Thursday, April 2, 2009

fun freebies finished

I cannot believe it’s April already ~ AHHH!!! Where is the year going??? Spring has sprung here in Nashville. We’re finally having more normal weather ~ the 60’s to 70’s. This evening will be unpleasant though. We are going to have severe and high risk thunderstorms with the possibility of tornados. This is the second time in a week. It’s terrifying and we still have a few more months of this type of weather and it’s only going to get worse.

I can finally post another finish and another one on the way to be finish-finished. I stitched up primitivebetty’s freebie called Tulip Time. It’s so springy and cheery. I made a couple adjustments via color choices and I added initials. My dear mom needs some cheering up and I wanted to give her a little gift from my heart to hers. She so deserves special treatment and I’m honored to be the one to dish it out. She stopped by my house this afternoon and brought lunch for us and Cameron. She had no idea I had a wee tiny surprise for her. She loved it, by the way! She even shed some tiny little tears (I love you, Mom!).

I stitched this on 28 ct White Monaco and used my mom’s favorite colors of yellow, gold and mauve. I made two bunnies brown and two a soft black. I had fun with this and had it stitched in two days. I finished it off with two big black buttons from my own lot, fabric from my stash, and the lacey material is actually from my late-Grandmother’s stash. Can you keep a secret? The lace isn’t lace (nodding my head) ~ it is hem binding. (HeeHee) I made it into a wall hanging by inserting ½ inch thick natural batting, so now my mom has something cheery from me to hang in her stitching room.

I’ve completed my punchneedle carrot. The pattern is from one of my punchneedle books by Cheryl Haynes and daughter Sarah Haynes Knoerr called Punchneedle Embroidery and Wool Work. The pattern originally was created to be made with wool felt, but I don’t create with felt (at least not yet I don’t) and I changed it to my liking. It’s punched with DMC and WDW’s Carrot (how appropriate, ugh?). This was fast and easy. Next on the agenda is to secure the edges with tacky glue, cut to size, stuff with fluff, and lay in a basket for Easter. I have a cute little bunny waiting for his carrot too. :D I’ll post photos once I’m done assembling it.

Now I have two more days open for projects: Tuesday and Wednesday. Oh the possibilities are endless!

I’m on such a Twilight kick (can’t you tell? – see sidebar of Edward Cullen). I’m half way through New Moon. I’ve never had mood swings like this over a book. One minute I’m depressed. The next I’m hopeful. Then in an instant I feel reassured that Edward will suddenly jump back into Forks, but then devastated by his no-show. O—M—G!!! He needs to show his beautiful self or I’m going to die (screw Bella!). I’m livin’ the nightmare here. Anyway, Jacob is becoming more likeable. At first I wasn’t pleased with them getting close, but there is something down inside me that is relieved Bella has “something,” but I am still not happy with the development.

My favorite part so far is when Edward whispers demands to Bella when she is seen by Laurent. Lordy! I was frightened for her and I actually thought for a split second (a girl can only hope and dream – ugh!) that Edward would fly in and save “his” damsel in distress. Man, this book is getting good now! It’s been slow moving since it started, but I can’t put it down now. I stayed up until 3:00 am last night reading. I can almost feel Bella’s pain and her pit of despair. It’s excruciating to read. I know…you don’t have to tell me I’m crazy. I’m fully well aware of this fact.

Gotta run and pick Jose up from school. Happy stitching!


Brigitte said...

Very nice finishing of Tulip Time. I will stitch this soon.

Andrea said...

A lovely gift for your mum.