of the box. I've never used one so I had high hopes this would do exactly what I wanted, and it delivered. I don't anticipate any hand, wrist or shoulder cramps in the near future. Thank you to my gift-giver!

Talk soon!


Robin in Virginia said...

What an interesting stand! Look forward to hearing more about it in future posts! Does it only hold scroll frames or will it hold a Q-snap? Enjoy your weekend, Julie!

Julie said...

Robin, it holds all sorts of frames. I'm using a hoop right now, but it'll hold a q-snap too. It'll also turn the piece to the back which I love! I'm wished that I was introduced to this soon!

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