Monday, March 30, 2009

cameron + monkey = mama going bonkers

Today I heard clicking coming from the back bedrooms (aka: Jose and Cameron's rooms) and looked into the living room to see if Cameron was with Jose. No, he wasn't, so I instantly assumed that Cameron had crept into Jose's room and was playing in what Cameron believes to be heaven. I told Jose to check his room because Cameron was in there playing. Jose looked and I looked and noticed that Jose's door was closed so Cameron couldn't be in there. This meant I had to go and see what all the clicking was about. I went down the hall and before I could enter into Cameron's bedroom there was Cameron up on his changing table flipping the light switch off and on. He had the biggest grin. What an accomplishment this was!

I told Daddy about Cameron's new venture so we decided to catch it on film, just this once (we don't want to go an encourage monkey business!). Click on the video below. Sorry it's a tad bit dark, but you'll see 'the light'.


Melissa said...

That is priceless! Great video.

The Scarlett House said...

Too cute. They sure learn fast, don't they?

Kelly's Blog said...

Way too cute Julie. They learn to do stuff like that WAY too fast in my book. Enjoy him.

dany said...

Merci pour ton passage Julie !
Je t'embrasse et te souhaite un bel après-midi