Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i'm done

I'M DONE! I’ve read all four Stephanie Meyer Twilight series books. I’m done and now I’m crying. I’m actually crying ~ started crying the last 3 pages. The end was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending. I love all four books, but Breaking Dawn is my favorite after Twilight.

Firstly, I am ashamed to say that I skimmed through New Moon a lot of the way and I believe I was unfairly bias through that book. I am going to re-read New Moon so that I can get to know Jacob better because he deserves my attention, every reader’s attention. And secondly, New Moon was really about Bella’s pain; pain so dark and deep that it was difficult to get through because I wanted Edward to return so badly. Meyer did such a tremendous job with yanking my mood from one spot to the other-through all four. I owe it to Meyer and to Jacob Black because I know how hard it was for Meyer to write New Moon. Writing N.M. didn’t come as naturally as Twilight. Jacob was and is such a good and decent friend to Bella. I’m envious of their relationship.

I mention New Moon in a Breaking Dawn review because after reading all four books it’s my opinion that N.M. is the book that catapults this story into what it has become, and then Breaking Dawn solidifies and ties the story together. Because of B.D., N.M. makes more sense. Ah, I just love Meyer for this!

Breaking Dawn, however, is the ultimate novel. I didn’t find this book to be teeny-bopper at all. In fact, it was rather grown up. This book has everything: love and hate, turmoil, lust, death, birth, renewal, trust, loyalty, confrontation, thirst, parentage, and Edward, Edward, Edward. I love him! He will always be one of my favorite characters till the day I die. There is no one sexier than he. I hate Bella for this, but love her because as Meyer writes, “Edward was hers forever.” I love that!

Through all these novels, I love how Meyer kept the dying question askew: Is Bella going to be changed into a vampire? I won’t tell you the answer, but Meyer delivers everything you’ve ever wanted from this story. I’m truly going to miss these characters. Thankfully, I own all the books so I can always go and visit Forks…and I will.

Thanks for listening…talk soon!


Tanya said...

That's great! I am eager to know the answer to that question but will have to finish up the last 2 books sometime.


Siobhan said...

Isn't it a bittersweet thing, to have finished the story?? I loved it so much. We watch Twilight at least once a week because I miss going to Forks. I love these characters so much. I might reread the books, too, a few months before NM comes out in theaters, just to catch up with everybody. Sigh. It's a reader's blessing and a curse, to have a wonderful book series finished. I almost get jealous of people who get to start from the beginning.

Lindsay said...

I loved them as well and I'm really looking forward to Midnight Sun someday (you can read one of teh rough drafts on SM's website)
Never mind watching the movie once a week, I find it hard to go a day right now without watching it!!!!!